BG12345: Monday

oscar winners 2013Good Morning, Blinders!

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Man, that was one tough gig for Seth McFarlane.

Blind Gossip readers went 3 for 4 in predicting the big winners! You correctly picked Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, and Argo! Your only miss was for Best Director, which was given to Ang Lee. Overall, though, good job!

We have a BG12345 for you today… if we can get 100 of you to tell us what you loved or hated  or what thrilled or annoyed or surprised you most about the 85th Oscars!

Let’s hear it, people!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: Lots of interesting comments! Let’s start!

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  1. xxmichellexx says

    Jennifer Lawrence stole the night in my opinion. What a confident and real young woman. Love her! :)

    • myhippieversion says

      Yes! So happy she won!
      I used to like Anne Hathaway, but after this awards season she became so irratating to me, still believe she deserved it though

  2. highwaymiles says

    The whole thing seemed amateurish and uneven to me. I kept thinking… This is Hollywood. A billion people are watching. GET IT TOGETHER! That said, I love everything about Jennifer Lawrence. Disliked the Adele-Rex Reed fat joke. Why was that necessary? That’s the only joke I found offensive.

    • nolabelle says

      Wow-that means you didn’t mind all his gay bashing, the Jew bashing, the alcoholic bashing, the Christian bashing and the women bashing? Geez. It really saddens me.

  3. amburrito says

    Loved Christoph Waltz’s win! Disliked seeing Anne Hathaway win ONLY bc she expected it way too much.

  4. coquettishkitten says

    Loved: Barbara and the James Bond tribute.
    Thrilled: Ang Lee’s Win
    Jennifer Lawrence, in my personal opinion, is mediocre at best as an actress. I felt the award should’ve gone to Jessica Chastain but none the less I think she did deserve it.
    Daniel Day-Lewis is an amazing actor but I just hope he takes a break for a while, he seems worn out with being in the spotlight so much.
    I also think Sally Field or Jackie Weaver should’ve won. Anne Hathaway is amazing, I just felt that for Les Mis she was not present enough. But again, she is an amazing actress and she did deserve it.
    I was bummed that Beasts of Southern Wild (to my knowledge) went home with no awards. I feel the film was amazing. I can’t wait to see more of Quvenzhané Wallis, she is such an amazing actress.

  5. KathyPacific says

    Loved: all the acting winners, Quentin Tarantino, the Les Mis cast number

    Loathed: the Jaws play-off music (so tacky), most of Seth McF’s stuff, and the “tribute” musical numbers that seemed like unnecessary or actually unwanted filler

    Surprised: how much I enjoyed Mark Wahlberg and Ted. I haven’t seen that movie. I loved Ted’s Boston accent!

  6. daisy12 says

    I loved how real and down to earth Jennifer Lawrence seemed during the red carpet and when she won. Please let that be genuine, and please let her stay that way!!!

    I hated (but wasn’t at all surprised by) Ben Affleck’s gross acceptance speech. I wish he’d just go away forever.

  7. everythingthatshines says

    I thought Seth McFarlane did a good job. I’m really starting to dislike Anne Hathaway. The show was far too long. The lady who won for best hair and make up with the pink tights was highly offensive. You’re at the Oscars.

    • nolabelle says

      Aww… Idk if Ben is the sleazoid that the tabs claim he is but, Seth had just dissed him badly at this premier event where Ben is finally getting good recognition for perseverance, and for crawling out of the black hole of films he had gotten himself into, so Ben was furious and let Seth know, just as Christopher Plummer did in shooting Seth down after the Nazi uniform joke as well as Plummer hates being brought back to only the Sound of music for association in his huge career.

  8. tallzeez says

    I quite liked Seth McFarlane’s bits. I mean, we got exactly what you would expect to get from him so i appreciated his stuff for what it was. Obviously he wasn’t bringing his A game when it came to offending the audience because those are some of the most powerful people in the world there.

    Liked Jennifer Lawrence’s fall, he laughing at herself and her speech and later flipping off the press backstage.

    Liked Daniel Day Lewis winning and his speech.

    Liked Adele winning and her beginning to tear up during. That was quite touching.

    Hated how long it went.

    Hated Anne Hatheway. God, everything she says seems to fake and calculated to please all the people who can get her places in her career. I know that is what you should do as an actor to a certain extent but she is REALLY laying it on thick. “It finally came true” *looks fondly at the statute* made me want to gag. Literally everything she has done after Dark Knight Rises has been making me more and more annoyed at her as time goes by.

