He Will Lose His Job If He Comes Out

man closet haring[Blind Gossip] This cute young celebrity is in a tough spot. He wants to live as his real self, but he is part of a group that could suffer if his image changes.

Here’s the situation: He is gay. He has always been gay. But the role he has to play is one which girls would find attractive. So for the past couple of years, he has been pretending to be straight, and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him.

Now he is growing increasingly uncomfortable with that role. He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age. He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way. However, for now, he is the only one who has been pushing management to allow him to be the “The Gay One”. He really wouldn’t mind that label at all.  The others are trying to stay out of the controversy. While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.

His management team – which is substantially older than him – vehemently opposes his coming out. They have made it very clear to him that they are there to sell an image, not to cater to his personal desires to come out. They believe in the more old-fashioned “girls are only interested in straight boy celebrities” school of thought. They don’t believe that a gay young celebrity will sell. They are so convinced of this that they have warned him that if he goes rogue and announces that he is gay, and fans tune out… he will lose his job.



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    • YoGo8c says

      My gut tells me it’s Harry.

      Clues?: he makes constant ambiguous noises (usually followed by tons of seeming planted OTT stories about girls right after) and I find it distressing to see because I don’t young people are being allowed to be free to be themselves in this situation. This is always very sad (it happened before in boybands) and whoever it is I think it’s a breach of human rights imo!

      That’s my gut feel even if wrong. I also don’t think he’s ‘with’ Louis but that’s another argument.

    • joliefleur says

      I know everyone is jumping on the Harry Styles, or someone from One Direction, train but I don’t think it’s anyone from that band. Couple of reasons why but the main one is that I doubt Harry could “lose” his job. He’s arguably the most popular one in that group. Also, he doesn’t seem to have always identified as gay. I think it’s someone from Big Time Rush or The Wanted. But I don’t know much about these boy bands so I’m not sure who it is exactly. However, it is quite obvious that Harry and Louis are both gay. But whether or not they’re in an actual relationship is not confirmed. I do remember the other blind that referred to them sleeping together. And watching a couple of their interactions, they do seem to be into each other.

      • ILoveLucy says

        Nobody would lose their job for ‘coming out’, that would kind of a bad move. Like firing somebody for being black or Catholic or w/e. It can’t be done. He would not be fired, but he would “move on”, go solo. Nobody would claim to have fired this kid. No way! Thats a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. besides, if Harry comes out now, wow, what would that make Taylor Swift look like? Naw, it’s not Harry. One of the other 1D kids.

      • larry_forever says

        I just think it’s Harry because the sentence ‘ He has always been gay’ shows him. When he was in like high school, he had a boyfriend that time too so yeah.

    • valley of the dolls says

      I’m feeling this guess. The weird thing is that Jeff Davis, the creator of the show he was on (Teen Wolf) is also a gay man and how strange and tragic would it be if he knew Colton wanted to come out and didn’t do anything to help him. I’m extremely loathe to even consider this option and I just don’t see it. But, considering the fact that Colton left Teen Wolf and has just joined the show Arrow on the CW and that fucking network has a history of being un-homo-friendly about actors and even sometimes it’s characters (see: Destiel and the broken hearts of a billion shippers the world over), it makes even more sense.

      • ONIT says

        You said it, Jeff Davis is the showrunner of Teen Wolf but not Colton’s management, two different things… if it’s him. Unfortunately, gay actors tend to not get jobs, sometimes even when not being out. Being gay is still a stigma.

  1. vampasdesired says

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Group: One Direction

    He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way: Louis Tomlinson

    If I’m right, I’d love you Ace, I’d love you like I’ve never loved before

  2. says

    Harry Styles from one direction. He is considered the most attractive of the band by many young girls. “The gay one” in the other blind was Louis, so this is Harry.

  3. mirchi says

    The kid from One Direction? Or Taylor Lautner from the Twilight series?

