He Will Lose His Job If He Comes Out

man closet haring[Blind Gossip] This cute young celebrity is in a tough spot. He wants to live as his real self, but he is part of a group that could suffer if his image changes.

Here’s the situation: He is gay. He has always been gay. But the role he has to play is one which girls would find attractive. So for the past couple of years, he has been pretending to be straight, and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him.

Now he is growing increasingly uncomfortable with that role. He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age. He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way. However, for now, he is the only one who has been pushing management to allow him to be the “The Gay One”. He really wouldn’t mind that label at all.  The others are trying to stay out of the controversy. While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.

His management team – which is substantially older than him – vehemently opposes his coming out. They have made it very clear to him that they are there to sell an image, not to cater to his personal desires to come out. They believe in the more old-fashioned “girls are only interested in straight boy celebrities” school of thought. They don’t believe that a gay young celebrity will sell. They are so convinced of this that they have warned him that if he goes rogue and announces that he is gay, and fans tune out… he will lose his job.



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  1. tacox3dino says

    “part of a group that could suffer if his image changes” One direction’s Harry Styles, they have tons of fans, mostly teenage girls. in my opinion, his image wouldn’t suffer, but hey, i’m accepting to whatever sexuality any of them are.

  2. grincham says

    Definitely guy: Harry Styles. Group: One Direction.
    This is so painfully obvious.

    “for the past couple of years, he has pretending to be straight and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him.” Past couple of years? – One Direction has only been together for two years. And Harry definitely is the most popular of the group with girls. I wouldn’t say he’s pretended to be straight, because honestly, he hasn’t fooled many of us. He’s never said he was straight, etc. But he’s kissed girls for publicity, and dated them for publicity/bearding, to make himself seem straight (Though I don’t think it was his choice. Obviously, remember Haylor? It was all modest! management’s idea to stir that up).

    “he wants to live his real self” live while we’re young, perhaps?

    “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.” Aka Louis, because Louis, I feel is gay as well and Louis is obviously affected by all of this, too. I think Louis is afraid to come out, though, unlike Harry he isn’t as comfortable with himself.

    “they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.” Twitter denials? Louis and Liam specifically try to keep up the role that they are all straight. I give them props for trying, but I’m not buying any of it.

    “He is the only one who has been pushing management to allow him to be “The Gay One.” Remember the ‘Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret’ article aka p=41885? “There’s one member of the group who’s moniker could be THE GAY ONE.”

    I honestly wish modest! management would realise that people do not care if he is gay. Even fans that do not ship Larry, etc, have said that they would be happy for him if he comes out. I don’t think they will lose THAT many fans, honestly. They need to realise that we are mature. Most of One Direction’s true fans are 15-25 years old, anyways. I’m aware that they feel the need to sell their image to a younger audience, but I think Harry’s happiness is much more important than selling to a bunch of pre-teens that will leave them soon enough for the ‘next big thing.’

    I support Harry 100% through all of this, and I hope the poor boy can come out soon.

  3. says

    please let this not be about harry styles from one direction omg i don’t like the thought of him being sad and forced into the closet by management at all :( poor baby

  4. auntmidgee says

    No idea but let me say, as the mother of a 10 year old girl obsessed with Niall of 1D, no amount of him coming out would take away from her obsession. I think that old fogies totally underestimate the kids of this generation. She’d still keep up her life size posters and I’m sure she’d still sneak a smooch on them! Come out, whoever you are. Live the life that you want and deserve!

      • auntmidgee says

        Why thanks, Andi! My daycare texted me one day to tell me my 4 year old daughter was playing barbies with a group of kids when she proclaimed “My dad says girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys. Oh, and my mom doesn’t wear underwear.” I nearly DIED! Considering we live the reddest county in Virginia, I’m not sure which one of those comments threw them the most. Either way, we’ll wave the rainbow flag or a pair of panties proudly for our LGBT friends!

  5. ACluett says

    “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.” – Meaning there’s another “Gay One.”
    “The Gay One”. – Reference to Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret (?p=41885)

  6. Niallerxoxoxo says

    Guy: Harry Styles (Louis being the other)
    Group Modest! Management because the work all five boys really hard and have hid other groups they have managed sexuality before.

  7. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Since this is about a “celebrity” who is part of a group, I’d guess it’s one of the boy banders from One Direction or The Wanted.

