Obnoxious Actress Gets Kicked Off A Plane

airplane 4SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This busy actress has done over 20 films and has several in production, but she is best known for a TV role she played. Other than that, she is hard to describe. She is either married or divorced, she is gay or straight, and she is a blonde, brunette, or redhead. She has been rather secretive about her personal life, so it is hard to know what the truth is.

One thing is for sure: she was kicked off a plane for acting like an entitled ass.

The incident was not publicized, but here’s how it went down. She pre-boarded, yammering loudly on her cell phone so that everyone beyond first class could hear how important she was. The flight attendants asked her to keep her voice down several times, but she ignored them.

As they were getting ready for takeoff, they gave the actress three warnings to turn off her cell phone. She dismissively waved them off each time, and continued to talk away.

When it came time to push back, the flight attendant approached her one last time. “Ms. X, we really need for you to turn off your cellphone so we can close the aircraft door and depart.” Ms. X expressed her annoyance to the person on the other end of the phone. “The f*cking flight attendant is trying to make me get off the f*cking phone… such bitches!”

The flight attendant went to the flight deck, had a brief conversation with the captain, and returned. She again addressed the actress, who was still on the phone. “Excuse me, Ms. X. This f*cking bitch of a flight attendant is now asking you to gather your belongings.” Security was called and the stunned actress was escorted off the plane. The flight wound up taking off 15 minutes late, but the entire first class section clapped when the actress departed. It may have been the most applause she got that day.

gillian andersonSOLVED!

It’s Gillian Anderson! Source: BlindGossip.com

Surprising, right? Who knew that Scully could be so self-centered and get so nasty?

To protect the identity of the flight attendants who told us this story, we will decline to name the airline and the date.

We don’t know her real hair color, although we tend to think of her as a redhead. And Gillian Anderson’s romantic status is still a big secret. It’s hard to say whether she is married or divorced or dating or single or gay or straight. The truth is out there. We’re just waiting for the right moment to tell you.

Congratulations to Twoam, who was first with the correct answer! And kudos to Amelia for picking up on the “Ms. X” (for X Files) and “truth” clues!

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