    Side note: i have similar feelings about Lena Dunham. Find her to be more and more annoying as the days pass. I think it’s due to her overexposure

    • sophiedg says

      Amen to the Lena Dunham comment. Talented or not, she comes across as so unlikeable and self-important — as though she’s a cultural icon. I tuned into Girls to see if I could get over my dislike of her and found the dialogue, which she mainly writes, just cringe worthy. Lena got lots of camera time at the Grammys of all places since she was with one of the big winners and that was annoying. Yup, I’m a Lena hater.

  9. Scorpio13 says

    Loved: Daniel Day Lewis stating that he was supposed to play Margaret Thatcher.

    Hated: Halle Berry (From her being at the Oscars to her appearance-OVER HER).

  10. suzy_scott says

    loved: Jennifer Lawrence’s everything

    hated: Anne Hathaway is the Taylor Swift of the acting world. I CANT with her teeth and her bangs and her everything.

    suprise: that jennifer garner is still relevant enough to be a presenter.

    annoyed: kristin stewart’s hulking way. Crutches or not, she lumbers anyway.

  11. tippy says

    Sorry, I think these shows are annoying. But, I love to see what they are wearing. I don’t watch the show to see it, I just look at gossip pages afterward.

  12. lotsofsees says

    the guy who won for best supporting actor made a great speach and seemed honorable. Don’t know his name but he is a great actor. JLaw Yeah. Anne needs to go away for a while, we all need a break from her.

  13. Pinkie2 says

    @ katie, while you may have made it without channel surfing..I didn’t make it without twice falling asleep. Happy to have dvr!

    I love Seth McFarlane..though I am sure some jokes did fall flat for most, but he is who he is..

    The end of the show was not what tiny bun headed woman promised…Funny

  14. stinkerbell says

    I don’t get the Anne Hathaway hate. Why?

    But I am going to dish on Renee. Quit sucking on lemons and smile, girl.

  15. Virgo826 says

    Seth was less than stellar, too long intro, too much music NOT nominated going on, overall so-so

  16. WaitLemmeGuess says

    I’m so happy Ang Lee won Best Director. I absolutely love Life of Pi. It is my favorite movie of the year. :)

  17. tink says

    Anne Hathaway was annoying. Over her. Did anyone notice at the Golden Globes when she won, Hugh Jackman’s wife wouldn’t look at her on stage during her speech? Telling…

  18. truthgal says

    Loved Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Hudson. The show itself was ok….felt bad for Seth MacFarlane. Tough crowd and went long.

  19. shuboy says

    Seth, I thought was cool. Production was awful; the idea of having the orchestra play live from the Capitol Records building was crazy. Overall, not very good.

  20. texandthecity says

    i LOVE that i did not have to actually watch the oscars. because i HATE that seth macfarlane was hosting. i don;t like a lot of the humor in family guy and his other shows (a lot of it comes off [to me] as juvenile, puerile and misogynistic). he really seems like a total douche.

  21. caren with a k says

    You know, as much as the techs are important, the awards should just concentrate on the acting, directing, music and best film awards in the primetime show. Would cut the time in half and would avoid the middle drop off.

  22. violetbeauregard says

    I loved Charlize Theron’s darling short haircut & Anne Hathaway’s beautiful necklace. My favorite things from last night!

  23. PghDude says

    Loved: Jennifer Lawrence: she seems very sincere and fresh. I hope she always retains that send of wonderment.

    Hated: Michelle Obama: Why can’t I just escape the political world for four hours. I have to see the kids that survived the Newtown shooting at the Superbowl and Emmy’s and now Michelle Obama at the Oscars. Enough!

  24. Veralynn says

    Slogged along…but hightlight was Daniel Day Lewis’ adlib about trading roles with Meryl Streep…and making Lincoln a musical. That was funny.

    Longtime lurker…Hello Ace!

  25. Shannibird says

    Like everyone else I loved Jennifer Lawrence, who always comes across as so genuine and heartfelt, but was annoyed by Anne Hathaway, who always comes across as contrived and rehearsed.

  26. kellbell26 says

    Loved Barbra singing The Way We Were in honor of Marvin Hamlisch. It wasn’t a perfect performance, but a beautiful tribute to a legend nonetheless.

  27. Best Man says

    My goodness with the way Anne Hathaway has been acting this award season I thought she was up for Best Actress. Everyone knows Best supporting actress is a curse. I kept thinking just give Anne Hathaway her award already, so she’ll go away.

  28. Best Man says

    As a blind gossip fan, Ben’s speech about his marriage being work was a “wink wink”. Seth Mcfarland was cringe-worthy awful and I think he knew it.

  29. justhad2 says

    Liked: that Jennifer Lawrence won for best actress

    Dislike: Anne Hathaway’s dress (horrid) and that Michelle Obama presented.