  8. Daniels21 says

    Guy: Louis Tomlinson
    Group: One Direction
    It’s so sad his management needs to fuck off and let him be

  9. coco29 says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction

    I think Louis is gay as well, but for some reason I see Harry as more comfortable with coming out.

  10. rainbowofmonochrome says

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Group: One Direction

    The term “The Gay One” reminds me of the Boybanders Hiding a Secret BI :3

  11. sweet2 says

    Guy Dont Know
    Group One Direction
    “he will lose his job” true, oh well there is always London theatre or Broadway
    just ask Kevin Spacey

  12. marb8 says

    Oh, if they only knew that most teenage girls love gay men better than straight ones because of reasons.

  13. Mahy says

    Guys: Harry Styles.
    Group: One Direction.
    “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.”: Louis, his boyfriend.

  14. ferlobo says

    second time posting, love the website ace!
    Guy: Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles?

    Group: One Direction

  15. Raito says

    I honestly have no idea on this one. I have a few people in mind, but they don’t really fit in here that well… I’m thinking someone from One Direction again, but the articles cannot be all about them, now can they.

    (Anyway, management teams need a reality check. It’s not the 90s anymore, they’re all underestimating the open-mindedness of the new generations. Keeping these young people in the closet will only cause a worse backlash when they actually will come out, in a few years maybe. And look at Chris Colfer, he’s always been out and young girls are all over him, saying how hot and talented and wonderful he is. I’m sure it cannot be THAT bad.)

  16. stumped says

    Ok Ace, before this one goes mad, is it about an actor or a boy bander (i.e. Harry Styles)? Bet you enjoyed the mayhem last time!

  17. sweetgigi1017 says

    Harry styles from One direction. His boss is Simon Cowel, and he’s not the only one from that band that is gay, isint Louise gay too???

  18. jessiejolly says

    Maybe Louis from One Direction? Blind Gossip did update that other post about the tv actors saying it wasn’t anyone from one direction. Maybe they decided to give us a bit of an update on One Direction because of that? Also the band would have to be pretty popular and only been around for two years. The part that says pretending they are all straight, is that trying to imply that he isn’t the only gay one in the group? Honestly, I hope it’s not about Louis because that means he will lose his job if he comes out. I guess it could be someone from the wanted, too. First time commenter :) love this site.

  19. HermioneG says

    Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles. Idk which one because I don’t know those kids, just hear gossip about them.

    It’s absolutely disgusting that in 2013 stuff like that still happens. I hate the world sometimes. Someone’s happiness is the most important thing. Money and success can come and go even keeping a straight image. Ugh.

  20. Sadbh1D_4Ever says

    Don’t ship “””Larry””” at all!! But it sounds like it’s:
    Guy: Louis Tomlinson
    Group: One Direction
    Just cause of the whole management thing…

  21. jaryak says

    At the risk of you later posting another red herring update (You sneaky thing), I’m going to guess Harry Styles of 1D. Especially with your use of “The Gay One”, referencing back to “Boybanders Hiding a Secret” which was pretty obviously about them.

  22. Erika says

    I’m thinking some one from the X-Men franchise?

    One could reference the movie first class.
    Going “rogue”… Rogue is a character.
    Management… significantly older- Prof X

    Guy: Either Nicholas Hoult or Lucas Till. Both young and cute.
    Group: X-Men

  23. meepmeep says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction

    Clue being “the Gay One” (ONE Direction) and the comment about his management team being substantially older than him points to how his girlfriends have been older than him. I personally think he’d be especially opposed now after the whole Taylor Swift ordeal and if this kid’s gay, they should let him be. Teen girls swoon over the gay couple on Glee, don’t they?

  24. says

    Harry Styles, je pense. because if this is about one direction, he’s the only one who has openly endorsed gay rights, he’s the only one who consistently (always? has he ever said her unless prompted?) uses gender neutral pronouns. Louis may ping peoples gaydars, but if there is only one gay man in one direction, I believe its Harry Styles.

