1. CanaryCry says

    Julia Roberts, whose conquest list is too long to mention?

    I can only imagine how Danny Moder must be afraid to leave her, especially with their children in the picture.

  2. tink says

    Co-stars: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt (haha), Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, Clive Owen, Colin Ferrell, Billy Crudup, Dan Futterman, James McAvoy, Jeff Donovan…etc. etc.
    Husband: Brad Pitt

    • aj86 says


      You are either stubborn or don’t like Angie… But AGAIN, Brad and Angelina are NOT married!! So NO!!!!!!!! She is NOT the actress of this blind item!!!!!!!!

      • whatchuknow says

        It says “that everyone ASSUMES is happily married.” It could still the Jolie and Pitt. There were rumors they wed over the holidays. So the word ‘assume’ thrown in there means it could still include them. Blind items are taken at face value people, you have to read into them. However, I still don’t think it’s them. My point is, it COULD be :)

  3. happyvirgo1 says

    Actress: Catherine Zeta Jones
    Costars; Russell Crowe
    Husband Michael Douglas (he recovered from tongue cancer)

  4. spicyone says

    Blake Lively

    Costars bedded: Ben Affleck & every man in Hollywood

    Husband: Ryan Reynolds

    • KatarinaJ says

      I don’t see her as long running which nods to Streep/Jessica Lange etc, and I think she IS indeed blissful having ‘landed’ Ryan Reynolds!

  5. Molls says

    Actress: Claire Danes
    Costars She has Bedded: All of them, including Leo, Jude Law, Peter Gallater, Zac Efron…
    Husband: Hugh Dancy

  6. pj says

    I’ve heard Julia Roberts has a habit of bedding her co-stars, including Aaron Eckhart, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen, and George Clooney. Husband is Danny Moder.

  7. NanaBanana says

    Angelina Jolie is the actress.
    Brad Pitt the husband.
    Costars is a long list, I’m sure.

  8. kitnkabood says

    Actress: Julia Roberts
    Co-Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Hugh Grant, Richard Gere, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc……
    Husband: Danny Moder

  9. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker

    Costars She has Bedded: Chris Noth, the guy who played Aidan, Ron Livingston, Barishnikov…and whoever else she acted alongside in S&tC. Luke Wilson is another possibility, she did a rom-com with him a while back.

    Husband: Matthew Broderick

    • aj86 says


      Hey, Aniston Fan… Brad and Angie are NOT married!!!! So NO!!!! She is NOT this actress!!!

      • karensue32 says

        Talk about stubborn. If people want to guess Angelina, let it be. They may not be legally married but I would think with all those kids that people consider them figuratively married. Sure, the blind is probably about someone else but geez…

  10. LuPiness says

    Julia Roberts
    Danny Moder,

    I don’t think their marriage is blissfully but I cannot think of anyone right now.

  11. Booboo1068 says

    I’m terrible at clues today but I have my popcorn out so do tell! Bring on the guesses!

    I will throw out a wild card with Julia Roberts based on her past and the annoyed look on her ignored husband at the Globes…and how satisfying if it was her!

  12. slimfast10 says

    Co sign Meryl Streep, many co stars, poor hubby Gummer, or maybe he has his own things going too…

  13. shuboy says

    Julia Roberts

    Where to begin? She has acted with all the big male stars.

    Danny Moder as her husband

  14. AuntieMama says

    Well Angelina & Brad are not married at all. I have a feeling it’s an older woman. someone who’s been around a long time “long running”. Ok I’ll say Helen Mirren.

  15. SanguineT says

    I will choose Angelina Jolie only because the female in the picture has a tatoo.
    Husband – Brad Pitt
    Co-stars – take your pick!

  16. darock says

    If there are clues in the phrasing then “long-running” could refer to Julia Roberts as the Runaway Bride. But the husband “biting his tongue” could refer to Brad Pitt’s role as a vampire.

