Actress Replaces One Bad Habit with Another

cigarettesBuzzfoto – Which actress has recently taken up smoking as a way to overcome her eating disorder? It’s not Eva Longoria.

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  1. liz969 says

    Katerine Heighl? she seems too skinny from after wedding to now…
    LiLO… she’s too damn skinny but she didn’t stop smoking…

  2. dreamhider says

    Could it be America Ferrera? I saw a photo of her smoking recently, but she could be a long-time smoker.

  3. caro says

    yes,felicity Huffman(she said in a french mag she was bulimic in past) or Calista flockhart(that’s not a secret)

  4. Marie says

    Katherine Heigl has gained weight recently and she’s always been a smoker. Perezhilton mentioned someone who he didn’t know smoked was a smoker now, I wish I could remember who that was!

    • Peppermint Patty says

      I remember perez being really shocked when he found out that both America Ferrera and Anne Hathaway smoked…

  5. sssssssssssss says

    Terri Hatcher… she was revealed as a Ted blind for having an eating disorder awhile back and Eva i a clue in the AIAs

  6. liz969 says

    myabe it’s Tori Spelling, i’ve never seen her smoke but she lost so much weight since her last baby!
    She looks scary skinny