Fifty Shades Of Bleach

woman bleaching skin[Hollywood Street King] This diva is the youngest of five singing sisters. She also may not see her hubby as being up to her extreme clean-cut standards — [and is] said to have held back on giving it up to Vinnie for the past several years – because he “grosses her out“. That could be because she’s reported to be a germophobe.

Another man said to rub our blind item the wrong way is her brother-in-law, Gabe. We’re told the beef began after Gabe leaked news of the abuse our mystery lady suffered at the hands of her own husband. Don’t believe me.. Ask Toni.

On a lighter note, she’s said to be pulling out all the stops in order to obtain her desired complexion — reported to often import a bleach cream that’s illegal in the United States. Sources say it’s all a part of her plan to maintain her onscreen appearance — but, her noted obsession with Beyonce could be leading much of her television audience to change the channel.


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    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      I just googled before/after plastic surgery pics of her. She used to be gorgeous! This may be a sign of a psychological disorder.

      • dcaprice says

        Yup, NeedNo, she was fine before. She’s ok now. I hope she stops before she looks like a Lil Kim (who was also gorgeous before she started messin’ with her face).

  1. jmmm16 says

    Definitely Tamar Braxton from Braxton Family Values on We, “Vinnie” her husband’s name is Vincent and Toni obviously the most famous sister Toni Braxton oh and Gabe is her sister Trina’s ex husband

  2. CluelessButCrafty says

    Tamar Braxton who is said to have a phenomenal soprano voice with a register akin to Mariah Carey’s and who is married to Vinent Herbert, who used to manage her sister, Toni’s career.

    • clink1833 says

      I have one of her CD from way back in the day – 1999 or 2000 – and I love it. I was at The Electic Fetus in Minneapolis (shout out) and just browsing the CD’s and picked this up. I also picked up the Sparkle CD and both are still a couple of my favorite CD’s. Both similar to Mary J Blige – who is truly the queen of R&B! Love me some MJB!

  3. mg1984 says

    Diva: Tamar Braxton. She is the youngest of the 5 Braxton sisters. Also, her older sister Trina is married to Gabe Solis. Toni Braxton is her older sister.

  4. msp96302 says

    Ugh, more Braxtons. They must have some sort of audience for this crap – really hoping they are not role models to any young black women. These narcissistic, emotionally shallow chubster sisters do not represent Atlanta very well. Kinda hard to be a “diva” when you are completely BROKE, no? Unless of course, you give yourself that label to make yourself feel better.

  5. Foxy says

    The answer is Tamar Braxton who is married to Vince. I don’t recall his last name. Hell, she is already a “light complexion”!! If this is true, I did not know that Vince was phycially abusing her at all!!! WTF!! And considering her obsession with Beyonce, I am not surprised that she wants to be lighter. She already looks lighter. And if I am not mistaken, Beyone became lighter for the Loreal commerical. Look it up!!!

  6. AnguaDelphine says

    So, this is Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of Toni Braxton. Her husband’s name is Vincent Herbert. Also, the photo on her Wikipedia page leads me to believe the bleach cream part of the blind. That, or she chose a *really* unfortunate make-up foundation.

  7. HotTeacher88 says

    I find the abuse allegations hard to believe. Anything is possible, but the way she hangs all over him, it doesn’t seem likely. But abusers are great liars and fakers, so his sweet exterior could be a mask. As much as she loves to spend money, this would be incentive for her to stay with him no matter the problem.