Obnoxious Actress Gets Kicked Off A Plane

airplane 4SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This busy actress has done over 20 films and has several in production, but she is best known for a TV role she played. Other than that, she is hard to describe. She is either married or divorced, she is gay or straight, and she is a blonde, brunette, or redhead. She has been rather secretive about her personal life, so it is hard to know what the truth is.

One thing is for sure: she was kicked off a plane for acting like an entitled ass.

The incident was not publicized, but here’s how it went down. She pre-boarded, yammering loudly on her cell phone so that everyone beyond first class could hear how important she was. The flight attendants asked her to keep her voice down several times, but she ignored them.

As they were getting ready for takeoff, they gave the actress three warnings to turn off her cell phone. She dismissively waved them off each time, and continued to talk away.

When it came time to push back, the flight attendant approached her one last time. “Ms. X, we really need for you to turn off your cellphone so we can close the aircraft door and depart.” Ms. X expressed her annoyance to the person on the other end of the phone. “The f*cking flight attendant is trying to make me get off the f*cking phone… such bitches!”

The flight attendant went to the flight deck, had a brief conversation with the captain, and returned. She again addressed the actress, who was still on the phone. “Excuse me, Ms. X. This f*cking bitch of a flight attendant is now asking you to gather your belongings.” Security was called and the stunned actress was escorted off the plane. The flight wound up taking off 15 minutes late, but the entire first class section clapped when the actress departed. It may have been the most applause she got that day.

gillian andersonSOLVED!

It’s Gillian Anderson! Source: BlindGossip.com

Surprising, right? Who knew that Scully could be so self-centered and get so nasty?

To protect the identity of the flight attendants who told us this story, we will decline to name the airline and the date.

We don’t know her real hair color, although we tend to think of her as a redhead. And Gillian Anderson’s romantic status is still a big secret. It’s hard to say whether she is married or divorced or dating or single or gay or straight. The truth is out there. We’re just waiting for the right moment to tell you.

Congratulations to Twoam, who was first with the correct answer! And kudos to Amelia for picking up on the “Ms. X” (for X Files) and “truth” clues!

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148 comments to Obnoxious Actress Gets Kicked Off A Plane

    • akajenb

      We shouldn’t be shocked about this. Celebrities behave differently in certain environments.lmao

      Don’t know what it is about flying that set Ms. Anderson off. Wealth and fame can turn humans into egomaniacs. Kudos to the flight attendant and the captain to escort her off the plane, no one needs to be treated that way.

    • akajenb

      Gillian Anderson in the near future needs to have her own private jet, or charter one since she doesn’t want to listen to a Flight Attendant. lol

      I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, getting kicked off a plane or having passengers give you a huge ovation

  • twoam

    Gillian Anderson

    • Booboo1068

      Seriously, this site has really good readers! I didn’t think of her but I agree and it seems a few others do.

    • Okayeah

      This is a really good guess. According to IMDb she currently has three movies in post-production, and she’s been in a bunch of other ones too but she’ll always be Scully.

    • momgus

      Better guess than mine!

    • mick_the_knife

      I didn´t think of her myself – but you seem to be right. All the clues fit, so: This!

    • MrsBreeder

      OOh, good one. Ms. X for X-files, perhaps???

    • Kitty S

      ^This – fits in with the clue “it is hard to know what the truth is.” = “the truth is out there”, in every x-files episode

    • kenzy459

      ^ Totally this! One more clue, “hard to know what the truth is” = the x-file slogan, “The truth is out there.”

    • snarky

      Didn’t think of this but went back to read the clues… “X” is a reference to the X-Files, and “so it is hard to know what the truth is” is a nod to the X-files tagline, “the truth is out there.” Gillian Anderson can do whatever show or movie she wants but nothing can eclipse her role as Scully!

    • redtom

      x-files of course

    • bethy

      I think you are right. She’s lost it on a plane before. [all links must be fully explained]

  • pinupgirl

    Lindsay Lohan

  • arielade

    Hmmmm… Katherine Heigl? I am pretty sure she is married though… Not sure about this one!

  • NurseRozetta

    hahahhaa!!!! I wish was there to witness this…

  • egarcia76

    Hmmmm …. first thought was ScarJo, but she isn’t known for TV. Busy Phillips, maybe? Clue being “busy” in the first line. IMDB shows only 1 film in production but 20+ movie credits. “Cougar Town” role = TV fame. Has been blonde, brundette, redhead. Ah, scratch that– she is married. Other than that, I got nothing. But awesome flight attendant/ crew! Reveal this, please!

