How Faker Got Her Groove Back

how stella got[Hollywood Street King] She’s a Basketball Wife most recognized for her false fronts. Though she may be one of the very few ratchet reality stars who actually bagged an NBA athlete, she’s said to not exactly be honoring her wedding vows.

That’s because our mystery lady seems to living her own true Hollywood version of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” – as reports of our blind item cheating with a known Jamaican dr*g dealer begin to surface. Don’t believe me… Ask her fake sister, Krystal.

This news comes as word points to our blind item’s jewelry business venture as going bust, freeing up time for her to whore with her island gangsta boo at various Tinseltown hot spots. Sources say her whoring could be nothing more than her taking it back to what she knows how to do best.

Know why? Because if she doesn’t meet her mother’s monthly expenses on time — and provide top dollar for her expensive weave — mom’s may spill our blind item’s tea!

Basketball Wife:


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  1. ImVioletsMama says

    I had to add: I’ve never heard of this person (or her husband), but I found her name based on HSK’s clues. I wondered what “false fronts” meant, because to me it sounded like a reference to teeth, but I though it could’ve meant “fronting” like “faking.” Then I saw this picture of her teeth!!!! YIKES!

    • ThinkerBelle says

      Oh my! That looks like one of those flippers that kids use in beauty pageants. That is a bad set of teeth! D@mn!

  2. waysouthofheaven says

    It’s Malaysia!!!

    her sister Krystal is really her best friend and she has a jewelry line!

  3. crazygossip says

    going to go with Kourtney and Lamar, just because everything seems to be about them these days. That and the Krystal, the crazy mom and other crazy stuff.

  4. Booboo1068 says

    I have no idea but you must be really messed up to be attracted to a drug dealer. Seriously, hope she’s using protection and there aren’t kids involved.

  5. Kitty S says

    Just wanted to add that in Stella Got Her Groove Back, Taye Diggs’ character WASN’T a drug dealer!!!

  6. jgirl828 says

    Malaysia Pargo. She used to be a (ratchet) video girl back in the day….just watch Ludacris’s “Splash Waterfalls” video.

  7. Grande Queso says

    Dude Malaysia has the WORST teeth and BOOB job.. Girl is a wreck! And she hangs with that other ratchet Draya.. that girl must have some form of HPV. lol.