Drunk Oscar

woman drinking wine 3SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This woman – who we are confidently predicting will never be nominated for an Oscar – used to be on a very popular TV show… from which she got the boot.

Frankly, she deserved to be fired. She just wasn’t very good in her role.

She is taking the dismissal hard. Even though she is on another television show, she really thought that her new role was going to be her break into the big time.

In an attempt to drown her sorrows, she drank her way through more than one Oscar party in the past week. Although she is not a small person, she couldn’t handle her alcohol, and she couldn’t keep it together. She tried, unsuccessfully, to muscle her way into conversations with power players in the hopes of landing a new job. Unfortunately, nobody really wanted to talk to her, and she wound up leaving drunk, discouraged, and annoyed.

khloe kardashian mario lopez 2SOLVED!

It’s Khloe Kardashian! Source: BlindGossip.com

Khloe Kardashian was officially fired today from her job as co-host of The X Factor. No big surprise there. Mario Lopez was all the host the show needed, and Khloe simply didn’t add any value to the show.

We learned back in February that Khloe already knew at that time that she was going to be getting fired from The X Factor.

She then proceeded to get sloppy and unprofessional at several industry events during Oscar week. Khloe couldn’t hold her liquor or hold in her desperation in as she worked the room.

Now, we don’t know if she got drunk that week because she was depressed about getting fired; or because she is a lightweight; or because she is stressed about the identity of her father (see One of These Things Is Not Like The Other); or because she is having trouble conceiving; or because her husband Lamar is allegedly cheating on her; or because being a Kardashian is simply enough to drive anyone to drink. Yes, there are a lot of possible reasons why she drank that week.

And we also don’t know if the power players dissed her because the party was focused on people in the movie industry; or because Khloe was drunk; or because she has no employable talent; or because real actors and directors and producers despise reality stars; or because interest in the Kardashian brand is waning. Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above.

Whatever the case, that week was a disaster for her, and she was a hot, drunk mess.

Now on to the details of her firing. From Deadline:

The Extra co-host Mario Lopez is coming back for another season hosting Fox’s The X Factor, but Khloe Kardashian is not. “Khloe Kardashian will not be returning to co-host The X Factor. We really enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors,” X Factor producers said today.

Both Lopez and the E! reality star were named as the new hosts of the competition series’ second season in October 2012.

A seasoned hosting pro, Lopez easily fronted the show but Kardashian struggled, earning the mockery of many viewers.

In today’s announcement about Lopez’s return, X Factor’s main man made no mention of Kardashian’s departure. “I’m thrilled Mario is back for Season Three of The X Factor. Hosting a live show and keeping the judges — especially Demi — in line, is not an easy job, but Mario is a pro and we are glad he’s coming back,” Simon Cowell said in statement.

Lopez joins Cowell and fellow judge Demi Lovato as the only regulars coming back for the third season. Lovato’s return was announced in March. After one season, Britney Spears exited officially in January. Veteran judge LA Reid said last year that he was out too. Cowell is now the only remaining judge from the show’s first season. No replacements have been announced for either Reid or Spears.

Congratulations to Niamhh, who was first with the correct guess!

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    • Lelaina Pierce says

      She has cosmetic endorsements, was an Oscar presenter, is known as the queen of hip hop, has over 50 acting credits, and everyone LOVES her. I’d say she broke into the big time long ago.

  1. larissa says

    Brandi Glanville? The photo looks a little like the cover of her book? Regardless, I LIKE Brandi…she’s the real deal.

    • Myriam says

      It does sound like Brandi. A while ago, she tweeted that she was going to be on 90210, but I haven’t heard anything about it anymore. And 90210’s “popularity” has been waning; truth be told, I don’t know how “popular” the show was to begin with, but I LIKE Brandi too. Her next break is right around the corner so don’t drink your sorrows away girl! Be patient.

    • itssunnyoutside says

      Can’t be Nene, it says this person joined the show later on. Definitely Khloe K on X factor.

    • luvprue1 says

      No. It couldn’t be Nene since they stated she join her first show when it was past it’s peak. Nene was on A. Housewives when it first started . She was on it at the height of it’s peak. Plus she is on two shows. Glee,and the New Normal.

      • luvprue1 says

        I should have figure it was Kloe. She not as pretty and as outgoing as her sisters. Plus Hollywood seem to frown on big bones women who are not in comedy.

    • Shells says

      You’re both misreading it. It didn’t say she was kicked off her first show, just that she was kicked off a popular show after it’s prime. My answer wasn’t very clear – I was trying to say Nene from the Housewives, who went to Glee as her big break which didn’t work out. Now she is on The New Normal.

  2. Letmeguess says

    I may be way in left field, but is it Chelsie Hightower from DWTS? But I don’t know of another TV show she’s on.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I definitely think you’re right. It mentions she’s definitely not a small person, and other blinds (the paternity ones) about her have pointed out she’s much taller/bigger than her sisters.

      Considering the other blinds hinting at her marriage falling apart, she may have been drowning her sorrows. Also, she was at Oscar after parties with her sisters.

    • Hennessey Williams says

      ^ This. I can definitely see this being her. Lamar is supposedly cheating on her, she can’t conceive a baby but her sister did, and now she got booted from X Factor. She’s still on Keeping Up with Kardashians though but I’d be drinking too if I was her.