  30. LC_Says says

    Loved that Jennifer Lawrence laughed off her fall. Loved J Hud KILLING the song from Dream Girls. Hated Kristen Stewart…. enough said.

  31. Marina says

    Loved: Adele singing Skyfall
    Hated: Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd presenting something-or-another – what was this all about? Another thing – what Dreamgirls and Chicago got to do with yesterday’s ceremony? Was falling asleep from 10 pm.

  32. Endoracat says

    LOVED – Sally Field making out with Seth and then hopping into a Trans Am
    HATED – Anne Hataway’s phoniness and Grant Heslov taking up so much time when we wanted to hear from Affleck and Clooney.

    • CapnZebbie says

      Yes! I forgot about Sally Field in my comment! One of my favorite parts, the comedy skit and then the tribute to Smoky and the Bandit!

  33. Bromance1979 says

    I loved that Christoph Waltz won, as I was rooting for him. I hated the musical aspect, as I can’t stand musicals, but Jennifer Hudson was AMAZING. Wow! I can’t get over how incredible she is.

    I loved seeing the red carpet with Jennifer Lawrence, because I thought she was completely over-hyped beforehand, but she seemed like SUCH a down to earth girl, so she got a new fan. What Oscar winning actress could fall and act like it’s no big deal? No one but her! Everyone in Hollywood takes themselves far too seriously, so I love her personality.

  34. QueenBEsq says

    Didn’t hate Seth. Loved Jennifer Lawrence. Felt embarrassed for Anne Hathaway. Didn’t expect CZJ to channel Brit Brit’s 2007 VMA performance.

  35. nomnom says

    I thought Babs was awful, and it would have been nice if Anne Hathaway at least acted a little bit surprised. Also, WTH, Michelle Obama? Are you a celebrity, or the wife of the president?

  36. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    I loved Shatner and the tasteless song “We Saw Your Boobs”. It was hilarious. Members of the audience in the theatre spent the whole time looking out of the corner of their eyes to see if they should laugh or if they should feign outrage. What a anal-retentive crowd.
    Speaking of boobs, Anne Hathaway really needs to stop trying to convince us she’s sexy. She’s pretty, not in a sexy way. I wish she would just accept it. No more “accidental” crotch shots, no more “Les Nippleables”.
    Shirley Bassey was great. So was Babs. Although, hair that long on a woman her age makes me think “crazy lady with 150 cats”. I wish she’s go to a long bob.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      “I wish she’d (Babs) would go back to a long bob” is what I meant to type. She’s still wonderful no matter what.

  37. CapnZebbie says

    I loved almost all of the musical numbers–Adele, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey and Jennifer Hudson especially. The “boobs” song was fun–that whole thing with Shatner was fun. I was really impressed with Charlize Theron’s and Channing Tatum’s dancing–it was so unexpected! The sets were beautiful; I especially loved the way Adele and her set worked together visually, like she was singing in a starry night sky.

    Ben Affleck’s speech was great.

    I don’t get the Anne Hathaway hate–she seems very sweet.

    What the hell is wrong with Renee Zellwegger? Was she actually too messed up to read?

    Daniel Day Lewis is funny! Who knew?

  38. GillieB says

    loved- Samuel Jackson going off script when presenting with the group of Avengers and saying “just give the award” while Mark Ruffalo hides his face….lol
    hated-Halle Barry—what a nut case

  39. SooWrong says

    Jennifer Lawrence’s fall was hilarious…if she wasn’t just oozing “girl next door” I’d of thought she did that on purpose!

  40. The One and Only says

    Loved Catherine Zeta Jones and Chicago. Hated the opening songs. Loved Seth though. He is funny. Wanted more ball busting jokes!

    • Bromance1979 says

      I think she was on something… pain meds, perhaps? She was OUT of it. I’d think she was stoned if she wasn’t injured and possibly taking something for that.

      Her publicist claims she cut her foot on broken glass, hence the crutches, but some people noticed a bruise on her arm. I think there’s more to the story.

  41. cindyl says

    Love Adele and Ang Lee.

    I didn’t care for Seth. It was kind of painful actually to watch him.

    I can’t believe so much hate for Anne Hathaway. I think I may be the only who likes her. LOL Call me naive.
    Jennifer Lawrence was good in Silver Linings Playbook but I think Jessica Chastain deserved the Oscar. She was incredible.

