Actor Is Drunk and Willing on Gaydar

gaydar[PopBitch] Who is ‘bitchforu18’? The celebrity who was prowling around Gaydar chatrooms on Monday, posting such delightful messages as:


bitchforu18: I’m drunk willing

bitchforu18: im an actor

bitchforu18: well known


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  1. Metrosplash says

    My guess is Andrew Garfield. 29 and in NYC. I think his beard needs some more glue, cause it’s starting to fall off.

  2. lindy555 says

    Jonah Hill is 29 and I think he has a house in Hollywood. Also, perhaps Jesse Eisenberg?? hmmm…

  3. OrganicFac says

    Andrew Garfield

    In NY shooting the sequel to the Amazing Spiderman.
    Gaydar – a UK chatroom.
    Likes to get drunk and parties and let his cock out.

  4. mrsjaymack says

    I Googled actors born in 1983 & the ones who stood are:

    Aaron Tveit
    Andrew Garfield
    Henry Cavill
    Jonah Hill
    Jesse Eisenberg
    Matt Lanter
    Xavier Samuel

    • ONIT says

      My guess is Matt Lanter. They just wrapped the final episode of 90210 with a huge party. Isn’t it enough party, alcohol and frustration to do something like this?

  5. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    The only 29yo actors I can think of are Jesse Eisenberg and Jonah Hill.
    Since Eisenberg is from NY, I think he’s more likely to have a place in Soho than Hill is. Jonah Hill is firmly attached to his mother in LA. I don’t think he has a place in NY. I doubt he’d refer to himself as “good looking” online to someone he’s planning on meeting ASAP. He doesn’t need to. He’s a famous actor. There’s plenty of guys who would hook up with him for an hour or two just for the hell of it.
    I’m going to guess the blind is about Jesse Eisenberg.

  6. stolidog says

    Andrew Garfiend or Jesse Eisenberg, although I find it rather difficult to believe they’d run into any difficulty in SOHO. From the sound of it, maybe they were covered in vomit.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Hahahaha! I was thinking the same thing (no tricks in SOHO?). Maybe Eisenberg(my guess) was sober enough to attempt discretion……. or, he was covered in vomit!

  7. kookywooky says

    Andrew Garfield? Spiderman II is being filmed around NYC now. Joseph Gordon Levitt? Michael Pitt?

  8. axiva says

    [All links must be fully explained]

    now only if I knew who could’ve been in soho…

  9. Nuggs says

    i would have said Josehp Gordon Levitt or Jake Gyllenhaal but but are early 30’s now. i’m stumped!!!

  10. kpoakes says

    Jesse Eisenberg. He said he loves cats in an interview, and they’re what comes to mind when you say the word “prowling”.

  11. kermit1969 says

    Emile Hirch and Jordan-Levitt are dating. I am thinking this is Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe (he has a drinking problem), he hasn’t had a beard in awhile and I could just see him doing this. Michael Pitt – all he would have to do is walk outside so I don’t think he’d be on a chat room. LOL

  12. cheefskiver says

    I think this is the new superman, Henry Cavill. I’m sure popbitch means SOHO, London.

  13. Longstreet says

    Could this be referring to the Soho neighborhood of London instead of New York since it’s British site?

  14. VoiceofReason says

    yeah there’s a lot of gay bars/clubs in Soho London and I think they’re talking about the UK Gaydar site

  15. gigipeach says

    I refuse to believe Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are not really together.

    We had brunch right behind them in Soho once, and they were adorable sitting on the same side as each other and he kept stroking her hair, and they were so into each other.

    (ps for some reason BG didnt post my comment last time i wrote this on another guess, which i dont understand why?)

  16. MarkyMark says

    In this case “SOHO” = London = Brit actor, possibly unknown to U.S. audiences.

  17. callmedave says

    Henry Cavill seems to be the only solid guess, although I suspect this is more likely to be a soap actor or daytime TV personality than a movie star. Without doubt this is referring to Soho London, not Soho anywhere else in the world.

  18. MamaJunesneckrolls says

    This is crazy… Gaydar is primarily a UK gay mens hook-up site.

    Also, for those who don’t know, being “BRED” is gay slang for a bottom getting f*cked bareback and the Top c*mming in his ass (No condom). Its safe to say people who like this practice are usually HIV +.

