Kim and Kanye Don’t Want This Singer To Ruin Their Brand

kim kardashian kanye west 2[Hollywood Street King] This 1,2 Step singer is said to have frequently been told to get to stepping by Kim K and LaLa Vasquez. That’s according to Khadijah Haqq, who says our blind item isn’t accepted by the crowd she sees at being “in”.

Sources say our black sheep of a mystery lady went as far as reaching out to Kanye – after running into the rapper at a Paris party thrown by the former editor of French Vogue – only to have the lyricist diss her. We’re told that’s before our blind item took it to smashing a married Virgil Abloh (Kayne’s road dawg), in hopes of getting a green light into the crew.

During their one-night stand in Paris, our mystery lady reportedly shared a dr*g-fueled night with Virgil — said to lead her to be “down for whatever”. But the “whatever” she provided may have been over a lost cause. Know why? Because sources say– unlike Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce — Yeezy doesn’t want our blind item around…especially around Kimmy, because he sees her as “a nobody” who could damage the couple’s brands.

This news comes after sources revealed Lala attempted to hook up our bind item with NBA players. It’s a connection that’s said to have worked — not once, but twice — that is, up until she landed herself the title of being a “jump-off” only. Even Rob Kardashian is reported to want to distance himself from our mystery lady. That’s after we’re told Kris K forbid her from being near her son.

She’s a yesterday pop performer who’s still trying to land herself a super rich and famous boyfriend to possibly bring her to the next level. But, because she has no takers, she’s being forced to deal with a dim Future.

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    • mcn says

      Well if she wants someone rich and powerful then Rob Kardashian isn’t the way to go. Maybe he’s rich, but he has no other value, as far as I can tell.

  1. Andreinac13 says


    This is more of Hip-Hop culture. I’m not into it. So this girl is my guess, mostly because she has a song called 1 2 step. It was a hit a long time ago.

    • shuboy says

      I am going to change my reply after realizing the song title in the first line of the blind – I think it is Ciara.

  2. Grande Queso says

    Kanye and Kim live their lives as brands.. thats retarded. Too bad they wont go down in a plane over the Atlantic. Do this world a favor.

  3. modelle18 says

    the blind is about Ciara – one of her first songs had the 1, 2 step lyrics

    she was friends with Lala and even dated Amare and one other baller

    she’s apparently with Future the rapper on the side while he is engaged to his baby mama

    for some reason she never really clicked with anyone but she’s been associated with everyone , in the bedroom at least

    surprised to hear she does drugs though

  4. Alllie says

    ciera. same thing with Adrianne Bailon, she is now considered persona non grata to the K klan too. lesson of the day, don’t pass yourself around stupid, have your mommy shop a sex tape for cash first!

    • NoLongerLurking says

      and the Future starts with a capital letter and she’s been linked recently with the rapper Future.

  5. WildChildCandy says

    Ciara. This girl just cannot keep a man. Although she is very pretty, she comes off very desperate to me. She was dating two NBA players (not at the same time) but immediately after they broke up with her they got engaged to other women. She is a loser, Lala and Kim K have been trying with her but she is a lost case. She is now dating rapper Future who doesn’t take her seriously at all.

  6. twinklefairy12 says

    Mystery girl: Ciara
    “1,2 step”, “future” – wasn’t she with a rapper named future?

  7. Dee Elle says

    Easy. Ciara. Currently dating rapper Future and who sang 1,2 step. Hi, I’m new around here…. ;-D

  8. coco29 says

    Clues: “1,2 Step” was the name of her song and “Future” she is dating rapper Future

  9. valley of the dolls says

    Almost nothing else strikes any sort of a cord with me in this blind item but the moment I saw “1, 2 Step singer” I immediately knew it had to be Ciara.

  10. regularguy says

    Maybe Rita Ora? What does yesterday pop performer mean? Is she old or young? I’m clueless and HSK blinds are ussually easy.

  11. yoyoo says

    Soooooooooo obvious


    1,2 step
    Shes now dating the rapper Future

    but the down for whatever is by kelly rowland, but she is DEFFO not a nobody