Let’s Throw Farrakhan Under The Bus

[Hollywood Street King] She’s a singer who once said she’s ‘got it goin’ on’, but Minister Louis Farrakhan may not exactly see it that way. That’s because her 4-1-1 now features her acting role in throwing the Nation Of Islam leader under the bus in “Betty and Coretta“. The made for TV Lifetime movie has rubbed many insiders the wrong way, as reports reveal the docudrama is far from being accurate. Don’t believe me… Ask Bernice King.

Our blind item’s quest to find a Real Love is a search that’s said to have included a set of ratchet happenings. We’re talking about incidents including our mystery lady’s 90′s smash-encounter with Mike Tyson – reported to have been consummated on a grimy Big Apple street, just outside of a nightclub. Just ask Puffy.

It’s been almost a decade since she tied the knot with a man being exposed as the Mr. Wrong in her life. That’s because he could be leading our blind item to the poor house – as sources say he recently defaulted on a $2.2 million dollar loan. This news comes shorty after our blind item’s “Family Affair” charity remains at the center of mishandling funds and cheating scholarship students accusations. Don’t believe me… Ask Steve Stoute.

To make matter worse – just last week our blind item reportedly defaulted on a $500,000 loan. Now, she could be facing a second legal battle hatched against her in just three-months.


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