Next Oscar

man talking[Blind Gossip] This man lost at the Oscars yesterday. No shame in it, as his nomination was well-deserved. However, he did tell a few people later on that he considers it his own fault that he didn’t win.

He said that he wishes that the quality of his work could stand for itself, and that he lost because he doesn’t like “doing the whole sucking up thing”. However, he has already decided that he definitely “won’t make the same mistake next time” he is nominated, and that he is “going to start sucking up to the right people now” to make sure that happens.

While we don’t know exactly who he thinks the “right people” are, but it looks like he is starting with members of the press. He willingly gave some brief interviews at one of the after parties and smiled for the cameras. Given that he is known for being more artsy and serious than sociable or chatty, we are sure that this was quite an effort for him!

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    • Bromance1979 says

      I’m leaning towards Philip Seymour Hoffman…

      I don’t think Joaquin Phoenix would start sucking up to anyone, especially after his comments about the Oscars last year. I’m sure he’d make a comment about how he didn’t win because he didn’t kiss everyone in Hollywood’s butt, though.

    • DelilaMars says

      Philip Seymour Hoffman already won the Award for Best Actor in 2005 for Capote. The same year Joaquin Phoenix was nominated too for Walk the Line. So I think Joaquin is a better guest for this one.

  1. DivaKarma says

    Joaquin Phoenix.. Was his sister his “date” again ????? Hmmmmm now that is a blind all on its own. Just sayin

  2. OohDoTell says

    Joaquin or Hugh?

    I’m going with Hugh, because I think Joaquin is a little too anti-establishment to care.

    • Hennessey Williams says

      That’s why he’s the best guess though. Maybe he realized he needs to start being a little more pro-establishment and kiss some butts. He’s been nominated for a lot of awards but I don’t think he has won any of them.

    • stacat1 says

      Not sure – I think Hugh is very schmoozy. he did alot of press (60 min) in advance of the Oscars. And he does work the room–not like Cooper but he is pretty social.

    • Whisper says

      Must be Joaquin. Hugh basically made an ass of himself to get nominated. A ton of people thought Phoenix should have won and he beat out Lewis on many critic circle awards. But he is more on the artsy side and it’s hard to believe he’ll kiss ass. He did blow his chances but I think he was right about the phoniness of the awards.

  3. maggiepie says

    Yeah- the capital one advertisement I had to sit through 8 diffent times- really?! Jesus- that’s just obnoxious. And annoying, and just about enough to say f%#! It.

  4. channel orange says

    Joaquin Phoenix? Dude looked miserable during the Oscars. He’s such a brilliant actor, love him. <3

  5. 15milliondollarbunny says

    Joaquim Phoenix. Has to be. He seemed in pain during the telecast, he grimaced repeatedly. Unless he had a kidney stone.

  6. nycgal212 says

    Joaquin phoenix. He deserved it. Lincoln was amazing but it was more so because of spielberg’s direction and tommy lee

  7. meemo506 says

    Joaquin Phoenix? Since he was down on the Oscars before the show, and I think he’s the only one to have never won an oscar that qualifies as artsy and serious.

  8. Hennessey Williams says

    Joaquin Phoenix for The Master. He is definitely more known for being artsy and serious. With all of his nominations for various awards, he is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  9. Bob says

    Part of me thinks it’s Tommy Lee Jones. I’ve read several analyses suggesting he lost due to the bad press from that sourpuss screenshot of him from the Golden Globes.

  10. bellerose says

    Looks like Joaquin Phoenix has decided that the Oscar race is not “the stupidest thing in the world” and that he wants a golden trophy after all.

  11. lily is my puppy says

    Joaquim Phoenix? Though it seems unlikely he would say he’d turn around and want to suck up to the press “next time.”

    Maybe Alan Arkin. Whom I love and I wish he’d win everything.

  12. amburrito says

    Wanna say Bradley cooper only bc of the picture. Makes me think of “The Words” but he seems social and chatty. So Philip Seymour Hoffman??

  13. heelsoverhead says

    This is made to sound like it’s about Joaquin, but I doubt it. He literally does not give two s**ts about awards.

  14. Bradster says

    I’m torn because I think that’ it’s Joaquin as well but I haven’t seen any interviews to back that up.
    Bradley already plays the Hollywood game for sure. He’s Robert Deniro’s protege now so he’s in.
    I just can’t see them caring enough to actually want an Oscar. I guess to get the recognition but these actors already know they have that so I’m torn.

  15. shelaur22 says

    It’s gotta be someone who isn’t already established. Denzel and Philip Seymour Hoffman both have 2 Oscars each, I think. DeNiro’s out. My guess is Alan Arkin or Joaquin Phoenix. It seems like something a disgruntled Joaquin would say, although I have to wonder, for someone so anti-Oscar, why does he even show up??

  16. steph148 says

    The blind doesn’t say the guy was nominated in an acting category… I’m not sure I see any of them truly fitting this blind anyway. I’ll co-sign the Tim Burton guess.

  17. shelaur22 says

    Actually, the BI doesn’t say “actor,” does it? Could this be David O. Russell, who lost in both the Screenplay and Directing categories? He will probably have his Bale/Renner/Cooper/Adams ABSCAM movie in Oscar contention next year, hence why he’d say he’s going to start sucking up to people now.