A Basketball Wife And A Pro

basketball wives cast 2[Mouth to Ears] A Basketball Wife and a pr*stitute? Is she exchanging dollars for sex while on camera?

This item is not so blind at all! But we will refrain from writing her name because it takes away from the THRILL.

We were told by multiple sources that this vixen had sex with Wiz Khalifa.

For $3500.

In the bed of one of her old flames!

Wait! Don’t vomit yet! We have more!

If that isn’t enough to make your stomach turn, we found out that she is also using her manager as her pimp. How, you ask? Multiple sources from the production of Basketball Wives allege that she has her manager set it up and then she goes to Vegas and gets the DOLLAS!

At first we didn’t believe it, but after we had proof, we had to put it out there. We guess with all that free time she has while her son lives with her mother, she is able to do her thing. Hey, selling your body for cash to buy Jordans and cool bikinis is a win! Hmmm. Maybe that is actually a major fail.

Get it together, Boo! We wonder if she has she brought on Malayshia and Chucky – ooops Bambi – for the fun!


Vixen’s Old Flame:

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