BG12345: Monday

taylor swift grammysGood Morning, Blinders!

Whether you are digging yourself out from a pile of snow – or waking up with a Grammy hangover – we have just the thing to help make your Monday better!

Just tell us: What do you think was the best moment of The Grammys last night?

One hundred responses will get you a mixed BG12345 today with several music-related blinds and a SOLVED item at the end of the day!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s get this circus started!

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  1. lovesin says

    The Bob Marley tribute! Either that or Swifty embarassing herself with how immature she is and the whole british accent thing

  2. SRiley322 says

    JT killed it. Loved his simple but fun performance. Taylor Swift made me want to take acid to get the full effect. Horrific.

  3. myhippieversion says

    The best moment was Kelly Clarkson’s acceptance speech and the great performances, my favorite was Mumford and sons’

  4. OhmyTommocarrot says

    Best moment of the night, definitely Ed Sheeran’s duet with Elton John. Such a shame he didn’t get the award for song of the year though, he truly deserved it!! :( looking forward to the blinds :))

  5. minx says

    I liked the all star rendition of The Weight. At first it looked like a strange mix of people (Elton John?) but it worked.

  6. lotsalot says

    Torn between Hunter Hayes/Carried Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Wow never thought I’d be saying that since I NEVER listen to them, but they really blew me away. Oh and probably Tyler the Creator’s reaction faces.

  7. lotsalot says

    AGH JT was really good too…just loved it this years. Can I say my LEAST favourite part? That I know for sure: Taylor Swift’s performance. It was so blah and boring and cringey

  8. Ann_R_Key says

    Didn’t watch it. Was watching BAFTA’s instead… Real artists are preferable to auto-tuned lip-synching plastic people.

  9. JenFromCincy says

    The best moment for me was sleeping through it. Any good gossip that when down will always be found out here, so I can get my rest and my juice! Thanks, Ace!

  10. Virgo826 says

    Favorite moment, hmmmmm….so many train wrecks to choose from…Kelly Clarkson saying she didn’t know who the hell Miguel was…Tay embarrassing herself with the queens English…John Mayer in purple velvet…but I think my fav was how uncomfortable Kelly Rowland was with Nas presenting an award, the look she gave to Bey and J was too funny!

  11. musictakecntrl says

    Carrie Underwood and her dress animations! And Ed Sheeran and Elton’s performance of course

  12. soggytales says

    Watching Taylor Swift was painful. Best part of the Grammy’s? When I changed the channel to watch Family Guy!

  13. jocar says

    I turned it on for the last 45 minutes, so caught Jack White. Loved his set! Prince just looked weird…

  14. shuboy says

    Not much that was exciting. Jack White was good, I thought Sting with Bruno Mars was a good set…..mostly though it was overly long and boring…I take the Grammys with a grain of salt.

  15. truthgal says

    Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars et al, FUN. It was one of the best Grammy’s I’ve seen in awhile:)

  16. lookiehere says

    Best part was when hottie Thomas went for it and snuck in and kissed his crush! (Was psyched to have two whole hours of Downton last night. Didn’t watch the awards shows.)

  17. pnwpersonkim says

    Didn’t feel like watching this year. Jt wasn’t enough of a lure to me… swift can’t sing live so pass on that…

  18. potatus says

    When Chris Brown wouldn’t get his ghetto a** up outa his chair for Frank Ocean. What a D-Bag!!

  19. t0pher says

    Carrie’s performance was stunning! But my favorite was when TSwift made a fool of herself with that fake British accent. Blind Gossip already confirmed that the relationship was a set up, so why is she still going on about it?

  20. antoinettemaried says

    Bob’s Burgers was WAY more entertaining and funny. Swift is so painful. I really wish she would just can the elaborate performances and just pull out a guitar and sing. Would have also liked to see Florence and the Machine perform instead.

  21. rbizzy says

    Not a huge fan of Rihanna, but I got chills when she sang Stay. ALSO Kelly Clarkson killed it. K I L L E D I T.

  22. gimmemore says

    Wow, so many great moments!! I loved, loved, loved the performances by The Black Keys, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Jack White, and the Bob Marley Tribute!!! So awesome!! JT was great too!!! Oh, and Ed Sheeran with Elton John was really nice. Taylor Swift? Meh…I’m getting tired of her….

  23. rorythedragon says

    That moment when Taylor Swift made her middle of the song “statement” to Harry Styles and I smugly knew the truth because I read Blind Gossip!!

  24. MaryRead says

    Seeing Frank Ocean beating Fist Brown for best urban contemp album. Unfortunately not literally.

  25. misslibrarianlady says

    Ed Sheeran with Elton John! Those haarmonies were beautiful! Also, Taylor Swift being a spoiled brat angry over her publicity stunt relationship ending. How embarrassing for her to be so immature.

  26. julietjas says

    Kelly Clarkson’s speech, giving Adele a run for her money in the Giddy and Not Taking It Heart-Attack Seriously speech award.

  27. HazAndLou says

    It wasn’t Taylor Swift taking a dig at Harry Styles, that’s for sure. She’s probably just jealous that Harry can hold down a boyfriend and she has a new one every month.

  28. SOfisticatd says

    Favourite part was a tipsy Kelly Clarkson – she’s just adorable IMO.
    Most cringeworthy moment was a grown adult putting on an english accent to b***h about a fake relationship…..

  29. sweetcheeks says

    my favorite part was how, during almost every performance, they cut to Swifty, who promptly starts “lipsynching for her life”.