He Is Bringing The Pain

pain[Hollywood Street King] This rapper may be living up to his stage name — bringing the pain, even in his marriage.

Now, as hard as he may try, this lyricist can’t “get drunk and forget what he did”. That’s because sources say he fathered a child out of wedlock with Miss Rap Supreme” reality TV star Elisa Hood.

Snap your fingers, do the dance – she didn’t do it all by herself! That’s surprising. Know why? Because we’re told though he and his wife of more than a decade may not follow in Will and Jada’s swinging footsteps, Amber Najm is reported to often bring other women home.

Hip Hop may be his claim to fame, but our blind item admits to make much of his money from producing Country music acts. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Luke Bryant. That may be why our mystery man believes Hip Hop was born on the West Coast before spreading to the East, with Southern Sunshine State MC’s currently holding it down.

Here’s what our blind had to say about Hip Hop:

“I feel like it’s our turn. Like the west coast had their thang for a longtime. New York took over for a longtime. I feel it’s Florida’s turn.”

Maybe he should step away from the bar, and stop buying those drinks.

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