Naked Offspring

man abs 4[Blind Gossip] This celebrity’s son is stirring up trouble for the second time in less than a year. The first time, it was because of his dr*g habits. Now, it’s because of some photos.

N*ked photos, to be more exact. The celebrity’s teenage son took some n*ked photos of himself. They were supposed to be private. They didn’t stay that way.

Will the celebrity father be upset? It’s unlikely. He was the one who gave his son dr*gs in the first place, so he is not exactly the paragon of strict parenthood.

In fact, he’s so wild and free himself that he’ll probably just light up with pride when he sees the photos. By the way, there are three clues in the previous sentence.

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  1. rimmelgirl says

    Snoop dogg’s son. He did young, “wild and free” with wiz khalifa, “light up” because he’s into smoking joints and “pride” as in a pride of lions; he’s now snoop lion

  2. pj says

    Celebrity – Snoop Dog
    Son – Corde

    Snoop takes pride in his recreational marijuana use and “lights up” frequently. He’s published photos of he and his son smoking together, so he obviously introduced his son to drugs. Snoop also had a song called “Young, Wild, and Free.”

  3. heshmalesh says

    Snoop Dog!!!!!!

    Young “wild and free” song by Snoop

    “Light up” we all know Snoop loves the Ganja

  4. harbiz says

    Snoop Dogg’s son. Clue’s being “light up with pride”.. He’s known to smoke weed with his son, and his new name “Snoop Lion” goes along with the word “pride”.

  5. officerock says

    Snoop dogg’s son? The last sentence with the clues makes me think of wiz kahlifa but he doesn’t have kids yet and he’s not a child so I can only think of snoop. Is pride referencing a lion since snoop technically changed his name to “snoop lion”

  6. eijdl says

    Snoop Dogg I meant Snoop Lion’s son Corde Broadus.

    “wild and free” was a hint I think, its from one of Snoop’s song titles.

    I seen the picture(s) so that is my guess..

  7. Mr Jeffe says

    Snoop and his oldest son.

    There are pics of them smoking weed together on the net and “he’s so wild and free” is a reference to Snoop’s song with Wiz Khalifa.

  8. SunsetxCruising says

    Gonna take a stab here.. Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell? Snoop Dogg admitted he smokes pot with his son, and “wild and free” can be a reference to his song with Wiz Khalifa… “light up with pride” is a nod to him smoking pot… seems to fit. That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it!

  9. randijane says

    Father: Snoop Dogg Lion
    Son: Cordell

    Clues: ‘wild and free’ is his recent song; ‘light up’ Snoop smokes a lot of weed (obviously) and ‘pride’ since he’s Snoop Lion now.

    Perezito just posted a cell self-picture of Cordell that looks just like the above photo, with a red towel, and Snoop brags about smoking out with his son.

  10. xxmichellexx says

    Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell (I think that’s his name)? “Wild and free” is a Snoop Dogg song, and he is known for doing drugs…

  11. lindy555 says

    Snoop Dogg’s son Corde Broadus. Clues: “wild and free” (like the Snoop/Wiz Kalifa song Young, Wild, & Free), “light up” (well we all know Snoop likes to light up, but may also be a reference to his recent song Lighters Up), and “pride” (like a lion pride and he changed his name to Snoop Lion)

  12. xotitaniaox says

    Offspring: Trey Smith or Jaden Smith
    Father: Will Smith
    Clues: Wild from Movie “Wild Wild West”, Light Up: Why Light Up the Darkness? is a quote from the movie “I am Legend” and missing one :S

  13. mallrutz says

    Who knew rapper Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion’s son Corde Broadus was packing, as the rapper’s son is the latest celebrity kid to fall victim to a nude photo scandal.