    Funny that I only know these names from blinds here……

    • Revisionist says

      yes, i mean this is more junior high/elematary school turf. You are being generous with 18. I cant imagine a high school girl even being intersted in them. At least its not another Demi Lavotwho???? item.

      • Manders92 says

        Im almost 21, and I love them. And there are a fair few on Tumblr in their mid-twenties who like them. Some because they find them attractive, some because the love story between two of them is too sweet to deny, especially to all of the lesbian women (like myself). Its an adorable relationship that we look up to. No particular genre or artist has an age limit or expiration date. You dont have to be 12 to like One Direction, just like you don’t necessarily have to be 60 to enjoy jazz. It’s all relative.

      • NMHere says

        I’m a university student that likes One Direction, and most of my female friends like them too. It’s not uncommon for post-high school girls to like them. It’s catchy music sung by five attractive with good voices. We don’t think they’re the most amazing thing out that, but we can enjoy them.

      • Elenadearest says

        Actually….a good portion of the fandom for 1D, more specifically for Louis and Harry, are people over 18. The boys themselves are over 18. I am 23, and I fully support the band.

        Do I buy all of their albums and t-shirts and crazy nail stick ons? No.

        Do I enjoy some of their songs, and care about whether or not they are happy? Yes. You don’t have to be an adolescent to enjoy 1D, just like you don’t have to be an old fart to enjoy Elvis or The Beatles. Good music is in the ear of the beholder, and MANY MANY MANY people support 1D BECAUSE of Harry and Louis and them having to hide themselves.

    • flymetothemoo says

      Agreed. I don’t care at all about these people and would never have heard of them except for this site. Then again, I didn’t like these types of groups when I was young enough either so no surprise there.

      I also don’t watch any reality shows so I snooze through those blinds as well. But occasionally there is some good gossip on a real celeb and that keeps me coming back. :)

    • BooBearBanana says

      I’m 20, a university student and like them. Yeah, they’re a boyband, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy their music. Like Elenadearest said, you don’t have to be a teenager to like 1D.

    • litswd.tb says

      I’m 26 and I adore this band with my heart, And word out now a days is Niall Horan is the only one who’s straight in 1D. Danielle Peazer apparently left Liam for cheating on her back in about Sept. (Although their currently back together they don’t seem as happy as they once were)The rumors have been getting heavy about Liam and Muslim member Zayn Malik being together.

      • monica says

        Hm – Ziam (Liam and Zayn Malik’s portmanteau) is REALLY starting to gain airplay. If one looks at those two through Larry-tinted glasses then it’s near impossible to pick up on the increasingly obvious something they have for each other because their situation – and dynamic – is drastically different compared to Louis and Harry’s. But I have no doubt in my mind that Zayn and Liam are also together. The evidence surrounding them initially surprised me to an extent, however looking into the evidence further they were consistent with everything else, and that eventually cemented my belief in Ziam as One Direction’s second gay couple (committed relationship).

        The unfortunate problem I have though with people who overlook Ziam or refuse to admit that they’re together is also due to the FAR-FETCHED image it implies. Of course…TWO gay couples in ONE boy band?!? For most people, this is almost unprecedented and no one has seen the likes of such a thing. It’s “unbelievable” (which at first it is), yes, yet not far-fetched.

        Lend your eyes over to Perrie Edwards of British girl band Little Mix (Zayn’s long-term “girlfriend”) and Danielle Peazer (who broke up with Liam in September 2012 then mysteriously reunited with him in October 2012 [A MONTH’S distance]…how shady); dig into their histories and you should have a solid foundation behind Ziam’s formation.