  42. Redlanta says

    I thought Seth did okay for a “virgin”. Loved the hand puppets. Agree Miss Anne is getting way too full of herself( noticed it long ago in award season when she dissed Princess Diaries and Devil Wears Prada-Girl those movies got you here! Review them and try to pick back up on some of the charm) Loved the Boob song also. Can’t believe they forgot Andy Griffith in Memoriam! Too long as always-focus on the movies of this year guys! And yes, they really should have bribed all the Bond men with lots of shaken martinis to get them there!!~

  43. CatInTheHat says

    I hate that Argo can win Best Picture but Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated as director. Ridiculous.

  44. javelina says

    I love Jennifer Lawrence, and am glad she won. I also thought that Seth did a great job, and I never liked Adele before but loved her acceptance speech and was touched at how choked up she got. I will definitely keep an open mind to her music from here on out!

  45. egarcia76 says

    so annoyed w/the length of the show, I fell asleep
    also VERY annoyed with Anne Hathaway
    That’s about it.

  46. KimDealrules says

    Loved Adele winning for song, Kristin’s attitude (loved when they panned her seat row, clearly the gay row). Ahh Charlize, gorgeous and brilliant.

    Loathed Mrs. obama being involved (she was probably there to make sure the dinner menu was just celery and lettuce).
    Nice to see her wearing OUR tax money. GRR!
    Buh bye Seth. You sucked. Lame jokes. Seth green would have done a better job.

  47. pixiehollow says

    Loved the winners, loved adele and goldfinger songs, loved most of the clothes, thought much of the show was stupid though….:O

  48. Jet17 says

    Loved The Jennifers – Hudson giving me goose bumps yet again, Lawrence being honestly humble and Bradly & Hugh jumping to her rescue & Gardner who did not kill her husband who put it all out there – for better or worse IS work.

    Over – Anne….stop trying so hard. Take a cue from Lawrence – sit back and enjoy it.

  49. jujuchav says

    I loved the Les Mis performance and I thought Quevenzhane Wallis was adorable! I don’t understand why Michelle Obama got to present “Best Picture.” Also, kudos to Babs’ plastic surgeon!

  50. cocoabutter says

    On the plus side – I was happy to see Christoph Waltz and JLaw win, and loved everything about her.
    On the WTF side – who let Rene Zellweger onto that stage in that state? Terrible!

  51. sassyolivia says

    Best part of show was the signing (Jennifer Hudson, Adele) – thought Seth MacFarlane WAS THE WORST HOST EVER!!!! Way too many sexist and mean spirted jokes (alluding to Adele’s weight, etc). Ace, please start a campaign for Tina and Amy in 2014!!!!!!

  52. maggiepie says

    My hometown girl from Louisville, Ky (& I think she’s insanely talented) – but Jlaw’s press room interview was THE best.

  53. Up the Coast says

    Loved Barbra…loved “saw your boobs”…although it was predictable, I thought it was the best show in years. I don’t get the appeal of Adele.

  54. kbd61186 says

    Loved the les mis cast singing. Hated the saw your boobs song. hated how late it ran so quit watching before the last major awards :(

  55. VanL says

    Hated the Jaws music to cut off the acceptance speeches.

    Loved the big winners speeches especially Affleck, Lewis, Lawrence and Tarantino’s! I LOVED that Clooney, while he went up as a producer didn’t overshadow and Grant Heslov’s little self mockery moment made me laugh out loud probably for the first time in the entire show.

    • stacat1 says

      Yes!!!!!..I loved that Grant called them the 3 sexiest producers…sandwiched between ben and george. Great unscripted moment.

  56. cocobeannns says

    Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress.
    Happy to see Ben win best picture for Argo.
    Thought Anne seemed almost expecting to win – not cool.
    Jessica Chastain should have taken it.

  57. Diamond Girl says

    Loved – C. Waltz, what a gentleman! DD Lewis, also a gentleman. Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger. WOW. The sock puppets. Argo winning.

    Hated – A. Hathaway, too rehearsed. Mrs. Jackman’s tuxedo, UGH.

    Liked – Seth MacFarland. I thought he did a great job and made me laugh!

  58. FlaminHotCheetos says

    Wasn’t Anne originally cast in Jennifer’s role for Silver Lining? In the pic above I wonder what she is thinking looking at Jennifer.

  59. UK Movie Junkie says

    LOVED Seth – he kept things light and I thought he was hilarious.
    HATED Anne Hathaway in every way…her dress was awful and her speech too scripted!

    LOVED that Ben won Best Picture
    HATED that he was snubbed by the Academy for Best Director

    LOVED laughing at what an ass Renee Zellweger made of herself!
    HATED having to watch the Les Mis cast try to sing again! AWFUL!!

  60. LaLeche says

    Just figured out JLaw = Jennifer Lawrence. Reading these comments, I kept wondering how I missed Jude Law’s Oscar nomination and win last night! Lol