    Corde allegedly took some locker room photos in which he later sent to a female groupie who leaked the pics on Tumblr

  14. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    I’m sure everyone has already guessed correctly by now. I just wanted to say that these were great clues, Ace!

    wild, free => Young, Wild, and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa
    pride => lion
    light up => we all know he likes to light up and there are photos of him doing it with his son

  15. Pollyamorous says

    Snoop Dogg (or should I say, Snoop Lion) and his son, Corde Broadus.

    Clues: “Wild and free” referring to the song Snoop sang with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars titled “Young, Wild and Free”

  16. Halo26 says

    Ryan and Redmond O’Neal? Nic and Weston Cage? I don’t know! This is a tough one. (Thanks Ace, for letting us know about the clues, even though I am stumped!!)

  17. TeacherKat says

    Snoop? There are pics of them smoking together if I reall.

    Wild and free = that song with Wiz Kalifa and Bruno Mars
    Light up = well, its not secret he lights up
    Pride = that song Lions Pride he has as Snoop Lion or whatever (and lions live in a pride)

  18. Dont Know For Sure says

    Snoop Dogg’s son, not sure of his name. The clue being “wild and free” Snoop did a song with Wiz Khalifa that had those words in it. Also the word “pride” since Snoop is going by Snoop Lion these days.

  19. guesswhat says

    Wild and Free is a Ziggy Marley album, pride and lighting up are Bob Marley references so I’ll say one of Ziggy’s sons.

  20. tamdiu says

    Snoop Dogg/Lion’s son Corde Calvin Broadus
    “Wild and Free” = A song by Snoop (I think?)
    “Light up” = Everyone knows how much SL loves to smoke
    “Pride” = Pride of lions = Snoop Lion

  21. sapphire27 says

    Snoop Dogg/Lion.

    Clues: Wild and free – he was in the song “Young, Wild, and Free”
    Pride: Lion
    Light up: he’s a huge drug user himself!

  22. ktell88 says

    Snoop Dog
    His son Corde Broadus
    Clues: wild and free – sings this song with wiz kilifa
    Light up – has a song called get a light?

  23. KWDragon says

    The clues “wild & free” and “light up” make me think Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion, Calvin Broadus, you know). I also wouldn’t be surprised that he smoked pot with his kid. His son in a high school football standout with a lot of potential. It is really sad if this is them.

  24. blaqfury says

    Hi Ace, Looooooooooong time lurker, finally first time poster. I think this one is Snoop Dogg/Lion. Clues being:
    Wild & Free – song he did with Wiz Khalifa
    Light Up – Snoop is the poster child for weed as well as he was photographed smoking with his son
    Pride – a lion’s pride which is a nod to Snoop changing his name to Snoop Lion

  25. LilaDelilah says

    This is Snoop’s son. He smokes like his dad and I heard about him posting some shirtless pics of himself but no nudies yet.

  26. whatchuknow says

    Snoop Dog (Snoop Lion)’s son.
    3 clues: wild, free and pride.
    Wild and free is his song. Pride, as in, lions pride.
    Son was already in trouble for dong drugs in 2012, said his father smoked with him.

  27. EastlakeGirl says

    Definitely Snoop.
    Wild and Free (song Young, Wild n Free
    Light up
    pride (Snoop Lion)

  28. idreamofchz says

    Celebrity: Snoop Dogg
    Son: Corde Broadus (19 this year)

    “Wild and Free” – Young & Wild & Free – song with Wiz.
    “Light up” – Snoop is a pot head. Duh.

  29. reginageorge says

    wild and free, Young, Wild & Free -SNOOP & Wiz ft. Bruno Mars
    Light up- lighting a blunt/smoking weed- one of snoops’ trademarks
    pride, as in Lion? Snoop changed his name from Snoop Dogg to snoop Lion
    not sure about the 3rd one, but im pretty sure its Snoop Lion

  30. ciaracodyxo says

    Father: Snoop Dogg

    Son: Corde

    Clues: wild and free from the name of his song ‘Young Wild & Free’ and light up from the name of another song of his ‘Lighters Up’.