Kim and Kanye Don’t Want This Singer To Ruin Their Brand

kim kardashian kanye west 2[Hollywood Street King] This 1,2 Step singer is said to have frequently been told to get to stepping by Kim K and LaLa Vasquez. That’s according to Khadijah Haqq, who says our blind item isn’t accepted by the crowd she sees at being “in”.

Sources say our black sheep of a mystery lady went as far as reaching out to Kanye – after running into the rapper at a Paris party thrown by the former editor of French Vogue – only to have the lyricist diss her. We’re told that’s before our blind item took it to smashing a married Virgil Abloh (Kayne’s road dawg), in hopes of getting a green light into the crew.

During their one-night stand in Paris, our mystery lady reportedly shared a dr*g-fueled night with Virgil — said to lead her to be “down for whatever”. But the “whatever” she provided may have been over a lost cause. Know why? Because sources say– unlike Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce — Yeezy doesn’t want our blind item around…especially around Kimmy, because he sees her as “a nobody” who could damage the couple’s brands.

This news comes after sources revealed Lala attempted to hook up our bind item with NBA players. It’s a connection that’s said to have worked — not once, but twice — that is, up until she landed herself the title of being a “jump-off” only. Even Rob Kardashian is reported to want to distance himself from our mystery lady. That’s after we’re told Kris K forbid her from being near her son.

She’s a yesterday pop performer who’s still trying to land herself a super rich and famous boyfriend to possibly bring her to the next level. But, because she has no takers, she’s being forced to deal with a dim Future.

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