    • says


  25. pancakes236 says

    live- live while we’re young
    past couple of years- One Direction has been together for about 2.5 years???
    “only one” (phrased used twice)- “One” direction???
    “The Gay One”-referring to the article posted a while back by BG titled “Boybanders Are Hiding a Secret.”
    young- live while we’re young again maybe???
    Guy- my guess is Harry Styles because some of his friends have indirectly outed him (like Nick Grimshaw)

  26. Alex93 says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction
    It’s sad because he really tries to drop hints (Star tattoo, ‘i can’t change’ tattoo, his best friend Nick Grimshaw is an openly gay man and is who he spends a lot of his time with, goes to gay bars, wears love his equals shirts, NEVER comments on his “bromance” with band mate Louis tomlinson, uses gender neutral when saying what he sees in someone, ect ect)and he is such a genuine person. Also both his things with Emma O. and Taylor swift were both publicity stunts so there’s that and most of the other girls he has been linked to are only around because they are friends with Nick Grimshaw also.

    • mailee says

      True, I really like Harry because he seems to be a genuine person. He is so sweet to his fans and it makes me sad that he is forced to live a lie. He doesnt deserve it, hopefully he can come out in the future

  27. shuboy says

    Either Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson of 1D. I am leaning towards Styles as he was not even looking interested in his “relationship” with Taylor Swift.

  28. mvegs says

    first time posting!!!

    guy: Louis Tomlinson
    group: One Direction

    clue: “the gay one” was used in the other blind about him

  29. ardele772 says

    You reallly open up a can of worms with each vague gay boy blind you post…haha, all the teenage girls go crazy. I personally don’t think this is about who everyone thinks it is about. Not entirely sure who it really is though… hm

  30. tallzeez says

    These are some very thinly veiled blind items about Harry Styles and Louis Tomilson from One Direction. I think Louis is the one pushing to come out because Harry is known notoriously as the ladies man and he actually bothers to beard famous people.

  31. marynswinney says

    Guy: harry styles

    group: one direction

    it’s obvious, considering what modest paid you to post last time x

  32. Beveylovesyou says

    it’s about Larry Stylinson (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson). I think Harry is the one the actual article is about since Louis is with Eleanor and it wouldn’t make as much sense for him to be pushing to come out. He’s probably the one that’s “uncomfortable but not doing anything about it”.

  33. mailee says

    Harry Styles, his relationship with Nick Grimshaw is VERY sispicious, he spends all his free time with Nick and stays the night in his apartmeent “baking” LOL
    They are not even trying to hide anymore, Nick is always talking about Harry on his show and is always hinting about their relationship
    TBH I think the only member of the band who is straight is Niall the rest are gay/bi

  34. BirdIsTheWord says

    I dont know about you, but id be fucking awesome if louis came out. Let him admit his sexuality modest!

  35. IcanC says

    I know that a lot of people are guessing that this could be about Harry Styles of One Direction but I don’t think so.

    Harry Styles is married to Louis Tomlinson. Louis would not let Harry be hung out to dry,they are a team. Louis supports Harry 100%, privately and publicly. Harry is Louis’ first priority and anyone messing with Harry has to deal with Louis. All the 1D boys have said that they are like brothers and stick together. Management could not just fire one and expect the others to be on board with that.

    Also 1D needs all five guys with their own unique contributions, so I don’t think getting rid of Harry is something that could happen and the group still continue. Harry is the one they have been promoting the most in terms of the group. Firing him would likely mean the end of the group and the millions in profits for their managers. Nobody would be that stupid.

    Everybody knows that they have been trying to sell Harry as a future solo artist for the last year. If Harry was fired from One Direction, he would just move up the timing for his solo career.

    Seeing how difficult it was for Louis when Harry was fake dating Taylor Swift, I think it’s highly unlikely that Louis would agree to Harry fake dating another man. Also the fake dating with Taylor Swift was for PR and to sell albums.

    Are there any single out gay men with the PR power of Taylor Swift for Harry to fake date?

    1D is one of the hottest bands on the planet right now, even if they lost a lot of fans, they would still have plenty. I sure that if their management dropped them, they would be re-signed in 1 second flat.

    Lastly, I will repeat that Harry and Louis are a team, along with the rest of the boys. They stick together.

    As to it actually is, it sounds like someone working on a project where they are not the lead, so if they were fired, it wouldn’t mean the end of the project. Possibly another band.

    • IcanC says

      I had to update my response because it was pointed out to me that the picture used for this article is the official logo of National Coming Out Day—celebrated every October 11th in the United States–by Keith Haring.