  • kamy

    katherine heigl

  • smd1004p

    oh god- this screams katherine heigl

  • Molls

    January Jones.

  • ldylkngb

    Tea Leoni or Amber Herd

  • kermit1969

    Evan Rachel Wood.

  • MSQueen

    Kristen Wiig

  • amelia

    The “X” and “truth” make me think Gillian Anderson, but IDK

  • msp96302

    Kirstie Alley

  • lotsalot

    Scar Jo was my guess except she isn’t “best known for a TV role she played” so I’m lost :(

  • shuboy

    Jennifer Aniston?

    • Vampa15

      This was my first thought too but the whole ‘married/divorced straight/gay hair colour’ thing just doesn’t fit for her

  • Up the Coast

    Anne Heche…is a nut job.

  • addictedtogossip

    Kathryn Higel

  • DivaKarma

    Sarah Paulson

  • hiltzy

    Anne Heche.

    Not surprised; I was her waitress one time and she was absolutely miserable with me. So, so rude and entitled and just a sh*tty person to deal with.

    • Booboo1068

      It seems this true more often than not with the famous. They forget we all evolved from bacteria or that we are only one of BILLIONS on the earth….how’s that for humbling? I always feel bad for those who behave like this because it only reflects how insecure and dark you are on the inside.

      • PinkSlip

        Seriously? “how insecure and dark you are on the inside”?? Like, one brief meeting on a bad day and you are qualified to psychoanalyse someone? Back off, seriously…maybe they’re having a bad day and your intrusive, entitled behavior are the ONE HUNDREDTH person that day to shove themselves in this person’s face and I dunno, maybe they have had enough, and one day when they go out and just want to eat and NOT be a star, they get this….jeez.

  • Me Talk Pretty

    Um, Katherine Heigl? I got nothin.

    • akajenb

      Bravo to the flight atttendant, no matter who the so called actress is. Can’t stand people who think that they are entitled to certain priviledges.

  • Poppet

    Could this be Gillian Anderson? There are a lot of X-Files references in the item, like calling the actress Ms. X. “It is hard to know what the truth is,” sounds like the X-Files’ catchphrase “The Truth is out there.” Gillian Anderson is best known for her character on that show, and IMDB reckons she also has roughly twenty movies under her belt, with about four projects in production. As far as the description clues go, although she is best known as a redhead, her hair is apparently naturally blonde and has been a mousy blonde-brown for a while now. She is separated from her last husband, but the web seems unclear as to whether they ever actually divorced or not. She’s also acknowledged previous same-sex relationships in the last few months, hence not being able to describe her as gay or straight.

    Furthermore, while she is still recognisable, she doesn’t have the sort of star power or studio backing to intimidate a flight crew into letting her stay on the plane.

    • KWDragon

      I really like your reasoning. I think you got this one. And I agree with the others: I would LOVE to see this definitively solved.

    • gofloaz

      She hasn’t traveled lately. she’s been in london. She hasn’t exactly been secretive about her life either, except for the bisexual thing which fans knew long ago. Mark Griffiths was never her husband but her partner. I don’t know how people can’t get that part right when its pretty much out there to any numptyhead who bothers to research. There’s also a video of a flight attendant on youtube who describes her as friendly and kind. So this is probably not her.

      • lepidoteran

        I can’t argue with most of your points, but as for your first sentence, there’s no indication in the BI of when this happened. It could have been a month ago or it could have been a year ago.

    • MissNormaDesmond

      Well done, sold.

      • akajenb

        I don’t think this is Gillian Anderson but I could be wrong.Why would she draw so much attention to herself.Half the time when she’s traveling people have no idea who she is, because she flies under the radar.

        Anne heche
        What if Ms. X could be Tea Leoni

  • DarkSpark

    January Jones

  • hannahjones

    lindsay lohan

  • Bromance1979

    No clue who this could be, but BRAVO to the flight attendant! I wish I could have witnessed it.

    I hate people with entitled attitudes and glad to hear she was put in her place.

  • momotink

    Gillian Anderson

  • kentrobertb

    Jessica Biel. She has done 20+ movies, best known as Mary Camden on 7th Heaven. Rumored to be lesbian…or bi…or straight. Married to Justin? Or not. Very private person. Has been blonde, brunette and redhead.

  • GatorGal

    Just a guess… Gillian Anderson?

  • ZixiOfIx

    January Jones.

  • jmol

    Tea Leoni. Easy one. X for x-files husband. Many hair colors and she was in a show with the word truth in it.