  17. jenmh says

    A very different couple came to mind immediately, but nobody else seems to have thought of them so maybe my mind just goes to strange places:

    Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany

    As far as the clues about “research” and “creation” – they were in a movie together about Charles Darwin called Creation. She’s been in film since she was a child and one of those early films was called “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” which made me think of the word “blissful” used in the clue. They have three kids and seem to have a strong marriage. As for possibly co-stars, it could be:

    Russell Crowe (she’s worked with him in several films, often as his wife – which if they’re sleeping together IRL the “research” would work), Leo DiCaprio, Eric Bana, Keifer Sutherland, Joaquin Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, Ben Affleck? She’s been linked to Russell Crowe, Billy Campbell, Billy Crudup (all co-stars) before her marriage.

    Worth a try, right? :)

    • minx says

      I can’t think of any movie Connelley and Russell Crowe have starred in together except for A Beautiful Mind.

      • jenmh says

        They are in the upcoming Noah (about Noah’s Ark) and Winter’s Tale. She’ll be playing his wife again in Noah.

  18. annasophie says

    i don’t think that anyone is under the impression that julia roberts, sarah jessica, or catherine zeta are happily married, nor do i think anyone even keeps up with meryl streep’s marriage.

    this is a village voice piece, so i’m guessing it’s someone with a NYC base. only woman i can think of is kyra sedgwick.

    • annasophie says

      now i’m beginning to think that whoever it is has some connection with research she does for her roles. a character or method actress.


  19. nolabelle says

    Don’t think it’s Angie and Brad- they are not married. I thought Nicole Kidman was gay having heard that from someone gay in Los Angeles who is on the stars underground circuit.

    Streep isn’t that attractive to get so many,IMO.

    Blake is but she is too young , not “long running”.

    So my hunch is Julia Roberts, who has a rep for being such a ‘ho’, with so many co-star alike Clooney, Benjamin bratt, Clive Owen, Damon, cheadle, Pitt, Garafalo, o’toole, Sam Elliott, kiefer?, ….. Hubby is Danny Moder, can’t imagine the marriage is blissful but I am sure he likes the moneyed life and his kids.

  20. klouf87 says

    It’s Angelina. The clues are: ‘everyone assumes is blissfully married’, the photo of the lookalike with the tattoo..

    Angelina and Brad aren’t married but because of all the kids and the show they put on plus the length of time they’ve been together, everyone SEES them as a blissfully married couple and there have been many reports of people thinking they did get married not long ago.

    • aj86 says

      Believe what you want… But NO!! Brad and Angelina are NOT married!! So I will repeat it again… She is NOT the actress of this blind item!!

      • klouf87 says

        I didn’t SAY they were married. I said people SEE them as a married couple. No one cares if they’re married or not but people just look at them that way.

  21. DiamondGoddess says

    Rumor has it that Meryl Streep, errmmm, “partakes” of all of her co-stars and husband, sculptor Don Gummer is fine with it.
    (I know…I was surprised, too, lol!!!)

  22. marinab says

    My first thought was Meryl Streep as I’ve heard rumours before about her and co-stars.

    Just a totally out there other thought but what about Susan Lucci? She was on the long running All My Children, was married on that show god knows how many times and it says actress – doesn’t specify whether its movies, soaps etc. Also whenever I’ve read interviews with her she has said how wonderful her marriage is etc

  23. MissFaye says

    It’s so funny how many women hate Angelina Jolie. She and Brad aren’t married as far as we know, but so many people assume this is her.

    • aj86 says


      YES!! Most women, especially Jennifer Aniston’s fans assume the worst of Angelina, because they are STILL so bitter that Brad leave Jennifer for Angelina!!

  24. OKStop says

    I’m going with Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s been acting for three decades, now, and the “research” part fits her “Sex and the City” gig. That’s the clue that rules out most of the other suggestions for me.

