BG12345: Monday

baltimore ravensGood Morning , Blinders!

Congrats to all of our Baltimore Blinders out there! We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Super Bowl (brought to you by the Budweiser, Doritos, and the Church of $cientology).

We’re curious as to what all of you thought of Beyonce and the halftime show. Awesome or awful? 100 comments of any kind about the game or the halftime show will get you a mixed BG12345 today!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s start!


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129 comments to BG12345: Monday

  • momotink

    Great game!!

  • rk13

    Awesome! She’s so bootylicious.

  • Pudsy

    Beyonce = meh.

  • lovebug

    Game: Drama!
    Halftime w/ B= Yawn!

  • AshCakes

    Awesome, she was phenomenal

  • catheca

    Best half time show in a very long time!! The game was good too.. I mostly show up for the food :)

  • iocaine

    Meh. The halftime show really needed more ass shaking, crotch flaring and hair flipping.

  • ValleyOfTheGalls

    She’s overrated.

  • clink1833

    She should have lip synched. Or they could have brought someone in who was relavent. I thought I was watching the half time show from five years ago.

  • herc99

    her booty shake surely caused the outage!

  • ZuzuBee

    Meh. Not a B fan.

  • LKM

    Game: Awesome! Perfect end to the Ray Lewis era.

    Commercials: Loved most. Clydesdale was my favorite

    Beyonce: Meh – She danced more to a track than anything. It reminded me of Burlesque.

    Michelle and Kelly bouncing out was incredible. I would love to see a Destinys Child reunion.

  • RebeccaLynn

    Liked halftime show & the Twitter reaction to the Blackout was hilarious!

  • axiva

    the power outage was pretty nuts

  • clink1833

    And what was with her crazy eyes throughot the whole thing? She was channeling Rmaona Singer from Real Housewives of NY.

  • bellsie

    Being from the UK, I didn’t watch the Superbowl – but I did see a clip of Beyonce’s performance this afternoon. It seemed to have a little bit of everything ~ music (live/pretendlive): check! Lights and effects: Check! Clothes that barely cover her foof: check!

    So all in all, not something I’d write home about (but then I’m not a Beyonce fan).

  • RMGossip

    The show and her performance were phenomenal. You gotta love a girl who can kill dance number after dance number in stilettos.

  • Rednfreckled

    She did okay, but no new music and the same old choreography from her videos and previous performances. I still say Prince had the best Superbowl performance. Also, Keyshia Cole was rather tasteless for what she said on twitter about it.

  • silbie

    i’m not a fan, but the show was great.

  • louise1

    Amazing. Queen B

  • Star

    Awful. Please let her reign be over already. And I blame her electronic double profile and lights show for the power outage.

  • Confusus

    Listening to the CBS analysts during the power outage was awful.

  • xxmichellexx

    Loved the Destiny’s Child reunion… but I’m a big 49er’s fan so…. haha great game though! :)

  • theladymorgana

    Beyone had a really bad set list, and writhed around more than she sang. Last year’s half time was better.

  • jmk

    Game was TOO LONG. Needs to be held on a Saturday!

  • maggie44

    Liked most of Beyonce’s show–the older music the most, but had to fast forward through some of her newer stuff. Loved Destiny’s Child reunion.

  • melgrady

    The halftime show was not well received at our party. We were happy when it was over.

    I am sad about the game, but will always stick by my team. 49er fan for life!

  • everythingthatshines

    The power outage was the lord saying, “no ray lewis, you killed a man.” but baltimore won anyways.

  • shuboy

    I lean towards awful…..more precisely too staged……

  • JenFromCincy

    I flipped it on after halftime and half the stadium was dark, so I took it as a sign and hit the hay. 😉

  • lalaland

    beyonce was amazing! i don’t get why everyone is saying “meh”!

  • slldecker

    Halftime show didn’t do anything for me. Sad the 49ers lost.

  • VoiceofReason

    Superdome wasn’t ready for that jelly blew the power out lol

  • jocar

    Destiny’s Child looked smokin’ hot. Looked like they were having fun too.

  • Virgo826

    Half and half on the halftime. Too much show not much go…

  • airalli

    It was amazing that the ravens won the superbowl at beyonces concert. yay

  • HermioneG

    I loved BeyoncĂ©’s performance, glad to see Destiny’s Child reunited even if it was brief. Bummed that B didn’t do Run The Wold though, it would have been awesome with all these dancers and lights :)

  • MPaige

    The game was boring at first, then awesome. I was not impressed with the commercials this year. Beyonce was amazeballs.