      I find that interesting. I think it indicates that whomever this article is about will actually be coming out sooner rather than later.

      It could also be indirecting about Harry Styles but I still don’t think the other clues match up to One Direction. I could be wrong.

    • IcanC says

      After this past week I had to update my response again. Even though the clues don’t fully lead me to One Direction, this past week Louis and Harry have been acting like the husbands that they are. Other than not verbally confirming their relationship, the closet was nowhere to be seen. Half the fans are like “wait, are they out?” Even Louis taking his “gal pal” to a red carpet event had zero impact. Fans were talking about Harry and Louis’ couples tattoos and Louis kissing a much older lady (likely a grandmother)at the NRJs as payback for Harry kissing Katy Perry at the VMAs. The cool thing was that the NRJ kiss was hot! Louis Tomlinson knows how to kiss. Harry is a lucky guy.

      Guy: Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles

      Group: One Direction

      • IcanC says

        Based on recent events and Blind Gossip item 50153–He Already Has Someone it’s down to one person:

        Guy: Louis Tomlinson

        Group: One Direction

  36. NoseyNana2008 says

    Wait a minute! Are these the same entertainment people who support gay marriage? How could a management company in this day and age think that being gay is a deterrent for their group? I would think this opens up a new fan base and allows the young man to be who he really is. I don’t understand all this bearding and fake relationships. Does the media/PR machine think we’re so desperate for celebrity couplings they need to make them up? I thought that sort of stuff died out with the Hollywood studios of old. Just stay out of the papers and do your job.

  37. feelsthisright says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction

    There’s so much hints here. And “The Gay One” sentence was at “Boysbanders Are Hiding A Secret” article.
    It could be about Louis, but Harry is the one which can’t lie. He’s the one which almost kissed Loui at Video Diaries.

    But we’re little bit scared that in few days there will be update “it’s not about any member of One Direction”. It’s little bit obvious, that MGMT will want to do this again.

    My first posting, Xx

  38. LeahLynn28 says

    Well,one of the 1D boys?At least two of them are gays,and their PR team are always searching for girls for them to “date”.But he must probably be Harry Styles,he’s the only one in more evidence right now,because of his failed PR stunt with Taylor Swift.

  39. tomlintampons says

    May be Harry Styles although some of you need to realize not every article to do with being gay or gay singers has to do with them. Also I have seen comments saying Louis and Harry are dating or even married but you cant really claim to know these things I mean its not your life is it? You also can’t go off of the “looks” they give each other. Maybe you all should just wait until they finally come out if they are indeed gay or together.

  40. ch0dezilla says

    i’m literally on the verge of tears…..
    this article screams harry, and knowing how shitty their management is, i know it’s harry.
    i just feel so bad for him, i just want him to be happy :/
    their management just needs to realize that we’ll love him no matter what. we just want to stop seeing him hurting.

  41. LLC317 says

    I think it’s pretty obvious that this is about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Although they’re together, I think Harry’s the one wanting to come out. He has always been very supportive of the gay community, visits gay bars, and ALWAYS uses gender neutral pronouns when answering questions about what he looks for in a girl (he’s even slipped in a “him” before).

    Fans refer to the boys’ management company, Modest! Management, and anyone affiliated with them as “management.” This may not seem significant, but I guarantee you that they are always referred to solely as “management,” never “their managers” or anything similar.

    Modest! Management has been in hot water lately. Rebecca Furguson and Cher Lloyd were both signed at the same time as the boys and both recently broke their contracts because of serious issues with the company. There are plenty of horror stories from Rebecca’s time with them ranging from working her to exhaustion to refusing to let her see her children. The X-Factor UK also decided in the fall that they were not going to use Modest! as the management company for contestants after all of the issues.

    It breaks my heart that they’re not allowed to come out, but hopefully they’re happy together and can wait all of this out.

  42. carloseanopry7 says

    First time posting. and thanks so much Ace. Kudos to your site! you are so reliable and in this brink of time, we need someone who speaks the truth. /*hints actually haha but we get it


    He has always been speculated to being “The Gay One” because he acts kinda feminine, dresses with stripes and red pants, and he’s pretty camp but still masculine tbh. but yeah, the fact he knows this, he probably doesnt care if he is labelled the gay one.

    the biggest hint here though is “if he goes rogue”. Louis was in a band called The Rogue. so yup, Lou is the most probable candidate. and one of his bandmates was actually his boyfriend. and the fact that is the case, obviously Louis is very certain he is gay and is excusively interested in men.

