Sniffer Dogs Send Nominee on the Run

german-shepherdDaily Mirror – Which Brit nominee was left quaking in their boots when cops carried out a random drugs search with sniffer dogs? The muso quickly fled, fearing the worst.

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15 comments to Sniffer Dogs Send Nominee on the Run

  • biqabee

    (Australia) Abbreviation of musician.

    drawing blanks though, anyone know who this is?

  • Me

    Gabriella Cilmi is Australian, a pop singer, and was nomintated for a Brit award. She’s only 17, so I hope it isn’t her.

  • Jane Doe

    Natalie Imbruglia is Australian and I heard she was there…

  • PK

    You’ll find that ‘muso’ is not just Australian slang, but also British slang for musician. I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on the person being Australian (especially with the article being from a UK paper).

    Mind you, there seemed to be a fair few Australians present, including Kylie Minogue, who hosted the event. So you never know.

  • ammo

    muso – common English abbreviation for musician (used in it’s looses context), not restricted to one form of the language. Did hear that one of the Kings of Leon did a quick disappearing act for no reason – but as I can’t stand them I don’t know a name.

    • Alex

      one of the KOL disappeared (the cousin) as they had one of their huge bust ups and had to be physically separated.

  • dude

    Katy Perry threwup and left the scene after Lionel Richie present her an award… Maybe it was her?

  • biqabee

    hmm, I just googled it and used the topmost definition, that certainly expands the field.

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Maybe it’s the muso from Muse, Matt Bellamy. Was he even there though? I mean, he’s in an awesome band and frankly, there wasn’t much of that going on!

  • mbizzle

    I say Katie Perry. She wore boots that night and left early.

  • ammo

    Matt Bellamy has never hid anything. Think of the mushroom Bl, him n GOOPy’s other half are practically neighboughs!!!

  • MollySue

    Katie Perry was apparently feeling really ill that night, which could have been down to having a stomach bug as anything …er… “manufactured”

    A “muso” can also be someone who’s really into their music, but isn’t necessarily a musician or a singer – but in this context it’s just short for musician. But then again, boybanders used to get called “musicians”, so my guess is all of them!

  • Alex

    Fancy having a random drug search at a music award ceremony … jesus i’m surprised the room didn’t immediately empty …. This could be any of the musicians

  • PK

    One thing that comes to mind, if the picture of the German Shepherd is a clue of some kind, is that there’s a German connection. All I could find during a search was that Coldplay will be attending the German version of the Brits (called Echo Awards) and they were/are nominated for both. Does anyone know if Chris Martin or any of the other Coldplay members suddenly bolted?

    Oh, and in regards to the Natalie guess, she presented an award during the night, but was not officially nominated for anything, which rules her out.