  • CapnZebbie

    The game got pretty exciting toward the end! Didn’t really pay attention to the half-time show. My favorite part of the whole thing was the Budweiser/Clydesdale ad. *sniffle*

    According to the Craig Ferguson show, the power outage was caused by Craig charging Lucy Liu’s cell phone :)

  • EverErika

    Just Beyoncé

  • averagjoe3

    only thing worse than the outage was Phil Simms’ ineptitude

  • cocobeannns

    Not a big Beyonce fan, but it was entertaining to watch.

  • Ms_Kiki

    Baltimore Blinder here..

    Bey’s Halftime performance was okay.

  • ikewad

    Not impressed.

  • Bradster

    Kelly Rowland looked hotter than any of them!

  • HuckleBerryFriend

    Apparently, she danced until her feet bled!! Whatever. Happy snowy Monday, Ace!

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    A lot of wiggle, bump and grind, and not much singing.

  • summerlovesya

    Wasn’t able to watch the show because i live in Europe.

  • lotsalot

    I didn’t watch the Superbowl but I did see Beyonce and Destiny Child’s performance on YouTube. It was FANTASTIC. I’ve never watched halftime performances before and I was absolutely blown away. It went off without a hitch, really entertaining and Beyonce’s vocals were wonderful. Really great:) Also saw one of the Ravens make a snow angel in the confetti…pretty funny

  • dawnee

    Never been a fan of Mrs. Carter… Ms. Bey…. I wish she would go back to where she came from… but she isn’t wanted in Houston either. As for the power outage, I think it was meant for the halftime show (to put us out of our visual misery) and ended up delayed by accident.
    All in all … glad its over (just like Sean Paytons suspension!!! woootwooot).

  • melomom

    game was good, beyonce was bad

  • pattycakes

    I’m sure Beyonce thought she was awesome!

  • stylinlions

    Beyoncé is Jesus.

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Can’t stand Beyond or Baltimore. I watched the Puppy Bowl, the Kitty Halftime Show and a Law & Order marathon :)

  • caitlin95

    loved the game
    halftime show wasn’t spectacular, she mostly just grunted

  • antisocial

    Glad the Ravens won, although neither team rank among my favorites in the league. Beyonce “performed” to be sure, but it just screamed “Look at ME, see I AM talented, and to prove it, I’ll deign to grace you with as many digital versions of myself that the electrical circuits can handle”(which is apparently, like, 6). She will also let hints drop and anticipation build about a DC reunion, when in reality the mics for both Kelly and Michelle were turned so low that they really only served as accessories on either side of the “star” for less than what, 2min? God forbid those 2 think they might be able to share their 2min of stage time with Bey as equals!!! After the inauguration debacle and ensuing backlash I’m glad Bey acknowledged those she offended people by going out of her way to “prove” she was truly singing live. Although my offense (as I believe many others were) was not that she can’t sing live – but that during arguably the most prestigious opportunity in her career – she faked it, and did so proudly, with flourish even. Alicia Keys proved Bey’s point better than Bey did, she sang the anthem live while playing the piano, her voice wavered, was off key at times, but was throughout – 100% genuine. I haven’t noticed any articles (yet) drawing attention to Keys less than perfect rendition, and I hope there aren’t any. I will take a genuine, live, heart felt rendition over flawless and fake any day of the week. No one credible would argue whether Beyonce has talent, I just wish she had a little more heart, was willing to be just a little more human – on her own – and not just when there’s a public outcry about it. Alright I’ll stop, *stepping down from my soap box.

    • pnwpersonkim

      Totally agree!

    • sweetcheeks

      omg I know, right? Kelly looked way hotter and her and Michelle both sing better live than B does. Thats probably why they were turned so far down. That was embarassing. Her ego has just gotten out of control.

    • sonnyvega

      I think you hit the nail on the head. Beyonce can definitely dance but her singing…meh. When it was over, I was thinking of that gymnast from the olympics this past summer with that whole “not impressed” thing.

  • thunderthighs

    Loved Beyonce, she killed it!!

  • emjaypee

    It was alright.

  • Katmandu

    Considering they thought she was the very best they could find to be the halftime entertainment, I suppose she fulfilled her duties acceptably.

  • lizard49

    Loved Flacco’s comment, “It was f____ing awesome!” because it was. Hated the prudes who came down on CBS for not censoring it. How do they think they got here? I self-censored myself from typing the actual word Flacco said, I wouldn’t want Ace to get in trouble for something I did.

  • mrsjaymack

    Halftime show was decent.

  • MVR

    Had to watch on Youtube since I’m not from the US, but I liked it. Can see why the power went out though, don’t want to be the one paying the electricity bill for her performance.