    And “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.” ahem Harry Styles.

    And the use of the word, “management”. this is an inside joke of directioners but now has become the reality… management indeed is pushing the two back into the closet because of their fears.

    i am a big directioner.. and i really hope he will get through this. i love Louis.. he’s actually my most favourite of the band. and yes, i’m a Louis boy and a Larry shipper.

    BRAVERY. xx

    • Lory says

      I initially wrote that I thought it was Harry, but after reading your post I think it’s Louis that is pushing to come out, even though I think Harry is gay as well. I didn’t know Louis had been in a band called The Rogue, and that’s what gave it away for me. I thought Louis and Harry were an item and I was a Larry shipper but I now think Harry could be getting it on with Nick Grimshaw instead (or he could be single and spending time with both Nick and Louis, but I think he spends more time with Nick).

      If Louis was with Harry and he came out, he still wouldn’t be able to openly date Harry as Harry would still be in the closet, so it wouldn’t make sense for just one of them to push management to allow them to come out of the closet to openly date. They would both push right? I don’t think they are item for that reason also. The blind also says, “He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age” and Harry is not his age (3 years younger, i think). It also says he wants to openly date “guys” (plural), not a guy in particular.

      Sadly, I don’t think Harry and Louis are a couple (maybe occasional bed buddies at best) which is sad because looking at them together it seems like they would be a match made in heaven. Harry can do way better than Nick Grimshaw who is 10 years older than him and imo seems like a bit of a pervert and they look mismatched. They do spend a lot of time together and go out clubbing together without Louis. I would expect that if Louis and Harry were an item, Louis would be spending more time with Harry than Nick does.

      The situation is confusing due to the fact that Louis and Harry do act like they really dig each other, but it’s hard to know what the truth is. I still hold hope that Larry exists and is very real, but as time goes by that hope is fading.

    • PinkPetals says

      I originally thought that this post was about Harry BUT totally agree with carlos above re Louis Tomlinson. If you YouTube ‘Louis Tomlinson’ and ‘Rogue’ – BINGO. Videos of him and his band (pre being discovered) This Blind is about Louis. Makes me very sad for him. Gorgeous, gorgeous kid. Shame on his management.

  43. Tractfive says

    “Rogue” feels like a clue to me – if you google 1D and rogue you get an article talking about some grade school teacher saying Louis was a bit of a rogue. However, information about an English boy band group named the Loveable Rogues also pops up. Wikipedia says they started in 2010 and may represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2013 – this might tie into the “tune out” comment if the group isn’t picked for the broadcast.

  44. HagiaSophia says

    Guy: Kendall Schmidt

    Group: Big Time Rush

    I don’t think it’s 1D because the obvious person who would be pushing to come out is Harry. And if he was looking to date someone (which he’s not since he’s dating Louis), it wouldn’t be someone his own age; it would be Nick Grimshaw.

    I don’t know much about their management, but the “tune out” immediately makes me think of a TV show and they’re on squeaky clean Nickelodeon.

    Also, if you squint, that drawing totally looks like it could be someone on ice skates (they play hockey players on the show). 😉

    First time posting here. Love the site!

  45. Tomlinsane says

    Guy: Louis Tomlinson
    Group: One Direction
    “he is the only one who has been pushing the management”
    ‘Management’ is a well-known word amongst the One Direction fanbase. Not sure if it’s a clue, but..
    “if he goes rogue”
    Louis was part of a band before One Direction called The Rogue.
    It’s not Harry, you guys.

  46. clara says

    Well, there is a solution: let him come out, but say that he is bi-sexual. He has the most stupid fans in the world, they will believe anything you tell them. Everybody will be happy. Harry can go on dates with guys, he can be cute with his bandmate again, fans will believe they still have a chance.

    Coming out as gay would be stupid. It would be the end of One Direction. Fourteen year old girls say that they are very openminded, but they are not. They want to see Harry as potential boyfriend, and they want to see Louis with Eleanor. If he’s gay, a big part of his fans will lose interest. That’s the whole point of being in a boyband, they are fan because they see you as their perfect boyfriend.