        Little Mix was a failing band. LM were the winners of the 2011 season succeeding 1D in UK’s X-Factor; they needed a saving grace, and Zayn swooped in to save the day (by the intent of Modest!, his management). It’s more than plausible that Modest! saw this potential publicity stunt as a weapon to break America and pluck Little Mix out of dangerous waters. Explains perfectly well why “Zerrie” has suddenly become over-publicized – nearly as over-publicized as Louis Tomlinson’s PR relationship with Eleanor Calder – and why Danielle and Liam’s “get-togethers”/”happenings” in October after they reunited have appeared sketchy to my eye/inconsistent.

        So, there’s way more about my observations that I could fit in here, but yes: these are numerous reasons that feed into the heavy stream of Ziam rumours lately. The Take Me Home Tour that One Direction kicked off in March is even more valuable…Zayn and Liam are too cute for words!! Their interactions seem to cross the platonic line completely and border into intimacy ajlfjlsfjd

  4. Maria says

    Not sure if it’s Harry or Lou but most definitely One Direction. it could be Liam or Zayn too though but I highly doubt it.

  5. mercury99 says

    UGH! your killing all of us, you know this right???!?!?!!? So now we are talking about Harry? All these games. It has to be him. Because Louis was the first to say he wasnt…Harry has never said a word. What I hate is they are living a lie. I want them all to be happy. But you wont be able to post this as “solved” until they come out. And they cant. But they are together and happy. I refuse to believe anything else. In this day and age you would think they could come out. They dont realise how many millions of girls will still support them. Period.

    • LooLoo says

      I doubt they would get much support from anyone. Girls long for these little band boys because they want to be the guy’s girlfriend. It certainly isn’t the music! Girls that age are naive enough to believe that they have a chance with the famous boys they like. Take that away and there is no career. Anyone old enough to know better is too old to be a fan of his.

      They only have a short time to milk this and make their money. In three years this will all be over and he can date whomever he likes. Until then, he needs to keep the mouth closed and enjoy the fame and fortune.

      • luvprue1 says


        I agree. People needs to realize that what they are really selling is an “illusion”, once it’s broken it’s hard to get it back. In other words it’s like a magician’s magic trick. Once you know how trick was done, you are no longer in awe of the magician. So coming out right now would hurt him career wise if he’s in one of the boy bands or an actor just starting out . Think about how big Clay Aiken was,and think about his career now. while he still do some stuff, he career is not the same as it once was.

      • YoGo8c says

        “Until then, he needs to keep the mouth closed and enjoy the fame and fortune.”

        That’s the problem though isn’t it? Some people would like to live honestly with more self-worth but find themselves in a cycle of more and more lies as time goes on. How do you rectify it 3 years on if you can’t reconcile lying now?

        This is a tough call. Whoever this is (my guess was above be it right or wrong) I doubt when they signed up for this they ever thought a.) they’d be so huge and popular b.) they would be contractually bound into silence in this way to the point you can’t have adult relationships like others openly can. This has all been done before (Boyzone, Westlife) and it’s so sad. All that money and yet nowhere to go… :(

      • LooLoo says

        He could definitely live honestly and go and work at the mall. That’s definitely an option. It just seems like a waste of an opportunity when he could do this for a few years and be set for the next 20 years. Depending on how he manages his money and investments, he could set himself up for life. Isn’t that worth not dating openly for a couple of years? It would be to most people. I think this is more of a case of Whiny Celebrity Syndrome. He wants to keep the fame, fortune and admiration, but he doesn’t want to do what you have to do to keep it.

      • clara says

        Yeah. It’s sad. This kid is an example for the rest of the world. Such a pure soul. I think he will have a long career. He could be the next Robbie Williams without the drugs addiction. He’s got the cute face, the personality, the voice, he got his head screwed on. But one mistake in the beginning, and it is over. Not only for him, but also for his bandmates. It’s a bit naive to think you can come out as gay when being the most popular member of the biggest boyband in the world. It is possible when you are a solo artist. But the definition of boyband is the attractiveness of the boys. The typical boyband fans won’t be interested in a gay Harry. Others will feel angry or betrayed and leave the fandom as well. Especially when your bandmate made sure that everybody hates it when bandmembers of One Direction are called gay. Louis created a homophobic fandom himself, which is quite ironic. Sometimes I really don’t understand him. Even if he isn’t gay himself, why would you do that?

