• shelaur22 says

      Forgot the film and producer: Zero Dark Thirty, Megan Ellison (Larry Ellison’s daughter, and I’m pretty sure she’s “out”)

  1. HotTeacher88 says

    The picture looks like Jennifer Lawrence, but I was also thinking Jessica Chastain. Either of the two.

  2. buttercup says

    Jessica Chastain? The Village Voice might know since she’s in NY working on a play right now.

  3. AlliCat says

    Ha! I was going to say Jennifer Lawrence and the female director of Winters Bone, but then I googled her…

  4. itchycoo says

    actress: Jessica Chastain
    producer: Megan Ellsion
    Film: Zero Dark Thirty

    The Vanity Fair profile on Ellison mentions they’re friends and that Ellison is “obsessed” with Chastain.

  5. JennUx says

    Cameron Diaz? “Everyone’s wondering about”= There’s Something About Mary? Not 100% sure about the movie and producer.

  6. tink says

    Actress: Jessica Chastain
    Producer: was gonna go with Kathryn Bigelow, but I’m going with my gut. My final answer is Megan Ellison.
    Film: Zero Dark Thirty

  7. kookywooky says

    Actress: Jessica Chastain

    Producer: Kathryn Bigelow or Megan Ellison (Larry Ellison daughter $$)

    Film: Zero Dark Thirty

    Actress: Clea Duvall

    Producer: Chay Carter

    Film: Argo

  8. ches99 says

    Probably Jennifer Lawrence since lots of rumors of her liking the ladies. Producer prob works on the hunger games.

  9. bondisteve says

    First time poster, long tie observer.

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

    Producer: Nina Jacobson

    Film: The Hunger Games

  10. wonderone says

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

    Producer: Nina Jacobson

    Film: The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

  11. gogidolim says

    Is there any lesbian rumor about Nina Jacobson? I heard that JLaw had a ‘hot fling’ with a producer of THG, though.

  12. Warrior1461 says

    Stop it with teh Jennifer Lawrence lesbian speculation, my libido cannot take it anymore.

  13. kittypryde777 says

    Actress: Jessica Chastain
    Producer: Megan Ellison
    Film: Zero Dark Thirty

    I read an article (I think via Hollywood Reporter or Vanity Fair, can’t remember which) saying that Ellison “developed friendships with Chastain, who recalled after a hard day of shooting they’d ‘order food, pig out, watch Game of Thrones together and relax’. Chastain said during casting, Ellison texted her after the actress did not return a phone call: ‘If I ever ask you for anything in my life, it’s to call me back for five minutes.’ Chastain called Ellison back, and was informed director Kathryn Bigelow wanted her for the project, but had been told by the actress’ agent she was unavailable.”

    “’I cannot accept that for an answer,’” Chastain recalled Ellison saying. “Megan was so determined and passionate. This girl then really went to town [negotiating the deal] to make sure I got on the picture.”

  14. Funnster says

    Dear Santa Claus,
    For my Christmas present this year, would you make all of these answers true?