Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Unappetizing Date

jennifer-love-hewittBlindGossip – Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,  Jennifer Love Hewitt was the guest. Jay and Love  talked about actors dating each other. Jay told a story relayed to him by another actress. This beautiful actress was going on a date with an actor. The actor came to her front door to pick her up for the date, and said to her “I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Why don’t we just have sex now?”

Jennifer Love Hewitt asked “Who was it?”  Jay leaned in, and whispered their names in Love’s ear. Love then squealed, “I went out with that guy!” Everyone laughed. Love then said when she went out on a date with that same actor, he was equally sleazy. In the middle of the appetizer he pointed to his crotch and said “I’ve been saving this up for you.”

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37 comments to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Unappetizing Date

  • IamThinking

    Alec Baldwin

  • Tee

    Ok, maybe not Ashton, but Wilmer Valtrexama. He seems the type to point to his crotch like it’s all that.
    Other options..Stephen Dork, Craig Beriko, Carson Weakly, and John Player.

  • gen

    That was me, yall didnt know?

  • lollolol

    LoL that’s hilarious. She’s dated so many…

  • Jane Doe

    Thanks, BlindGossip for posting this one!!! Hopefully your audience can come up with the right guess!

  • elvisdiva

    antonio sebato jr.

  • Zulu Queen of the Dwarf People

    I say FEZ

  • laura

    Since it says “actor”, it can’t be John Mayer.

  • Kimi

    It also states they went out on a date. It does not say whether or not it was one of her long term relationships.

  • I KNOW

    I guess Wilmer as well. He has a well established reputation as a d*bag.

  • Ernestine

    I say that the actress was Scarlett Johannssen, and the actor was Wilmer Valderama. It totally fits, especially seeing how ScarJo appeared fairly recently on the Tonight Show (you know, when she notoriously blessed E-Bay with that snotrag infested with Samuel Jackson’s germs?) and she’s always seemingly talking about boinking dudes.

  • Liv

    Can’t be Scarlett Johannssen, she is married. I also dont think it would be Wilmer. If a guy said that to her I would hope that she would not go on a second date with him let alone commit to him! I cant even begin to guess who this guy could be since the options are limitless!

  • MK

    The blind doesn’t state the guy got a second date with either actresses, so I say Wilmer too – he thinks he’s such a player, i think he’s gross…

  • Liv

    JLH dated Wilmer back in 1999

  • Stacked

    Wilmer! Cute, but he leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes!

  • Duke Dongley

    Jared Leto anyone?

  • Ernestine

    Liv, Scarlett got married only four or so months ago, and it’s not as if she and Reynolds had been together for THAT long beforehand. She had a dating history prior to RyRy — A BIG one. A LONG one. She wasn’t exactly known for her sexual restraint. I don’t see why she should be ruled out just because there’s now some ring on her finger.

    • A-nonny-mouse

      Haha, I agree the unnamed actress could totally be Scarlett “I don’t believe in monogamy… unless I have a film coming out and manage to bag an attractive fellow actor with whom I can garner some decent press with” Johansson.

      It was pretty cruel of her parents to stick her with that middle name too.

  • Lisa

    Another site seems to think it’s John Cusack. If you watch the video it sounds like that is what Jay whispers to her. Sucks too cuz I like the guy, but I’ve heard he’s that way.

  • The name that Jay whispers seems too short to be Wilmer Valderrama.

    I think it’s John Cusack. J-Love has dated him, and he has a reputation as a d*bag with women.

  • Pheaky

    She dated John Mayer in 2002. It’s on her Who’s Dated Who page. I can definitely see that happening with him.

  • Ernestine

    The ONLY reason why I don’t think it’s Mayer is because he and JLH actually had a fairly serious relationship, whereas her anecdote sort of makes it sound as if she and the creepy douchebag — okay, not that MAYER isn’t a creepy douche, too, but whatever :-)– never really made it past one date.

  • MollySue

    Benicio del Toro? If we’re going with ScarJo being t’other actress, she and BdT allegedly got together one Oscar night – and perhaps went on one date afterwards where he assumed there would be a repeat performance?

    The name seemed quite short, so I think he only said the man’s name. Perhaps just a first name that wouldn’t be easy to mix up, like Wilmer or Benicio?

    Though I would LOVE if it was TommyGirl!

  • MollySue

    What am I thinking – it’s probably Chris Klein! He seems and looks scummy enough to act like that. And wasn’t there a story of him acting all sleazy recently?

    TommyGirl probably seems 15 shades of perfect to Kat(i)e after that idiot.

    While I could imagine BdT or VW or even John Cusack saying the first thing (possibly even in a semi-charming way) – I just can’t picture any of them doing the circling-the-crotch thing. Klein so would.

  • Ernestine

    Again, JLH had a longterm relationship with Carson Daly, so I don’t think it’s him. Chris Klein IS a good guess, but I still think it’s Wilmer Valderamma.

  • Eh...

    If you watch the vid and turn it up at the part where Jay whispers in her ear it DOES sound an awful lot like “John Cusack” though… Just turn it down before she starts squealing… My ears still hurt.

    • MollySue

      I agree that it’s not Carson – he’s not an actor for a kick-off.

      Yup, definitely a name with a hard-C sound at the beginning, though like Cusack, Colin Farrell… or Klein. 😉 But it could stretch to Alec.

      I really and truely hope it’s not Cusack – i’d believe that he’s chauvinistic but surely not that scummy?

    • Ilovegigi

      Where can I find the video it’s not on youtube….

  • Emily

    My first thought was Sean William Scott. I knew someone who emptied his septic tank and found it full of condoms.

  • anonymous

    It’s definitely Chris Klein.

  • matt

    I think its Wilmer for sure

  • fxtrl

    The video is online here:

    I downloaded a copy from the internet, turned up the volume, and I’m sorry to say, it sounds like Cusack. I may never watch another movie of his again.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is f.. crazy ))