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[Blind Gossip] When you are a young star, you want to be cool, but you have to keep it clean. If your image gets tarnished, you could watch your reputation disappear overnight.

So what do you do if you are one of the biggest young stars in the world… and suddenly a video tape surfaces? It’s a p*rn tape. And the person in it looks a lot like you.

Well, this tape almost gave his team a collective heart attack! But we have some good news. It’s not him. We repeat: It’s not him! Yes, the guy in it looks like him, but he is actually an experienced p*rn actor and not the young star. The p*rn star even took on a pseudonym to sound like the young star.

So what is his team going to do about it? Nothing. They aren’t even going to address it because that would just bring more attention to the video and the lookalike porn actor, and they don’t want the word “p*rn” anywhere near this star and his reputation.

As for the thought that this p*rn tape might actually help the star look more studly, just know that wouldn’t happen in this case. Because it’s a gay p*rn tape.

harry styles 1SOLVED!

It’s Harry Styles of One Direction! Source:

There was this gay p*rn tape that made the rounds earlier this year with a young guy in it who looked a lot like Harry Styles from One Direction.

Of course, the 1D fandom freaked out, thinking that the most popular member of their favorite group might have dabbled in gay porn. The horror!

It was not Harry Styles in the tape! Just a young guy who looks like him in certain positions (e.g. naked and lying on his back).

Coincidentally, the p*rn actor’s moniker is… Jack Styles! We found out that he has been working under this name since 2009 (before 1D became popular), so he didn’t actually name himself after Harry Styles.

Did you catch the clues? “One of the biggest stars” = One Direction. “Heart attack” = 1D song from their second album Take Me Home.

Congratulations to Xxmichellexx, who was first with the correct answer!

Here are some SFW pics of Jack Styles:

jack styles 2

jack styles

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