      • litswd.tb says

        Actually their is quite the collection of fans who highly believe Harry is gay and do support him. Also stop an take a look at Union J, Their member Jaimee came out not long ago as gay and from what I understand it hasn’t slowed anything down for them. Thirdly, the fans really need to pay attention to the group of 1D fans known as Larry Believers (The fans who ship Larry Stylinson and truly believe Louis and Harry are in a gay relationship) They know exactly what their talking about when they say Management is running the twitter accounts. . .

        I mean not long ago Liam made a comment about Larry, After all this time and now He throws in his two cents?! Add on to that the fact that the last few times “Louis” had gone off against Larry fans on twitter the tweet is down with in about two to three hours? What’s even stranger, is the fans who made the Larry comments didn’t even make the comments to Louis. . . Meaning someone is controlling the twitter page and searching for Larry tweets.

  6. spritzercat81 says

    First time poster. Suspect one, or more, of one direction, as their management team are very strict with their image. I do think it’s really sad, whoever it is, that they are not allowed to be themselves. Hope this changes one day.

    • Ati2d9 says

      …but it is true that they are selling an image. Do you know how many singers/performers do things that aren’t “their style” …. ALOT. Sad … but true.

      • spritzercat81 says

        Ati2d9 agreed. I suppose my point is that being gay shouldn’t be seen as something that should be hidden, as a part of an image, if you see what I mean…

        It’s shocking how much is hidden from public view and how much is made up by management. I used to so naive and then I discovered these gossip sites…

    • YoGo8c says

      Their management def fit the clue of being ‘older’. The guys that formed Modest were Simon Cowell’s generation/buddies so…

  7. says

    I feel like it might be either Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles of One Direction, but I’m not quite sure. I was sure this article was about them until I read “The others are trying to stay out of the controversy. While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.”, that doesn’t seem like something that the other boys would do. It’s obvious how close all five of them are, and I think that they’d do anything to see each other be happy. Plus, none of them seem like the type to be caught up in how much money they make, they’ve always seemed so down to Earth. But the rest of it screams Harry and Louis…

    • Elenadearest says

      No, if you think about it, the other boys try to discreetly redirect Harry and Louis whenever they get too close for management’s comfort.

      Like that interview where Louis had the gauze all over his head, and Harry literally went in to kiss him, and Liam was like ‘HEY GUYS WATRUDOIN’

      They are VERY protective of each other, yes, but Harry seems to be the one that is openly rebelling. The tattoos, the nights out with his not-the-social-norm friends, and is very openly known love and respect for LGBTQIA.

      Yes, the boys are super down to earth, but they are teenagers making millions. Wouldn’t you love that lifestyle? I’d follow some rules to keep it too. Harry’s case is extreme though, because he has to hide his true nature, hence the rebellion.

  8. lykke94 says

    I think the guy is Harry Styles.

    And the group ofc is One Direction.

    This also leads back to a previous BG article about being ”the gay one” possible about 1d.

    (this is my first post so bare with me)

  9. crystalbluee says

    oh my god. really hope it’s not true. but sounds a lot like harry styles and group of course – one direction.

  10. OhmyTommocarrot says

    omg, Ace I love you so much for posting these stuff but seriously, I’m sick and tired of them having to hide, I just want them to come out already! I feel so bad for them!

    Guy: Louis Tomlinson (“The Gay One”, reference from “Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret”)
    Group: One Direction

    btw, first time poster!