  19. NailPolishJunky says

    Theo James- he’s 29, British, pretty well known from Mr. Pamuk in Downton Abbey

  20. stolidog says

    I can’t think of anyone less likely for this blind than Henry Cavill. I doubt superman has to troll gaydar to get a quickie in one of the gayest places on earth. If it was him, there’d be about 4,000 people lined up outside his hotel room within 20 minutes.

  21. waz101 says

    This sounds a lot like Russel Tovey pissed on a night out in Soho London (where most of the London gay bars are)

    I know he’s 31 now but it isn’t unknown for Gay men to be a little creative about their age!

  22. ktbell05 says

    Jonah Hill. He is 29 and someone who most likely needs help getting laid:P Heard he is a d-bag too.

    • ktbell05 says

      plus, it sounds like something he would say based on what I have heard come out of his mouth.

  23. MNGossipHound says

    Jackson Rathbone from the Twilight franchise. He didn’t word it as to him being famous but to having a famous face. Enough people have seen the installments to recognize his face but not know his name. I know he and his girlfriend have a kid but there are gay guys that have had children with women; Calvin Klein, Vincente Minnelli and Anthony Hopkins being examples.

  24. Psylocke19 says

    First time posting! :)
    This has got to be either Andrew Garfield or Henry Cavill.

  25. Revisionist says

    Speaking as a been there, done that gay male, if you are looking for an online hookup, its not that hard unless you are picky. Second. If you have money and are in any major area there are any number of “professionals” available and on call. And 3rd, to hook up often requires info exchanges, so actor would likely have to send out a pic to any prospective “nailers” and i dont see a celeb doing that.

  26. bigjinla says

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! Henry Cavill. He’s 29, “defined” and has a famous face. Who knows if it was really him or someone pretending to be him. I guys that’s between him and whoever finally came to “breed” him.

  27. lovefifteen says

    Everyone is way too hung up on the 29 years old part! So many guys pretend to be 29 for a long time after they’ve entered their 30s. This is probably some English actor we barely know in the States. I can’t imagine someone as gorgeous as Henry Cavill needing to troll Gaydar to find hardback sex.

  28. mehgs says

    My mom claimed to be 29 every year after she passed that point. There might be some flexibility in that age claim.

  29. zvonk says

    My experience of Gaydar is that NO-ONE gives their real age. So don’t discount the possibilities that aren’t 29.

  30. noirgirl says

    Long time reader, first time poster. I think there’s a good chance this could be Andrew Garfield. Him and Emma Stone haven’t been seen in public together for months. Plus I have a friend who’s friends with Jesse Eisenberg and I know for a fact he’s straight.

  31. pscheck2 says

    I would not be surprised that it could be Cavill or Garfield. I find it hard to believe who ever it is would post such a request without jeopardizing their career with a possible expose! However, something like this happened with a TV actor in the ’70’s who approached a friend of mine (in a gay bar) and took him to his hotel room. Afterwards, told my friend: You can tell all your friends that you fu*ked George M.”

  32. BobNYC says

    Actors lie about their age. He could be in his 30s but purposely says 29 because he doesn’t want people to think he’s crossed that 30 line. A hookup trick isn’t going to check IMDB to find out his age.

  33. DiamondGoddess says

    Wow, it’s weird how lonely these celebs are, even when famous, trolling online!!!
    (I recall Clay Aiken doing the same thing.)
    Andrew Garfield, FTW.

  34. fleagirl says

    Well, when I’m drunk- I tend to say way too much, hide or not, especially drunk.

  35. scumby says

    I guess his co-star Jamie Foxx wasn’t around or not interested in a white guy.

  36. etobicoker says

    There are a couple of clues in there I think. 1) he describes himself as “defined” which means whoever he is has a nice physique but I would guess not too big (or he more likely would have said “built” or “muscular”. 2) Gaydar is British so even if the user wasn’t in the UK at the time he’s probably not American or would be on Grindr. 3) His handle is interesting: bitchforu18. On these types of cruising sites it’s not uncommon to put your age as a number in your handle, especially if you’re young, to attract people’s interest. However later he states he’s 29 sort of contradicting the 18. Unless when sober he passes himself off as an 18 year old. Who fits all these categories and also looks 18?

    Andrew Garfied