Babbling Oscar

blah blah blah 2[Blind Gossip] During a post-show interview, one of last night’s Oscar winners was rambling on about fate and attitude and winning.

The philosophical mumbo jumbo was a bit too much for some onlookers. Several were rolling their eyes, and one said “What the f*ck is s/he talking about?” just loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Several of the onlookers – including other reporters and camera operators – giggled, but the winner didn’t lose a beat. S/he just gave the person the side eye and continued babbling on, either unaware or not caring how ridiculous they sounded.

Oscar Winner:

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  1. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Didn’t lose a beat? Sounds like a musical reference to me. Anne Hathaway. Shocking, I tell you! Just shocking! 😛

    • buttercup says

      Saw this on Lainey Gossip, and it may solve this: “Here’s the problem, as far as I can see. All Anne’s gratefulness and sweetness and the “wisdom” she dropped on the unsuspecting press re: negativity – it feels totally poseresque.”

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      The reason I am going to agree with your guess and don’t hate me for my reasoning. But, I was watching Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and say what you want about the lady she is blunt and honestly funny (more emphasis on the honesty part). But anyway, I say all that to say Joan made a funny comment that for all of Anne’s extraordinary acting ability she is still dumb as dirt. LOL so I could see her being so oblivious and partially entitled to not give a F***.

  2. Letmeguess says

    This sounds like Anne Hathaway to me. Lately, she’s been making me side eye to the point of headaches. And beside Jennifer Lawrence who’s more down to earth, she stands out as even more annoying.

  3. LooksLikeCRicci says

    Damn it, my gut is going with Anne Hathaway on this one. Bummer. I’ve loved her since she was Princess Mia. Shame that awards season got the better of her.

  4. Lydia32 says

    Sighs, poor Anne Hathaway! To have it all and be so successful, yet be so hated by the public. This BI is obvious.

  5. Up the Coast says

    One of the men who won, was babbling and I wondered if he was having a stroke 😯 But I’ll guess Tarentino.

  6. Me Talk Pretty says

    Sounds like something Anne Hathaway would do, but since I didn’t watch the press feed and others did I’m sure the collective wisdom on BG posters will suss this one out quickly! Can’t wait! You guys rock. :)

    • cocobeannns says

      Really? He came across very genuine to me. It even seemed as if he was choking up a bit at the end of his speech.

      • saywhat says

        I know that a lot of people liked his speech. I don’t get it, frankly, but to each their own. “Thanks to my wife for working on our marriage for 10 years. Well, when I say working, you know, it’s the best kind of work …” How romantic! And then saying something about not holding grudges in Hollywood – what was that about? It was just strange.

        [Slightly off topic]: Perhaps I’m biased because I didn’t want Argo to win. It massively short-changed Canada’s role in the hostage rescue, and insulted the Brits and Kiwis as well. The way they did the film’s climactic scene was comical (I would say more but I don’t want to spoil it). I was cheering for Lincoln. And I thought that Daniel Day-Lewis gave an eloquent and funny speech!

  7. kbd61186 says

    Anne or Daniel day Lewis. She has been so over dramatic about everything lately and he rambled so much in an interview before the awards show that I zoned out. but I’d go with Hathaway cuz everyone has been sick of her lately. and Daniel is well respected

  8. kbd61186 says

    Ps I like Anne. I think she just tries to be classy and respectful and it comes across as fake sometimes

  9. Booboo1068 says

    Anne Hathaway

    Based on her interviews up to and post Oscar this sounds like Anne and I’m guessing she didn’t care and/or like so many celebs is too narcissistic to be self aware of how she really came across.

  10. aquarius17 says

    My guess is Anne Hathaway. For some unknown reason I don’t like her. I think she’s narcissistic and phony.

    • daisy12 says

      Haha, I guessed Hathaway but you are right that Tarantino’s acceptance speech was so full of self-love! Even when he tried to say how great acting makes great films, he just ended up congratulating himself for casting them! Oh man…

  11. zeep says

    Could be any 3 of the 4 acting winners who aren’t Jennifer Lawrence, plus Tarantino or Affleck. Hell, this was the cockiest group of winners ever, minus Adele, Jennifer, and Ang Lee. My guess is Christoph Waltz.

  12. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Probably Anne Hathaway, who I used to love, but has become insufferable during this awards season.

  13. mandyruns says

    It has to be Anne Hathaway! Her pre show interview with Ryan Seacrest was beyond annoying, I can only imagine her AFTER winning. Long time lurker, first time poster!

  14. I Am PunkA says

    Sounds like Anne Hathaway to me. She has been a bore talking about how her mom sang the role once too, and the fate of it all, and blah blah blah. Seriously, I like her less after this Awards season. She was too self absorbed.

    She could learn a few things from Jennifer Lawrence, who is a breath of fresh air in that town.

  15. jeannie says

    Anne Hathaway. She seems like the type that would spout some nonsense like this. She opened her acceptance speech with “It came true!” which was insufferable enough. I used to like her but her overexposure this awards season finally made me realize why so many people can’t stand her.

  16. raslebol says

    Anne Hathaway and her commentaries on her wedding “All of this has just been the cherry on top of a wonderful, wonderful dish of vegan ice cream”

  17. tallzeez says

    Anne Hatheway. God she is insufferable. It’s all about “i used to be a Princess Diaries stereotype” and everything is unbelievable and amazing, and “i’m just so grateful to be here” nonsense.

  18. LaLeche says

    I can see this being Jennifer Anniston (funny actress) and Jennifer Lawrence (nominee).

    “Pairing them up” = a pair of Jennifers?

  19. bluesky says

    Anne Hathaway and her vegan ice cream. Clues being “didn’t miss a beat” (musical) and possibly the her initials AH in “BLAH BLAH BLAH” photo.