  11. audreyyy says

    guy: harry styles
    group: one direction
    this shit makes me so mad i fucking hate their management

  12. MizEmzie says

    Is this blind item about One Direction too? Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson I think? I think it’s Harry cause he’s more open about his sexuality than Louis. He goes to gay bars, wears “Love is Equal” tshirts and even slipped out when asked about a perfect girlfriend; he said him instead of her. The clues are the repetitions of “one” leading to one direction, the group which is one direction, the fact that they say he’s not the only gay guy in 1D(Louis is too and they are together), the fact that they put “The Gay One” like in the Boybanders are Hiding a Secret blind item(which IS about Harry and Louis and One Direction-no doubt about that). His management is Modest!Management and they are known for putting gay people in the closet a lot and not treating their clients well.
    Young could be referring to the fact that he’s still young or even to 1D’s single “Live While We’re Young”. The fact that they are talking about a straight desirable image is also pointing to 1D since they are all known mostly for their looks. I also think this is about Harry more than Louis because the blind item is saying that the girls like the role he is playing because it attracts them. Hmm..Harry is seen as the manwhore so of course girls like that because it makes them think they could have a chance of hooking up with him when
    really there is none because he’s gay and in a relationship with Louis.

    All in all…this is sad. Whoever this is, it’s unfair and I hope he makes the best choice.

  13. thelasthigh says

    Harry Styles, very obviously.

    Louis Tomlinson is The Other Gay One.

    A continuation of Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret.

    my only question, Ace, is are these two still in a sexual relationship, and has it ever been a real relationship? We need a blind for that!

    Come on out, Harry! Money and fame isn’t worth hiding against your will. Or let management at least compromise and let him be “bisexual”?

  14. sposposey says

    Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He’s pretty clearly gay… And their management is Modest, which is known for keeping clients from coming out. 60% sure the other member of the group is Harry Styles, who probably wouldn’t have as much of a chance of getting management to let him come out – he’s the most well known and the most ‘sought after’ by the fans. First time poster :)

    • Elenadearest says

      Reverse it! Harry openly defies gender norms, and is getting increasingly rebellious in that. Louis is fine(if you can call it that) with having to hide his sexuality and be with Eleanor:

      Your exact reason why they wouldn’t let him come out is why that proves he is the person in this Blind (:

  15. TJ says

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Group: One Direction

    Added bonus- Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

    MM sucks! their tactics are brutal and it’s all about money! I wish they would just let them be.. its 2013

  16. says

    If it weren’t for some of the interesting wording in this blind and the description of someone the other people in this group, I would think this were Harry Styles from One Direction and any other argument is invalid.

    Modest! Management is historically opposed to gay and out clients and will drop you if you are already out and people find out.

    Harry already basically has the moniker of The Gay One and no one besides people who are blind and those too young to understand ever buys him dating women and his management team realises this. That’s why, alongside trying to sell Louis as being in a relationship with Eleanor, they try to sell, without actually ever coming out and saying so, Harry being in a secret relationship with one of his best friend Nick Grimshaw, BBC 1 Breakfast Radio DJ.

    He is also in an (actual) secret relationship with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and he also is sick of playing the heterosexuality game. That’s the one thing that threw me off about this blind.

    Louis wants to go public with Harry just as badly as Harry does.

    Also “lose his job” is a strange way to put getting dropped by a management company.

    So either it’s Harry Styles and One Direction and, I dunno, Taylor Lautner and the Twilight franchise.

    Might I just take the time to thank BG for all the Larry/Ziam/1D articles lately? Bless you, child.

  17. OneLarryDirection says

    Guy: Louis Tomlinson.

    Group: One Direction.

    The biggest clue here is “The Gay One” which was used in the Boybanders are hiding a secret blind article, everyone pretty much knows that Louis is “The Gay One” out of 1D because he is the most feminine and just pretty much stereotypically gay.

  18. Andreinac13 says

    The Group: One Direction
    The Guy: Harry Something Something.

    I don’t know a lot about him or the boy band, I haven’t even heard a song of them, but I’ve heard rumors of him and another bandmate being gay.

