1. shelaur22 says

    Lainey. She actually has a “real” job with a Canadian network, and thus has a press pass for most events.

    • bellerose says

      Likely not. Lainey’s made it fairly evident on her blog that she’s not a fan of the swag and gift rooms at the events and shows.

    • aquagirl says

      I doubt it’s her. She’s openly talked about getting ‘swag’ before and even given it away as contests on her site.

  2. smellyoulater says

    I have no idea. But I hope it’s Dlisted’s Michael K, because I am in love with him and I want him to get free stuff.

  3. FairyMay9 says

    Oh good god, this has to be Perez Hilton, right? But then why ask for the blog, too, as it’s simply Hmm. Now I’m not so sure. Uh … uh … Ok, I’m going with Perez Hilton.

    • iheartthisstuff says

      Perez’ real name is Mario Lavandeira.

      Blogger: Mario Lavandeira

  4. 4sixx2 says

    Perez Hilton? Tho, then we wouldn’t need the name of his blog. .. It seems to me he feels quite comfy in his self-appointed role of celebutante! Ever since Jen Aniston chastised him for being nasty and drawing penises all over celeb pics, he’s made nice and now appears to fancy himself a celeb in his own right.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      Well, he kind of is a celebrity, like it or not. I don’t know of any other bloggers who get starring roles on Nickelodeon shows or get to judge major beauty pageants.

    • Elisa says

      I thought he made nice when bullying became a popular topic and he wanted to jump on the bandwagon by “changing his ways.”

  5. GayleStorm says

    First time poster…

    This blind screams Perez Hilton to me. Blog:

    Love blindgossip, Ace. It’s my guilty pleasure…zero calories, too! Thank you. :)

  6. Bromance1979 says

    Perez Hilton? He comes off as someone who would take as much free goodies as possible, when those goodies are meant for REAL celebrities.

  7. sweetcheeks says

    easy- Perez Hilton.
    i stopped reading him because he’s just an attention seeker…. “oh look at me! look how fit i am now! look how im king of the world! look at how many celebs i know!”
    not to mention he is completely biased.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I stopped going to his site, too, for the same reasons. I think my final breaking point with him was his biased coverage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s split. Russell is a nice, decent guy who was dragged through the mud by Perez, just because he’s supposedly BFF with Katy. Can’t stand that queen.

      • melly123 says

        I stopped going to his site too. He’ll “report” on anything. No matter how ridiculous. He’s always on the ‘The Talk’ because he’s an “insider” on all the celebrity gossip, but he never has any exclusives – he writes it as his own, sneaking in a link to the original story he stole, I mean borrowed it from.

    • Stephlovesjr says

      I stopped going to Perez’s site when he called Denise and Charlie’s kids “future hookers” He crossed the line taking on toddlers.

    • mcwick says

      I really don’t think this is his style, but I could be wrong. I’ve been reading him off and on for four or five years and he doesn’t seem like the type, but who knows!

  8. up2trouble says

    Can someone please tell me how to get in on the gifting? I love free stuff too!

  9. bellerose says

    Perez Hilton. He’s shameless and fancies himself to be a celebrity. I doubt he’d have a problem taking free stuff that he could afford on his own.

  10. MissDisgrace says

    Guys, guys, bloggers aren’t all about gossip! This is gonna be a fashion blogger not a gossip one, so I’ll throw out Bryan Boy – he’s well known for being a gift bag wh*re

  11. mrsmack says

    Probably Parasite Hilton, one of the Pop stations in Atlanta has his “show” at night he talks slow like he’s really drunk or something-I don’t like his delivery at all. Never quite understood why he is relevant-stopped reading his blog when I found dlisted which is HILARIOUS!

  12. ConfusedHarpy says

    Blogger: Perez Hilton (stupid name, isn’t it?)

    I hate myself for knowing that.

  13. DiamondGoddess says

    Could it be…ACE?!
    I vote Perez Hilton and have no prob with the swag.

  14. loumineers says

    Blogger: Perez Hilton
    Blog: CocoPerez because that one is about fashion and make-up.

    I think..