  • Martha

    Better than the Madonna half time show.

  • Markme

    “Good Morning Baltimore”

  • Booboo1068

    Did not watch but from reading various blogs, if you’re not a Beyonce fan or just didn’t like the show and post a comment be ready for the inane attacks accusing you of being a hater, sorry…a hater! and or your old or racist. It’s called an opinion. Let it go. Move on.

  • annnn

    mhh didnÂŽt watch it, rather watch an ACDC dvd than Beyonce moving like some kind of sick animal on stage :) bring on the blinds!

  • wtfunky

    didn’t watch. dislike Beyonce, dislike football even more.

  • violetbeauregard

    Halftime show = a whole lotta awful

  • pnwpersonkim

    The only great thing were special effects. The Destiny Child “reunion” was boring and insulting too Kelly and Michelle. Since the whole thing was beyoncefied it made the other two look pathetic, and they are not. She had to do really well bc of the hoopla from the lip service last month, and she performed nicely…..but safe, boring, and outdated ~like her hair cut and color. I was super stoked to see her, but was left disappoint and trying too hard to justify way she didn’t do anything new or memorable.

    Basically it was a.flashback of her same dance moves we’ve seen Sooo many times… guess this new mother doesn’t take her job as seriously as she used to???

  • csheehan

    Bored with Beyonce, but at least the game was good!

  • kkluke

    lots of wiggling and less singing. Well played, Bey, well played.

  • csheehan

    Bored with Beyonce

  • rachypie

    I didn’t even watch. haha

  • phlyfiremama

    Be~YAWN, indeed. It was however a fabulous display of ego run amok, self congratulatory narcissistic back patting, a blatant display of contmempt for the fellow members of DC who helped her get where she is, and an utter validation of why I have never heard her music before last night. Since Prince did his magnificant show, the halftime shows have been going downhill…

  • nukemgrl

    A lot of booty shaking and mediocre singing.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    I thought she was great – very entertaining – she’s beautiful, she can dance – and she blew the lights out.

  • stolidog

    In the immortal words of Homer Simpson…”meh”

  • HmmLetMeSee

    Awesome! I surely couldn’t do it! Kudos Bey! :)

  • heyImightKnow

    Bleh!!!! Didn’t watch…i was too busy catching up on Dexter & drag race

  • truthgal

    Love B but she is becoming too egocentric for my taste. Its not always about her…..
    Great game…..sad the 49ers lost:(

  • ILoveDlisted

    Went to a sausage party, played poker, had a blast!

  • CatInTheHat

    Game was a nail biter.
    Wish B would go way of Paris Hilton = disappear.

  • Katie

    Great performance, crazy fourth quarter

  • wonderone

    Truth be told, I was not impressed with Beyonce’s performance. It seemed basic and boring. And her weave–damn, girl!!! That thing looked sad and dirty!!!

  • harvb22

    Kelly and Michelle handled it!

  • heshmalesh

    oh my…..Alicia Keys NAILED IT last night!!!!

  • meemo506

    Beyonce barely even sang…and I love how Michelle and Kelly’s mics were turned waaaaay down.

    Also, I’m very sad my Niners lost. :( Next year.

  • meemo506

    Beyonce barely even sang…and I love how Michelle and Kelly’s mics were turned waaaaay down.

    Also, I’m very sad my Niners lost. :( Next year.

  • NJackson00

    Diden’t watch it…but I would like a mixed BG12345 :)

  • waysouthofheaven

    power outage was interesting! Halftime show, not so much!!!

  • kaitlinrose

    So, so full of herself.

  • carriebradshaw

    Not my taste- I prefer less show and more music, but the outfits were pretty cool.

  • leerey

    Awesome game! Leerey from Baltimore!!!!!!!!

  • patsymine

    Not a fan. Good game at the end, but I thought Beyonce’s performance was tired, over-dramatic and erratic. Poor Kelly and Michelle had to come onstage for that?! Their sound (microphones and volume) was so much worse than B’s. Probably by design. Not good, and what was that weird crotch touch/point (?)for no reason?

    She is terrible.

  • MizGrandma

    She tried to prove something, not give a performance.

  • auntmidgee

    She looked amazing – especially after having a baby just a year ago (wink!). Thought she was thoroughly entertaining. I’d rather see a show with less singing than a lot of singing and more standing.

  • GemK

    Wait…There was a football game at that Beyonce concert? #teambeyonce

  • tkartk

    So glad the Raven’s won!!! As far as Beyonce goes, surprisingly, I did enjoy the show; I’m just tired of hearing about her!