Playing Possum On The Job

possum opossumSOLVED!

[Village Voice] Which former sitcom star—a gal with a wacky, freewheeling sense of spirituality—used to breastfeed her pet possum while she got her hair colored, also making sure to have a wet nurse around to do the job when she was busy with something more important?


It’s Kirstie Alley! Source: Blind Gossip

This story, bizarre though it may be, is true!

James Ulmer, an entertainment journalist who worked for The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times, is the source:

James Ulmer’s book includes the outrageous story of Kirstie Alley’s weird pet possum, which she took with her during a promotional trip for one of her movie bombs, Sibling Rivalry. When she tried to bottle-feed the bottom-nosed creature and failed, she insisted that the studio send over a lactating woman to wet-nurse the possum as soon as possible! They thought she was kidding, but she threatened to fly home and skip doing promotional work for the picture if they didn’t comply at once. (As it turned out, she probably should have.)

kirstie alleyNote that The Village Voice story says that Alley did the breast feeding herself and hired a wet nurse, while the James Ulmer version talks only about the wet nurse. Either way, it’s crazy.

Since Sibling Rivalry was released in 1990, that makes this story more than twenty years old. However, it’s still as jaw-dropping today as it was back then. Bring it up at your next St. Patrick’s Day party!

We ran this story almost exactly a year ago, just before St. Patrick’s Day. We loved the Irish O’Possum joke, and hoped that you might catch the beer reference (Kirstie Alley starred in the TV show Cheers).

Congratulations to Buttersmom, who was first with the correct answer, and to JaneB for catching our drinking O’Possum clue!

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