    • hunter says

      Terrible guess, Paz de la Heurta for the win. Khloe would not be looking for acting gigs.

    • luvprue1 says

      Dana Deleney? She was on Desperate Housewives , but she join it past it’s peak,and now she is on body of proof.

  3. boyjack4 says

    Brandi Granville, tacky as hell last night! Easy to believe she was drunk all night! Why was she invited????

    • PandoraWolf says

      Considering she’s SUING her prior employer, that might explain why she was being ignored by other potential casters/directors, whatever, but did she “deserve” to get fired?

      The fact that ‘never nominated’ is so stressed in the blind makes me think non-actress–maybe Khloe.

  4. css1014 says

    Sharon Lawrence was at 4 parties. Not a major film actress. Was on a couple of shows and now Rizzoli and Isles.

  5. definitely says

    I wasn’t sure at first, but now I definitely think this is Khloe Kardashian.

    Show she got fired from: X-Factor

    Show she is still on: all of the Kardashian shows.

    Not a small person

    “Keep it together”- Keeping up…

    And it may be a stretch but “past it’s peak”…on keeping up w/ all of them, they go around the dinner table and say the “pits and peaks” of their days.

  6. minx says

    I’m guessing Khloe Kardashian because of the “not small” comment, and because she is still on her family’s show despite leaving the other one.

  7. KatarinaJ says

    did Brandi get booted from housewives? and whT other show was or is she on? I don’t think she fits the clue at all and I don’t think housewives of bills has waned in popularity.

  8. essie r says

    Nene is on The New Normal and has been since the first episode. She doesn’t need Glee. This sounds like Khloe all the way.

  9. kermit1969 says

    Portia DeRossi? Arrested Development was a high water mark but the Addams Family tv show reboot was dumped.

  10. JaneDawson says

    Khloe K?
    will never be nominated for an Oscar – not really an actor
    very popular TV show – whatever competition show
    not a small person- she’s the biggest/tallest Kardashian
    power player – basketball reference, perhaps?

    IDK. Can’t think of anyone else

  11. KatarinaJ says

    PS. Plus I think Brandi Glanville IS GOOD IN HER ROLE. They love the drama she brings to the housewives. it is how she went from part time to full time status.

  12. KatarinaJ says

    I am so confused as to why people keep making certain guesses when the line exists about her ‘not being a small girl’ Sharon Lawrence? Kristen Chenowith? Dana Delany? Portia?

    All these women are diminutive to trim in status. The only ‘bigger’ girls in the mix would be NeNe, Khloe, maybe Brandi because she is so tall (but rail thin!)

    This has to be a major tip….

  13. KatarinaJ says

    Oops NENE LEFT Celeb Apprentice when she was on it…. not technically fired I guess… but that works more than Housewives and Glee as nods to her.

  14. HotTeacher88 says

    All clues point to Khloe. But the show might just be cutting costs. Two hosts are not necessary, anyway. They might have decided it was too crowded, and they couldn’t afford the criticism for that with the drop in ratings. Also, what really prepared or qualified Khloe to be a grade A host, anyway? Not a performer or experienced host and commentator like a Mario Lopez or a Nick Cannon. Live TV is not forgiving to professional, let alone a novice. You can’t do anything you want all the time just because your family is in the business and you want to. Mamie Gummer, anyone? The suits and the public have to also be on board. Khloe is smart and hardworking. She can find something else to do.

      • blueburst4 says

        That wasn’t a suggestion that Mamie is the answer to the blind. The OP is saying that just because her family (Meryl Streep) is in the business, doesn’t mean tht Mamie has the chops to be there too and shouldn’t just expect to be hired. She basically gets her jobs thanks to Mama. I believe that was another blind.

  15. Buffysoapaddict says

    I’m going to put my foot in the water and Say Kate Walsh.

    She just left Private Practice and was on Grey’s Anatomy for a while.

    She wasn’t too successful before those shows, except for a stint on the drew carey show.

    • LLK says

      Kate Walsh was never fired. She is not currently on a TV show right now like the person in the blind item.

  16. LLK says

    Kim Raver. She was fired from Grey’s Anatomy. She is currently shooting a TV show pilot NCIS Los Angeles.

  17. Jessie27 says

    Anybody focus on the word “Frankly” in the blind? Is there a guy named Frank in this woman’s life?

  18. stalkingdykes2 says

    Jennifer Aniston. She was from a very popular TV show and, if the Oscars still worth a penny, will NEVER be nominated. And she showed up with that same old suffering woman face, which makes this come as no surprise.

  19. westcoastlove says

    I think this is Dana Delaney
    The picture looks like her
    She was on Desperate Housewives when it was on its last legs and I think was hoping for a big tv comeback on a previously popular show.
    She is now on this lamo body of proof show.
    She is 5’6″ and reported alcohol problems..

  20. Jordan Joelle says

    You threw us all off when you posted VERY POPULAR TV SHOW. Is this site based in the U.S.?
    X FACTOR U.S. very popular? Since when?

  21. matthew netting says

    Im sad it’s Khloe, she, along with Rob,
    are the only two members of the
    Kartrashian family I find palatable

  22. ChristineNYC says

    I agree. Khloe and Rob are the only Kardashian’s I like too. I just hope she wasn’t dumb enough to drive after getting that drunk. She’s already got 1 DUI (that we know of). Too many people get killed from drinking & driving. Hope she wasn’t stupid.