• Booboo1068 says

      I don’t think Adele just finished a tour of any kind last year. She did a few award shows but I believe was pregnant, working on writing and pretty much off the radar. I doubt this is about her.

    • EvaDiva says

      I concur. She probably spits phlegm on people, steals their food and threatens to sit on them.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I thought she sang for the 1st time after voal chord surgery at last year’s Grammy Awards and then she was pregnant too so I don’t think she toured.

    • Tracy Lord says

      GA didn’t tour in 2012, they’re about to start a tour however. Has Cheryl toured solo last year?

    • Chosen says

      This definitely isn’t Cheryl Cole or Girls Aloud. Girls Aloud haven’t toured yet and the crew she had with her for her solo tour have been with her for years. The only new additions were her dancers and they appeared to love her. They send her and her PA Tweets about how much they miss her.

      Cher Lloyd is notoriously difficult and toured last year so my guess would be her.

  1. IvLondon says

    “Happy” makes me think it’s Leona Lewis because of the song title, but I dont think she toured in 2012.

  2. vixsta33 says

    Jessie J, only because she toured last year, from what I remember. And she comes across as pretty much happy-go-lucky, when I’ve seen her interviewed.

  3. LeahLynn28 says

    Adele?She is a very talented singer,but some powerful female singers are annoying divas.Most of times she doesn’t smile.I hope it isn’t Adele,but we don’t know how she treats her crew.
    Or Jessie J?I don’t know…

  4. GWC says

    Lily Allen just had a second daughter and was pregnant and removed from music most of last year. I’m not sure she’s performed since her marriage.

  5. LanaSpankalicious says

    First time poster, (hi everyone! You guys crack me up) and I’m going with Natasha Bedingfield (sp). Pocketful of Sunshine is so annoyingly happy-go-lucky….it has to be her.

  6. litswd.tb says

    Somethings leaning me to Rita Ora. I have a feeling this is going to be steaming from the Rob Kardashian tweet from about a month back? Was she hitting on them not that that’s shocking honestly.

  7. fangirl89 says

    If its not Jessie J I’d be suprised. I know an electrician that worked at a festival she was performing at and he said she thinks she is the biggest star in the world. Even went as far as having her bodyguard unknowingly try to deny the producer of the whole festival access to the backstage area she was in. She needs to get a grip.

    P.s. I love “laserlight” anyway.

  8. sherlock says

    Her public face must be completely different from her private face,sounds like a proper spoilt ,vile diva.Definitely not Adele.

  9. xelarose says

    Since when have Adele’s songs ever been classed as “Happy-go-lucky”?

    My guess is Cher Lloyd, rumours she used to be a bully at school, bitched about her ex-mentor Cheryl Cole, seems to have a nasty streak about her.

  10. brendles says

    Pixie Lott always strikes me as happy-go-lucky, but I also always thought she seemed like a nice girl. Just throwing this out for consideration…