Oscar Winner Gets Dissed Backstage

stage lights 2[Village Voice] Which Oscar winner tried to take her kids backstage to meet the stars of a show they’d just seen, but was completely unrecognized by security, who told her she could just wait by the stage door like everyone else? (She huffed and replied, “Well, it’s just that I’m an actor, too” before actually announcing her name in hopes of gaining quicker entrĂ©e. Yes, she went there. Still, no dice.)

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    • TamaraLewis says

      Sally Fields – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie of hers….But didn’t she do the President Lincoln movie ?

      • ItsJustAGuess says

        Seriously? Not to be a jerk, but were you kidding? One, it’s “Field.” Two, FORREST GUMP, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, two Spider Man movies, and yes “the President Lincoln movie” directed by Steven Spielberg. You’ve heard of him right?

        Maaaaan kiddo, you are missing out on some sweet films.

      • BlindGossip says

        ItsJust – And if you want to see Sally Field at her best, you have to see Norma Rae, Places in the Heart, and Sybil. Get moving on those, Tamara! Love, Ace

  1. jocar says

    Uma Thurman? I can see her going unrecognized. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Pulp Fiction.

  2. zeep says

    Oh, I’ll just say Gwyneth Paltrow. “Huffed” could be a reference to the show Huff, which her mother starred on.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agreed. In a recent interview she talked about taking her kids to see Annie and how that’s where she got started. There was also picture of her, her kids and the actress who payed Annie on the Internet last week. And, yes I can SO see her saying the “do you know who I am” line…even for a coffee I can see it! Eye Roll.

    • annasophie says

      there would be more to the scenario if it was monique. plus, i don’t think she would call herself an actor – despite her oscar. she’s much more of a proud comedienne. and she’s loud and will def let you know if she doesn’t appreciate something.

      • RedScience says

        Not an actor — even though she’s been acting for ages and has an Oscar? Arrogant much? Is Adam Sandler an actor or is he just a comedian?!?

  3. silence1534 says

    I’m with ashleyc on this one, Melissa Leo fits the bill. She’s not a recognizable name/face, and has a reputation for being somewhat of a diva.

    It could also be Jennifer Connelly, Mo’nique, or Holly Hunter. I think they would be harder to recognize than some of the others suggested.

  4. Bradster says

    I go with Holly Hunter. She came in my place of employment in the West Village the other day with her kids and I didn’t recognize her until she spoke. Her voice is trademark.

  5. clareb30 says

    Catherine Zeta Jones Oscar Winner for Chicago, Lights seem to suggest stage?
    2 Children Carys & Dylan

    A worthy answer!!!!!

  6. annasophie says

    melissa leao, marcia harden, or helen hunt (but i think hunt only has 1 child). i could see all three of them handling their own business and acting like normal humans instead of having some assistant making backstage pass arrangements.

    i like the mira sorvino guess. she seems awkward enough to not know how to or want to use her celebrity for perks. she doesn’t strike me as a “don’t you know who i am?” type.

  7. JenJenJen says

    Sharon Stone? I think she won one for Casino hence the dice reference at the end….? No idea otherwise.