  • MzDBDB

    Hooray for that f*cking bitch of a flight attendant. 😉

  • KittyKat99

    Katherine Heigl?

  • mommagoosed

    No idea about the actress, but good for the flight attendant!! Looking forward to seeing who this is. :-)

    Thanks for “the rest of the story, as usual, Ace!!

    • Booboo1068

      Ditto…exactly what I was going write! So much bad behaviour like this gets covered up or spun thanks to money, influence and or powerful friends and allow many to continue being publicly lauded and celebrated. I’m not sure the flight attendant would have done the same with some other celebs and or their friends/ family.

  • jmol

    The Naked Truth was the show. And, the truth is out there for X-files.

  • chloesavedlatin

    oh my god no this cant be real

  • niceandsloow

    The only person who comes to mind is Gillian Anderson. Ms. X -x Files

  • angelas02

    Jennifer Anniston?

  • carriebradshaw

    Betty White for this one 😉

  • Virgo826

    Mischa Barton

    Obscure, but fits the clues…

  • enelso32

    Katherine Heigl is my only guess.. known for grey’s anatomy, lots of films, changing hair colors…everything seems to fit. Plus, i’ve heard she is a jerk.

  • joliefleur

    I don’t know who this is about but three cheers for the awesome flight attendant.

  • stolidog

    Patricia Heaton, because I really, really want this to be her…..

    • PomegranatePam

      I guess you do, considering the only clue that fits is the multiple hair colors. There’s no way she’s been in 20 films, she isn’t secretive about her personal life, and there’s no mystery surrounding her marital status or sexuality.

  • gofloaz

    January Jones. She was in the last “X” Men movie. And she’s pretty much only known for Mad Men.

  • dingopop

    January Jones.

  • runawaypup

    Gillian Anderson????

  • JenLTX

    I have no idea who this is, but if there is a higher power in the universe, then this item WILL be solved one day. FANTASTIC story!!!

  • Southern Jane

    katherine Heigl

  • fangirl89

    Roseanne. Star spangled yammer

  • jeannie

    I hate to say it, but Gillian Anderson? Ms. X = X-Files?

  • mental floss

    Katherine Marie Heigl

  • Duckyinky

    My husband and I were trying to think of who this might be, and he said “I bet it’s that chick from Grey’s Anatomy. She’s pretty forgettable until you see her name.

  • zeep

    Gillian Anderson? Doesn’t sound like her, but apparently she had some air rage 6 years ago. “Ms. X,” her uncertain sexuality and marriages, her different hair colors all point to her.

  • thefourthefifth

    The clues seem to fit Gillian Anderson, but Anne Heche also seems like a great guess. Gillian only has around eighteen films out though, with four in various stages of production, but Anne Heche only has two films in production (as opposed to “several”).

    Going with Gillian for this one, since if you include the four films in production, it’s over twenty.

    • KatarinaJ

      I do also think the ‘truth’ nods to Mrs. Ex of Mr. X-Files herself TEA LEONI as everyone has said. She has had a gazillion hair colors, is one degree of separation from X-files with David AND she did Naked Truth…. plus the whole who knows if she is divorced thing does nod to the secret divorce she and Duchovny haven’t addressed for years. I say she or Gillian fit the clues in this regard. Still don’t think Tea has has much in production going on now as Gillian.

      Plus everyone says Gillian is in London but weren’t there a bunch of rumors she and Duchovny were secretly shacking up in LA in a love nest? She could call London home but be coming in and out of Cali/NY a lot because of this.

      • KatarinaJ

        PS. A little nod to ‘obnoxious’ too is that if you google Tea Leoni and the word…. her roles IN films have been ad nauseum described as the most annoying… from Jurassic Park 3 to Spanglish she also PLAYS irritating, which could be the double use of the word as her real way of acting and a hint at her character acting.

      • gofloaz

        You’re right. Forgot about the obnoxious thing, but she has been referred to several times as that, especially for Jurassic Park. She’s pretty much annoying/obnoxious in everything. And she is loud. I wouldn’t call Gillian loud from what other people are guessing. Those rumors about David and Gillian are false, so this site would be calling its own self out on the lies.

      • KatarinaJ

        How do you know the Gillian-David rumors are false btw?

      • Paupau

        @gofloaz It’s not “rumors”, it’s fact. Duchovny and Anderson are together and blindgossip knows it.

      • gofloaz

        Well, dearies, I know the rumors are false because I choose to believe Gillian AND David, who have both stated they are FALSE. They are just friends. And, I happen to be SANE.

    • Paupau

      lol I doubt the last part but you can choose to believe whatever lie you want.