    Louis is another case. Louis is not in a good situation. Fans love him and Eleanor, they love the prince/princess image they are trying to create around them. I think that Louis doesn’t care about coming out as much as Harry does, he just wants the band to be succesful. But at what price? In the end, I think this situation is more sad for Louis. The way he was acting towards Harry a couple of months ago was insane. How can somebody be so afraid that he can’t even be nice to one of his best friends anymore? He just needs to be happy while it lasts. And he shouldn’t be so insecure, because he is perfect. He just needs to stop with doing stupid things.

    • picklepops says

      Are you kidding? Fans HATE Eleanor. The only time she’s ever mentioned by fans is to send her hateful messages, and she’s just as rude back. If she’s the princess of anything, it’s Princess of Irrelevant Bitch.

      • lovesin says

        Eleanor is actually a style icon to most directioners, the only fans that really care enough to hate her are the hardcore Larry fans

    • picklepops says

      Are you kidding? Fans HATE Eleanor. The only time she’s ever mentioned by fans is to send her hateful messages, and she’s just as rude back. If she’s the princess of anything, it’s Princess of Irrelevance.

  47. MariiV:) says

    Guy: either Harry or Louis
    Group: One Direction

    I highly doubt this will be solved/will be saying its Harry or Lou bc management.

  48. officerock says

    Harry Styles
    Group: one direction

    People will assume Louis because he “looks more gay” but I think Harry has always been gay and tends to be more “obvious” than Louis
    He also seems like he wants to come out more and Louis is just trying to protect their relationship and the band.

  49. dee123 says

    Hmmm…. What’s with the tags Ace? Is this another situation of everyone guessing musicians when it’s not???

  50. Jazzlyn says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction
    I just want them to be happy and it is sad that they should have to choose between their relationships and their careers. First of all people should let other people do as they please and love who they want and second of all even if they dont agree with their lifestyle they should be able to look the other way and focus on the music. that is what it is all about (at least its supposed to be anyway) p.s. harry/louis being gay does not make them any less attractive to me. i might even be willing to say it only adds to their appeal…..maybe thats just me.

  51. lucasj says

    Everyone seems to be saying Harry Styles, but I think it’s more likely that it’s Niall Horan. There was an awful attempt at a staged relationship between him and Demi Lovato a while back – makes sense, since she’d also be interested in it for the good publicity.

  52. andi says

    Of course this is Harry Styles. Of course he and Louis are in love. Does Modest think they are really fooling anybody? Does Modest give one crap about the well-being and happiness of their clients? Evidently not. Sure, they might lose a few fans if they came out, but they’d be left with still MILLIONS of fans! You can literally see the vibrancy and love between the boys; they belong together, and it’s obvious.
    So, Modest Management–join the 21st Century please!!!!!!!!

  53. Lory says

    Didn’t initally think it was anyone from 1D as it’s kinda obvious that one, if not two (“Larry”) are gay anyway. But not being able to guess as to who else it might be, I’m still gonna guess a 1D member – Harry Styles. I am a supporter of his and Louis’ relationship, but am now questioning what his relationsip is with Nick Grimshaw. Are they together? I have read a couple of articles suggesting this is the case, with one article in particular suggesting that if details of their relationship came out it would ruin one or both of their careers. Apparently (according to this article) Harry’s and Nick’s relationship is known throughout BBC Radio 1.
    I hope however that he is with Louis (as i initially believed) because by appearances, it seems they are together and so much fun and affectionate with each other.

  54. mxw3403 says

    (I want this to be about Joe Jonas for reasons)

    I guess I’d agree with everyone else that it’s Harry Styles from 1D, but the only thing that would make me think that it’s not him is that this BI only mentions one of the boy banders being gay and the BIs that were previously posted about 1D would always mention two boys that were together, so…not too sure about this one, Ace.

    • mxw3403 says

      oh jk, I didn’t see the part about not being the only one in the group who felt that way. Okay, so Harry then.

    • claireteackley says

      “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way” pretty much means he’s not the only one who’s gay :)

    • annnn says

      This! I was thinking it was Harry but all of a sudden “He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age”, I mean, I thought he was with Louis, this breaks my heart if it’s him lol.

      I’m going for Liam; I can imagine him wanting to be “the gay one” and he was one of the first ones to have a girlfriend in 1D, this kind of bearding would be less suspicious than having him walk around with a different woman every week, like Harry Styles.