Bigger Than Bromance

men best friends[The Morton Report]  This is a very famous man, known all over the world. Very rich. Very spoilt. Very privileged. He’s married, happily, according to some.

But there is a man in his life that he cannot let go. They are not lovers, although rumours have linked them together. It’s not even a bromance, yet our man has become psychologically dependent on his man.

As someone who has professionally observed the relationship tells me, “Dependency is like love — a very powerful emotion. Love can be blind and extreme dependency can too. He sees what he wants to see. The other man can be Superman in his eyes.”

Famous Man:

Man on Whom He is Dependent:



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    • CanaryCry says

      I thought they were still estranged from each other because of married lives & such. Then again it could indeed be a real life case of “I can’t quit you!”

    • snazzygossip says

      This makes sense, although I would think it’s the other way around since Ben played Superman.

    • ssslithering says

      It’s Tom and Miscavige, not necessarily as the answer to this BI, but Tom is butt buddies with the Scientology quack way more than John is.

    • Bromance1979 says

      That’s what I was thinking.

      My pet peeve… when people use then and than interchangeably.

      • itssunnyoutside says

        I feel the same! I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t missing something. It’s the same way I feel when people say women when referring to one woman, or when people use the word apart when they should be saying a part.

      • thoughtsndstuff says

        The way it’s used is correct. The proper use of “then” would be if you said “they ate lunch, then they went home”

  1. rainbowveins says

    Famous Man: Jay-Z

    Man on Whom He is Dependent: Kanye West

    Clues: ”The other man can be Superman in his eyes.”” Jay-Z has a song called Superman

    • MrsMWilliams says

      I think it would be the other way around, Kanye West dependent on Jay-Z. He has a song where he refers to Jay as “big brother”. Having said that, I don’t think this blind is about them.

  2. Rumormill says

    The only person that comes to mind is RDJ because of the rumors that he is bi and he and Jude Law was getting together while filming Sherlock. There was also a blind about it. But I love this man so much I wouldn’t even care but I hopes it’s not him.

    • Halo26 says

      Or, (and this is like a light year long shot) RDJ and his Wing Chun trainer Eric Oram.

      “Oram and Downey have a classic codependent relationship that goes something like this: Oram teaches Downey three to five days a week, Downey stays clean and sane, and Oram comes to his movie sets, where he serves as confessor, guru, and fight consultant. He then gets to plaster Downey’s name and picture all over his gym and literature.”

      It’s talked about in this article:

      • rudy says

        wow, read this article. I was think RDJ and Jude but then realized it would have to be someone RDJ was with ALL the time. Eric Oram fits perfectly. And he is not famous, which the blind seems to suggest.

      • Rumormill says

        Oh Halo I think you got it. It even mentions co-dependency in the article.
        This fits better than Jude Law; RDJ and Law just sounds more hotter. But I don’t care I love the man and I always will.

    • ILoveLucy says

      I was going to say Obama and Raham Emanuel. Rumors are pretty solid that they are “very” close. I mean, he gave the creep Chicago! We all see how well that’s going! But I wouldn’t say B.O. is very rich. We pay for his luxurious lifestyle and Hawaiian vacas. So, thats not his cash. I really have no idea here.

  3. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    If this was the Sixties, I’d have named Paul McCartney as the famous man and John Lennon as the man on whom he was dependent, but this ain’t the Sixties. I got nothin’.

  4. darcy14 says

    I immediately thought of David Beckham as the famous man and Tom Cruise being the one he’s dependent on.
    The ‘happily married according to some’ could relate to the alleged affairs Becks has had. And being dependent on Tom Cruise could relate to Scientology.
    Aren’t the Beckhams friends with the Pinkett-Smiths who are also scientologists?

    • dee123 says

      Not anymore for what i read. They were quite close at one point. Until Victoria stopped all that. It did look like for a while David wanted him & the family to join the “church” but at some point they were told that they would have to stop giving whatever drugs Romeo takes to stop having fits (he has epilepsy) Cause drugs & epilepsy, for that matter are big no-no’s in the world of Scientology. From what i remember reading she put her foot down said nope & they stopped hanging out as much.

      The most famous example probably of Scientology’s views on drugs is if you remember Tom’s rant about Brooke Shields taking something for postpartum depression. That’s when the public’s view of him really began to change.

  5. Becky S says

    Has to be David Beckham, dependent on Tom Cruise, who somehow has his Scientology hooks into David’s weak mind.

  6. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Famous Man: Prince Charles
    Man on Whom He is Dependent: Michael Fawcett
    Charles and Fawcett have an unusually close relationship for a royal and a servant. Fawcett was Charles’ valet from back in the Diana years. Diana had complained that he had too much control over Charles. Servants lose their jobs if they complain about him. Another servant told Diana (she recorded the conversation) that he had been raped by Fawcett. When the allegations came to light, Charles went to bat for Fawcett insisting that they were false. It is nothing short of astonishing that a member of the royal family would do that. Fawcett was then found guilty of selling Charles’ unwanted gifts. Amongst other things was a Rolex. Fawcett resigned, but within a week Charles had him in charge of planning social events at his various homes and at Buckingham Palace. This included Charles and Camilla’s wedding. Fawcett has further been promoted to “Estate Manager” by Charles. The entire situation is bizarre reeks of codependency.

  7. mrsmccallister says

    If not for the married part, I would have said Tom C and David M. So, I’ll go with John Travolta and ???

  8. mick_the_knife says

    Hhhmmm could the famous man be Richars Branson?
    If so, i have no idea about the other man…

    • realmccoy18 says

      he does fit…there have been rumors about his sexuality and that his marriage is a shame…but who’s the other guy?

