Sobbing In The Hallway

man crying 4[The Daily Mirror] Which TV star was sobbing in the corridor at the National Television awards? We’re always here if you need a hug…

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20 comments to Sobbing In The Hallway

  • kbd61186

    I’m just guessing Matt smith. Cuz I’d gladly hug him ;)

  • Tipsy

    Peter Andre. With his brother passing away and his crazy ex-wife re-marrying and confusing the hell out of their children I’d say this is pretty much a sure thing. That and he’s always giving hugs to people on his tv show. Sad. I feel bad for him…

    • Caz1310

      I have a soft spot for Peter. Katie Price would have been (and still would be) really hard work to be around let alone be in a relationship with.

      • ME AGAIN

        Yuck!! She made him relevant. No sympathy from me. I don’t even know her personally and I could of told him she would be challenging. He longed to be famous again and by association with her, he got his wish.

  • caela94

    January Jones

  • sarah9

    I dunno. The hug comment makes me think of Dermot O’Leary because he hugs a lot of people on XFactor.

  • pinkdonut

    Peter Andre

  • danneka

    it was ellen.

  • CdnGoose

    Bradley Cooper?


    Matthew Perry?

  • dee123

    Do some people actually read the blinds around here? key words: “The Daily Mirror, National Television Awards”. I’ll guess Dermot as well.

    • joey rossi

      I’d go with Dermot..he made a crack about Jeremy Kyle being absent due to “being poorly” only to find out he has cancer

  • boyjack4

    It’s Peter Andre..the Daily Mail even had a picture of it! Very sad..he broke down over his brother’s death. He had spent a lot of time with and was very close to his brother!
    Having his selfish and insensitive ex-wife marry her stripper boyfriend of a couple of months out of the blue cannot help his mood either as he worries about his daughter Princess… Yes! Really, that’s the poor child’s name!’

  • klouf87

    I’ll go with Peter Andre, too. It doesn’t specify Actor/Presenter, and Andre is more of a TV star due to his many reality TV series. Poor guy has been through the mill.

  • littlepixie

    This is Phillip Schofield

  • fangirl89

    I’m guessing Samia Ghadie only for the “corri[e]dor” reference. Since all the drama with Jennifer Metcalf (a fellow soapstar) and Sylvain

  • fangirl89

    Change my guess to Helen Flannigan for the same reasons, though she has a lot more to be upset about.

  • fangirl89

    Sorry *reason as in the corrie reference. As for having more to be upset about, it seems her career is about to be completely over after the jungle fiasco, gun photo scandal, overall OTT dress sense, and rumors of Scott being beyond embarassed. It would have been nice is she kept playing Rosie Webster.

    • brendles

      fangirl, we have some confusion here. Helen Flanagan is the one who was in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and also the one who posed with a gun shortly after the Newtown shootings. Samia Ghadie is on Dancing on Ice this season and has the drama with Jennifer Metcalf.