  19. kai95c says

    Blatantly One Direction, references to ‘One’ ‘tune’.
    The idolization suggests Harry as the one who really wants to come out. But could be Niall. Or Louis.
    Going with…
    Guy: Harry
    Group: One Direction.

  20. realmccoy18 says

    sound like harry styles but this doesn’t mention him dating another member of the group…

  21. stymshaw says

    Guy: Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson. Probably Harry since Louis is “taken”.
    Group: One Direction. Obviously.

  22. bullshipper69 says

    The guy is defiantly either Harry or Louis from One Direction. I’m leaning more towards Harry, because of the fact he openly visits gay clubs and is a huge supporter in the gay community. Which ever boy it is, I just hope Modest can realize most Directioners would support him. We don’t live in the mid 1900’s anymore. Homosexuality is accepted in this modern day in age.

    • monica says

      True, but there’s still as much homophobia as there was back in the 1900’s (perhaps a 40-50% percentage of it). The backlash, seeing that 1D’s fanbase is MOSTLY comprised of pre-pubescent/adolescent teenage girls, is going to be purely inevitable, tsk. ): The fanbase is deluded into thinking that they’ll marry their ideal band member, and harass every other female that is involved with them [sexually, business-wise, or platonic-wise – often platonic-wise in this case seeing that they’re gay].

      It’s going to pose a real, raw test for Harry and Louis’ relationship if they come out now.

  23. anycolouryoulike says

    Guy: Louis Tomlinson.

    Group: One Direction


    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction

    They’re dating so it’s either one of them.

  24. luke_harvey says

    please be Harry (in a 100% good way)
    One Direction …..

    You go girl (since we’re both gay)

  25. julio2 says

    Hm… I really, really want to say One Direction, but I’m confused by the tags. Nothing about music? Well. If it is One Direction, it could be Harry Styles. However, the blind where One Direction was notted the other day is suggesting to me that even if this is Harry, he isn’t in a relationship with Louis or anyone else in the band. *sigh* I get way too into these blinds about young celebrities.

  26. sweetangelz77 says

    Harry Styles from One Direction, hence the “The Gay One”.
    Hey Ace, when you say “While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.” what do you mean? They ALL pretend they are straight? Does that mean the entire group is gay?
    And his management team is right. While a significant amount of One Direction’s fans support Styles’s speculated sexual orientation, there are still a good amount of fans out there who would literally stop being a fan if they found out he was gay. Styles’ s needs to choose what’s more important to him – his life, or his fame and paycheck.

  27. timmybeaverhausen says

    I don’t know who it is but that’s just sad. Let the kid be honest. Especially if he’s in a group or ensemble – the girls will still come screaming… and bring their gay besties along with them. Come out, young man, come the hell out.

  28. loubear says

    Guy: Harry Styles (and Louis Tomlinson as “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.”
    Group: One Direction

  29. zephyr66 says

    I can’t even tell if this is about a boy band (I think that’s what we are supposed to think) or something else, maybe a tv show or movie? Anyhow, here’s my guess:

    Guy: Joe Jonas
    Group: Jonas Brothers

  30. Booboo1068 says

    Ace said a rent BI was not about One Direction but another one could be. So….

    Harry Styles (I’m sure at LEAST one other member is as well)

    Maybe that’s why he didn’t act the part of BF to Taylor convincingly enough for her? The BI’s team needs to come into this century…please. Adam Lambert didn’t lose female fans and neither did Ricky Martin (I know he’s older but still). Many teen girls have one gay BF and most now get it doesn’t affect your talent or looks. Sad! Hopefully whoever this is finds a new team at some point who will support him in not living a lie and then drinking or doing drugs to deal with it.

  31. lotsalot says

    This seems to be hinting at Harry Styles of One Direction.


    “part of a group”, “his group of colleagues”, “others” all imply that his career depends on his involvement with them, rather than him as an individual. This would fit with a band.

