Real Life Ratatouille

ratatouille[The Morton Report] This goes back a few years but is still worth telling.

A well-known chef was most upset to find that rats had made a warm and comfortable home beneath his industrial-sized dishwasher. After much cursing, and amid fears of being shut down by public health authorities, our chef had the unwelcome rodents quietly removed by a company sworn to commercial secrecy. Mysteriously, the tale ended up as a blind item in a newspaper diary.

A few days later, the columnist was amazed to receive an irate, four-lettered phone call about the item … but it was from a different celebrity chef!

Well-known Chef:

Different Celebrity Chef:

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25 comments to Real Life Ratatouille

  • Up the Coast

    Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse (hahah, idk)

  • clink1833

    This has to be Gordon Ramsey.

  • JenJenJen

    I’m assuming with all the language, it’s Gordan Ramsey as the chef with the infestation. He famously doesn’t get on with Jamie Oliver, so I’d imagine Oliver might enjoy the retaliation of getting one over on Ramsey perhaps?

  • sabrina325

    Well known chef: Gordon Ramsay
    Other chef: Jamie Oliver

  • shuboy

    Well Known chef -Emeril lagasse

    Different celebrity chef – wolfgang puck

  • stolidog

    Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey (Ramsey doing the foul mouth ranting, of course)

  • Virgo826

    Hmmmm, Ratatouille is French, but The Morton Report is British, and BG is American, so could be just about anyone…no real clue, so I’ll guess,

    Well known: Jamie Oliver
    Potty Mouth: Gordon Ramsey

  • nosecrets

    hmmm.. the only well-known chef i know is Gordon Ramsey, so I guess that’s who I think it is

  • pinkdonut

    Well-known Chef: Gordon Ramsey
    Different Celebrity Chef: Heston Blumenthal

  • callmedave

    “After much cursing” points to Gordon Ramsey for the well-known chef, although I would say he was famous rather than well-known. Perhaps Marco Pierre White for the different celebrity chef?

    Or alternatively, perhaps Marco Pierre White and Jamie Oliver? They have a rivalry too…

    • ImWhatWillisWasTalkinBout

      THIS ^^

      gordon ramsay was marco’s protege and Marco had a reputation 10 times worse than Gordon. So i can see Marco calling up the writer for his friend. (until Gordon stole his own restaurant’s reservation book and blamed it on Marco) and its so obvious that Gordon’s ‘bad boy’ schtick is a rip off of Marco’s who was the ULTIMATE bad boy chef. he even made Gordon Ramsay cry! HA!

  • Naija_girl

    Gordon Ramsey is one of them lol

  • up2trouble

    Well-known Chef: Mario Batali, I guessing him because recently he was suppossedly installing special alarms to alert staff to the inspectors [], so obviously he may have a history with public health authorities.

    Different Celebrity Chef: Scott Conant, for no other reason than he sticks me as shifty.

    • up2trouble

      Oops, just realized this may be British. If so, going with:

      Well-known Chef: Jamie Oliver

      Different Celebrity Chef: Gordon “Four Lettered Mouth” Ramsay

  • boyjack4

    Jamie Oliver
    Gordon Ramsey

  • SanguineT

    Well-known chef: Gordon Ramsay
    Different celebrity chef: Jamie Oliver
    (maaaaybe it’s the other way around since the four-lettered phone call is more like Gordo)

  • dee123

    Jamie Oliver. Swearing chef would be Gordon Ramsay.

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Robert Irvine. Dood has a metric ton of enemies.

  • klouf87

    This is gross – remind me never to eat at Ramsay’s restaurants.

  • ktbell05

    If this is Gordon Ramsay I will lose it hahaahh

  • CdnGoose

    I was thinking Ramsay/Puck.

  • travoltasbeard

    Morton is a British site and I think these chef’s are brits.

    Chef: sssssuper ssssssspecial Jaime Oliver

    Foul Mouthed Chef: Gordon “Ranger’s Man so I swear a lot to look tough/ignorant” Ramsey