  9. Ruby Slipper says

    Hmmm something about the picture is reminding me of Obama. I wouldn’t class him as spoilt though

  10. picklechic says

    My first thought was Tom Cruise and Davis Miscavige, but Tom’s not married anymore. So I don’t know…

  11. stacat1 says

    Since this is a UK publication–I’ll go with the MOST obvious choice..Prince Charles. But I have no clue who the guy is…someone he has pal’d around with for years??

    • ILoveLucy says

      Charlie is such a weird-o. He tinkers and putts around in his moss and gardens and bogs. He’s just so very odd and peculiar. I am not a Camilla fan, but she has helped to make him seem a bit more human. He would be an awful king, however. He seems to give off less authority than William does! No wonder his mother has stayed queen. Why do they even have the royals? That’s so over. Who can afford that? The Brits need to abolish it, they really do. It’s ridic how those people live, the only thing they do is get in the tabloids and bring tourists around. I am pretty sure Diana never was madly in love with this cheating goofball. Notice how she was with sexy, robust, athletic dudes much of the time after? Chuck was clearly not her type. Sorry. Royals Rant. But I love you guys!!

      • Caz1310 says

        Being Australian, I can safely say that a large proportion of us don’t want Charles to be King. Call it a hangover from Diana or his weird old-fashioned views of the world, he will not be a popular monarch. Skipping him to give it to William would be a winner. With you all in thinking this blind is Charles.

  12. crimson23 says

    This would be Obama and his personal friend, former handler Reggie Love. He no longer is in residence at the White House in a formal capacity, but he is around. He was at the convention

  13. SheilaK says

    Spoilt is the UK version of “spoiled” and rumour is the UK spelling of rumor. Other than that, I got nothing!!

  14. Lizbethe says

    Rumours….ahem also know my whole life and half of tumblr those rumours…
    If this isn’t true then I might as well just go.

    • babyunicorn says

      I know this was supposed to be a joke, but it wasn’t even funny, since neither of them are married.

  15. wonderstrucker009 says

    [all links require a full explanation]

    Prince of Wales
    Michael Fawcett Gay or European

  16. CanaryCry says


    Kanye West?

    Justin Timberlake?

    Donald Trump?


    Bruce Springsteen?


    Tom Hanks?

    Johnny Depp?

    Ashton Kutcher?

    The possibilities are endless, & it’s usually the ones we least expect.

    • flymetothemoo says

      Right! I can’t believe I am the only one who thought Richard Branson fit the bill. So many people are going for an American when I think the clues point to a Brit!

  17. sweet2 says

    Since this is (morton report) a Brit Site I’ll guess the following
    Famous Man: UK PM Cameron
    Man on Whom He is Dependent: Osborne

  18. DiamondGoddess says

    Ooohh, this is a juicy one!!!
    No idea, lol, will guess Prince Charles and servant. (Very spoilt.)
    Or Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong. (Superman no matter what.)

  19. studdabubba says

    The show business guesses are way off – it’s clear from the description and the photo these are two men are in the political or business world. Obama and his former “body man”, Reggie Love are are a good quess. Lots of rumors about being more than friends, and many of Obama’s advisors were jealous of the infuence Reggie had (and may still have) on the Prez. Because it’s the Morton report, it could very likely be a Brit – Prince Charles? Maybe, but it could also be someone well known across the pond, but not here.

  20. Katiad says

    Either Prince Charles and Fawcett or Prince William and his best friend and confidant Guy Pelly.
    Fawcett has a weird and strange hold on Charles, he is the one whom the British press named as the servant who was accused of raping John Smith a valet. Smith contacted Diana and told her all about that, she tried to investigate but she died before she finds out the truth. There are rumors for years that he and Charles are lovers too.
    Or William and Guy. Something the US press isnt reporting, is that William is been living separately from Kate, going on shooting and hunting trips with friends for weeks. That when she got sick, she was at her parents house and they were the ones who insisted they go to the hospital, and the palace had to fly William over so he wont be absent. Guy is rumored to be gay and always around William since their Eton days.

    • Katiad says

      Oh i want to add that just a month ago Clarence House, Charles office agreed to pay another valet so he wont go to court, he was accusing Charles household staff for bullying.

  21. studdabubba says

    My comment got deleted – anyway, given the info and the photo, these are not 2 men in show business – these guys are in the political or business world; could be Obama and his former personal assistant – and still close friend – Reggie Love, or, because it’s a Morton Report blind – a member of the Royal family or British goverment. Prince Charles, perhaps?

  22. Synapse3 says

    Of course it is Prince Charles and Fawcett. The Superman clue is the key. A Batman is another name for a manservant!!!!!

  23. ccbaltimore says

    Please read comment by Rumormill and the article by Halo. This is definetely RDJ and his trainer. The blind is leading us to believe the other guy is not famous. RDJ is happily married, gushes over his wife a lot, very rich, some would say priviledge b/c no matter how he messed up years ago studios still hired him and he is known all over the world especially since Iron Man and the Avengers franchise. Affleck/Damon, Clooney/Pitt has a bromance, the blind says no bromance. RDJ is also bi.
    BTW first time poster.

  24. itssunnyoutside says

    What if these people are just close friend? I don’t see why this is a blind. What is the big deal? Where is the juice in all of this?

  25. Anaishilator says

    Clearly this is about Brick Politte and his best friend Skipper.
    Im told Maggie the Cat is not pleased but she tolerates their friendship.

  26. nolabelle says

    My first thought was this sounds like Elton John-supposedly happily married to longtime partner, very spoilt, etc, and his fav boy toy hanger on Dolph Lambert or maybe one of the others in his entourage.

    It also sounds like Prince Charles and his man servant Fawcett.

    Or it also sounds like Travolta and Miscavige.

    Or Will Smith dependent on Cruise.

    Or Beckham dependent on Cruise.