    “The Gay One” is a direct link to the previous blind gossip “Boybanders hiding a secret” and also emphasizes that the individual roles given to each member of the band are very important in their marketing.

    “past couple of years”; One Direction have been together around 2 1/2 years now.

    “cute, young celebrity” definitely fits with Harry Styles, as does “pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him” . “girls idolizing” is another clue, as One Direction and Harry are a huge hit with teenage girls.

    Paychecks and issues with money: One Direction have been rolling it in recently, with it being reported they have received 15 million pounds each.

    “which is substantially older than him”; a hint at how young he is (Harry is 18).

    “tune out” a hint that the boy in question is involved in music, which supports the guess of Harry.

    Only thing that doesn’t fit is that he will “lose his job” if he comes out…Harry is the face of 1D whether you like it or not and I can’t see them trying to market 1D without him. That’s why I think this could also be about Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Though less popular with girls, it would be less shocking if he was booted out. However, you used the ellipses and I feel like maybe you were trying to emphasize how unbelievable and shocking it would be to fire him (which with Harry it certainly would be).

    This could be another hint at Boybanders hiding a secret: ” He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age. He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.” This seems to say there is another gay member of the band, but that the subject of the Blind Item is the only one willing to come out. Interesting.

    • Marnie says

      The blind don’t say that ” he will lose his job if he comes out” but that “if he announces that he is gay, AND FANS TUNE OUT… he will lose his job.” It depends on the fans..

      I don’t know if it is Louis or Harry, but i think Louis, for “The Rogue” hint. Band: One Direction.
      By the way, first time poster. And i’m in love with the site <3 ( baci dall'Italia!)

  32. larry5everbro says

    guy: Harry styles

    Group: one direction

    If this isn’t about him then I’ll be very surprised.

  33. thelasthigh says

    Actually “Fans tune out” makes me think of a TV show, so does “role”.

    this is too vague for me.

  34. NightNurse says

    Lies, lies, lies – there’s no business like show business. Let ’em gays come out of their closets, why are you lying to all of your young fans? Sooner or later everything comes out in the end.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Yes, absolutely. My dad said the truth is like cream…it always rises to the top. Can’t suppress the truth, can’t hide the lies.

  35. JennUx says

    See if this is Harry, and “modest” is reading this. What. Even. Are. You. Anger. Emotions. Stop. It. Now. Modest. Now.

    So, yeah, Harry Styles from 1D.

  36. HarryandLouis says


  37. ACluett says

    Harry Styles
    One Direction

    Sadly his management team is sort of right. If you look at their target audience it’s basically 12-19 year old girls who are convinced they’re going to marry him.
    He lost a lot of fans over his publicity stunt with Taylor Swift, so you can imagine the sh*t storm him coming out as gay will cause. Especially if he’s in a relationship with one of his band mates, which I personally believe he is.

  38. OhmyTommocarrot says

    Another clue: Louis used to be in a band called “The Rogue” when he was younger.
    “… if he goes rogue..”

  39. BelleBanana says

    Are you going to deny all our guesses again? Is it safe to guess..? Are you making amends this way? Telling us no one made you deny that “Two Hotties Are Interested In One” article?


    Guy: Harry Styles
    Group: One Direction

    Harry seems very comfortable with his sexuality and, so it makes sense he wouldn’t mind being “The Gay One”. He wore “Love is Equal” shirt, he never uses gender pronouns when he talks about what he’s looking for in a partner – he even once slipped and said “He”, that “Good morning faggot” tweet he replied to very cheeky, and one of his best friends is openly gay and Harry very much supports it. There are other things like “I can’t change” tattoo, but no one really know the meaning, so that’s guessing.
    However all this proves that he very much wants to say “Fuck you” to management, and come out.

    “He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.” – Very conveniently placed. Nice.

    Girls idolize him, you used word “management” which really does have meaning in 1D fandom, since fans really dislike them, and “job losing” is probably about their Sony contract.