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man talking[Blind Gossip] This man lost at the Oscars yesterday. No shame in it, as his nomination was well-deserved. However, he did tell a few people later on that he considers it his own fault that he didn’t win.

He said that he wishes that the quality of his work could stand for itself, and that he lost because he doesn’t like “doing the whole sucking up thing”. However, he has already decided that he definitely “won’t make the same mistake next time” he is nominated, and that he is “going to start sucking up to the right people now” to make sure that happens.

While we don’t know exactly who he thinks the “right people” are, but it looks like he is starting with members of the press. He willingly gave some brief interviews at one of the after parties and smiled for the cameras. Given that he is known for being more artsy and serious than sociable or chatty, we are sure that this was quite an effort for him!

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