1. WaitLemmeGuess says

    I really thought I had this one, but alas, the couple I immediately thought of aren’t married! Oh well. Throwing it out there anyway.

    “bemusement” = Muse

    Rocker: Matthew Bellamy
    Wife: Kate Hudson

  2. CousinDupree says

    Hmmm…too broad to make a sure guess. I’ll take a, um, stab and say “horrified” might refer to Rob Zombie, and his wife is Sherri Moon Zombie.

    It could also refer to Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed.

    I’ll go with the Zombies, I guess.

  3. egg95 says

    This sounds like something Slash’s wife would do. In an interview not to long ago he said she was crazier, more “rock star” then him nowadays.

    Thats all i got.

    • Up the Coast says

      That is SO true! She’s younger than Slash and there are pictures of her and….OH, just sayin’…there are pictures of her in Spain 😯

  4. CoCoJoe says

    Honestly, these people should get hauled into jail for public indecency or for inebriation (if that fits) OR sent for psychiatric evaluation. Behave!

  5. SayItAintSo says

    This pic reminds me of Gwyneth paltrow to me with chris martin being the rocker husband.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      She’s not married to Matt.They are engaged.The blind says “married”,not “engaged”.
      Her kid is almost two years old and they got engaged while she was pregnant.I don’t know if they will really marry,only time will tell,that if they last.And everybody knows Kate is not exactly…faithful to her men.She has a long history of cheatings.
      Btw,i have no idea who she is…there are lots of “rock wives”.Could be any of

  6. jferron23 says

    Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a rockers wife, looms lime the pic, there was that anecdote she told about Tracy Anderson pulling her pants down, etc

  7. DiamondGoddess says

    Kate Hudson
    Matt Bellamy, Muse
    (There’s a long line of hippie-exhibitionism in her family.)
    Why are the nudist people NEVAH the ones with the hottest bodies?!
    (She’s got NO boobs, even with the implants, lol.)
    Jus’ sayin’.

  8. eleanorplath says

    I wonder how people think of Goopy when they read this blind. She’s so uptight, she would NEVER strip like that! I doubt she even strips in bed with her husband! ;D