Infidelity Can Be Fashionable

woman shopping 9[Reality Tea] Axl and his LadyLove are calling it quits on their relationship and as their past comes to light, it shows their time together was far from idyllic.

Axl had quite the active ‘life on the side’ – including paying for an apartment for his mister/mistress.  The Piece on the side was well known in his workplace and nobody asked questions. The Piece even had a secret hiding place if LadyLove stopped by.  The affair with The Piece included a romp in LadyLove’s own office.  The icing on the cake is that The Piece even engaged in a little phone sex with another cast member’s husband.

Don’t despair – LadyLove was happy and might not have cared too much about the cheating (which she may have known about – just not the “who”) since each time she got a bigger and better gift out of it – including plenty of trips to the best designer stores. The Piece got plenty of lavish gifts, as well.  LadyLove got everything her heart desired, including a career.



The Piece:

Other Cast Member with Husband:

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  1. yinyang says

    So confusing this one? Dina & Tommy? Al & Caroline(random guess) Ice T & Coco? Just realized that Ice T & Coco are both drink names…

  2. pj says

    I think this is Dina Manzo and her soon to be ex-husband Tommy. Rumor has it she knew he liked guys, so this would fit the clue that she may have known he was fooling around, and that the marriage was good cover for him and good money for her.

  3. goldieb says

    I can agree with the Dina Manzo guess (“icing on the cake”)–she is getting her own Reality show.

    But who the heck are the phone-sexing “well-known in the husband’s workplace” Piece and the Cast-Member’s Husband (Joe
    Gorga? He’s shirtless on billboards touting some tanning place.)?

    (These queries were below the BI’s picture.)

  4. MissAndrea says

    Axl: tommy manzo
    Lady love: Dina manzo
    Side piece: one of the chateau gays or that guy Dina interviewed or Greg or Danielle’s gay
    Phone sex: joe gorha

  5. jacklein says

    I read Axl as a reference to a musician. On set & cast member is possibly a reality show. Fashionable leads me to believe a SO in the fashion biz. LadyLove’s office makes me think the two worked together -Russell & Kimora? Side-piece Cynthia Bailey from RHOA married to Peter? Hell if I know, though, I might have just confused myself even more.