Bow Wow Barks At Bedroom Buddy Who Bailed

bow wow 2[Hollywood Street King] She’s a 90′s singer being bashed by Bow Wow, after pulling a no-show at a recent party which attracted the ‘who’s who of Atlanta’ – namely, Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def 20th Anniversary celebration. That’s why Bow Wow, a former Dupri child star protege, recently took to Twitter to let it rip on this Atlanta Housewife.

Here’s what Bow Wow had to say about Jermaine Dupri’s ex-bedroom buddy, today’s blind item:

“JD likes to keep quiet but… Yo —– is wack for not wanting to show up for JD 20th anniversary So So Def show put ego to the side and give the fans what they want and understand w/ out jd no one would even know who you are.

You aint Michael, this aint the Jackson 5. She act’n like she booked out like she too busy! Better yet dont come. The ones thats there are the ones who really got live for JD and the history if the label.”

Is our blind item upset over Jermaine Dupri smashing her – and ripping her off – at the same damn time? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tiny Cottle.

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