  25. guessing game says

    Agree with JenMH.
    Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany. He went to drama school in Chalk Farm; they both starred in Creation; he was in Inkheart, which was about characters called Silver Tongues; and she has been known to immerse herself in her character in preparation for a role (Requiem for a Dream, for instance). Many, many leading men co-stars. And the photo resembles both of them.

  26. kermit1969 says

    I too had heard of Meryl Streep’s dalliances with her costars. Likewise Julia Roberts, even before marriage slept with married co-stars such as Denzel Washington. Meryl starred in “It’s Complicated” and It’s Just Research is kind of a play on words.

    But for something different:

    Helen Mirren

    Husband: Taylor Hackford
    Co-stars: Innumerable – in Reds, The Debt etc.

  27. USED2B718 says

    You could make a drinking game out of reading this thread. One sip for each Angelina guess, and then full shots for each reminder that Angelina and Brad aren’t married. No guess, really, but I hope it’s Julia Roberts, I can’t stand her.

  28. geewhiz says

    Julia Roberts…might explain why she walks like a cowboy half the time. (Bow legged swagger from too many conquests?)

  29. Synapse3 says

    It is without a doubt Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. “Bites his tongue” being a poor pun on Gummer. But, who says this isn’t just the way they choose to be married. there is no one way to do it. This is probably their way. Seems grown up to me.

    • lily is my puppy says

      I don’t think it was Meryl. I remember reading an article years ago about the making of I think it was the movie “Plenty” and how Charles Dance wanted to do some extra curricular getting to know you with Meryl and she turned him down. That when she was not acting and in a scene she was otherwise very aloof.

  30. Tastykakes says

    It says a lot about Angelina’s reputation when so many people guess this as her despite the clues being contrary to her current marital situation to the best of our knowledge (still not married…) It’s a bit of a reach, but how about Geena Davis. Been married to her current husband for 12 years (a plastic surgeon). “Bite tongue” clue being from Beetlejuice, and “chalk” being basechalk chalk from A League of Their Own.

    • aj86 says

      It says a lot about Angelina’s reputation?? OH PLEASE!! the only people who love to trash Angelina’s reputation, are Jennifer Aniston’s fans!! Yeah, because they are STILL so bitter and angry that Brad leaved Jennifer for Angelina, they ALWAYS assume that all blind items are about Angelina!!
      So NO!! that don’t says a lot about Angelina’s reputation, but it only says a lot about how crazy Jennifer’s fans really are!!

  31. snuffykb says

    Wondering if “long-running actress” a nod to Julia Roberts? Thought she was into distance running…

  32. stacat1 says

    My gut guess is Julia Roberts given her history w costars married or not.
    The rumors are loudest about her conquests.

  33. Dont Know For Sure says

    Whoever this is, is very lucky to have such an “understanding” husband, LOL. After seeing the other guesses I think it’s either Julia or Meryl.

  34. brynnette says

    This is the Village Voice – a NY column. “Long Running” in my opinion – refers to Broadway. What Actress in a long running Broadway show samples her co-stars???

  35. mrvct says

    it’s my first time to post here…

    i think… based on the title… It’s Just Research…

    then, It’s Julia Roberts!

  36. WutheringKuyts says

    I want to say Angelina Jolie just to get a reply in caps barking at me. ‘They’re NOT married!!111!!!!11!!eleven!!’

  37. curious13 says

    This is Julia Roberts. Look at her men list: Kiefer Sutherland, Javier Bardom, Brad Pit, Richard Gere, and pretty much anyone she’s had a film with. She’s rumored to have slept with Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington too. She’s always talking about how “shiny” her husband is too. She makes me gag.

    There have been new rumors that Meryl Streep does this too.

  38. Caz1310 says

    Julia Roberts was smitten with Richard Gere whilst filming Pretty Woman but he turned her down. He was with Cindy at the time.

    Meryl Streep. She was so on with Pierce Brosnan whilst doing Mama Mia!