  • kkluke

    I don’t know why but I was thinking Kirstie Alley, but the Gillian Anderson seems to fit too. Is she rumored to be a “pill” to deal with?

  • stolidog

    If I were an actor, I’d be the nicest person around, I don’t understand these entitled a**holes.
    I mean, could you imagine…What do you do for a living?” Oh, I stand on an X mark, people shine lights on my face and I say things, and then a dump truck comes to my house and pours millions of dollars through the mail slot. It’s like winning the lottery.

  • BigBootyJudy

    Jody Foster

  • kitten1014

    Long time ago I worked with a guy whose friend was Gillian Anderson’s nanny while she was filming the X files. According o the nanny Gillian was a kind and lovely person. I have a hard time believing that this is her.

  • soflagirl

    Gillian Anderson and Tea Leoni don’t appear to have anything in pre-production according to IMDB. Katherine Heigl has 2 movies in pre-production.

    • KatarinaJ

      IMDB pro lists three post production projects for Anderson that have yet to come out and one pre-pro. Tea is listed with 2 upcoming projects but as a producer not actress and their status is unknown. She officially hasn’t had an acting credit since TOWER HEIST in 2012…. plus Scully IS more well-known than Leoni’s short running show. Ugh, now I need to go back to Gillian, but I love her. I just never ‘got’ Tea’s appeal so I was hoping she might be the screw over the seemingly-down-to-earth Gillian Anderson.

  • catsanddogs

    Was going to say Lucy Lawless, aka Miss X(ena the Warrior Princess) but she’s currently married. Oh well! …Maybe Gillian?

  • Pudsy

    I’ll go with Katherine Heigl. Did the flight attendant really say “f*cking b*tch”? I was on her side until that part. I don’t have any respect for flight attendants who stoop to a bad customer’s level.

  • catsanddogs

    Oh – wait – BI doesn’t say she is not married. I will go with Xena then!

  • dylanblake

    I’m going with Teri Hatcher.

  • MLBfan

    Gillian Anderson has had lesbian flings, is twice married, and “it’s hard to know what the truth is” sounds just like “the truth is out there,” x-files. She has had blonde, brunette AND red hair. Blind refers to “Ms. X.” Yes, it’s got to be her.

  • CanaryCry

    Kim Cattrall?

  • jack071503

    When has Anne Heche been anything but blonde? Anderson fits better plus she is known to have a filthy mouth.

  • cmac15

    January Jones? The X in “Mrs. X” made me think of X-men and her role she is known for is an ex of Don Draper……and she is very secretive about who the father of her baby is.

  • candida

    Gillian Anderson

  • annilese

    This one SCREAMS Gillian Anderson to me. She has been constantly busy over the last several years and jets all over the far east – she was just in India less than a month ago. She is known as being difficult and letting people know she is entitled to special treatment. I know someone who waited on her at a shop she used to frequent in London where she used to live who said the staff used to fight over who had to wait on her. She was always rude no matter how hard they tried to be nice to her. And they were all big X-Files fans so it was a big disappointment to them. She also has a history of being rude and nasty on airplanes. Got to be her!

    • gofloaz

      I’m sure you know people in London. Just as I’m sure this is Gillian Anderson. I’m being facetious by the way.

  • Gen82

    Katherine Heigl

  • Ivanna Funkalot

    Katy Sagel? Married with Children, changing haircolor, etc.

  • jackmerius tacktheritrix

    Sounds like Katherine Heigl

  • Edymama

    Gillian Anderson doesn’t have more than 20 films to her credit and often travels with her young sons.

    Tea Leoni is known to be profane, difficult and entitled. She seems more like it, but it could be Katherine Heigl or Marcia Cross.

  • wordybirdie

    Sorry. Gotta speak up here. Anne Heche is a friend of mine and one of the sweetest people in the world. It wasn’t her. She’s been in town. Plus, she’s hardly been secretive about her personal life.

  • QubbuQ

    Tea Leoni. Ms.X instead of Mrs.X, She was/is?/was?/is? married to, now divorced from David Duchovny, Mr.X of the X-Files. The question of their marriage status was reported on frequently when David went into rehab for sex addiction. They appeared to split when that whole thing came to light but then it seemed they were together again, then not, then together again and then we found out they were actually divorced already for some time.
    She was in a show called The Naked Truth. She has 25 titles under actress on IMDb. A quick scan of her photos on IMDb show her out and about as a brunette, blonde of various shades and redhead. A quick read of her personal quotes to me look like someone who would be bold enough to be an ass like described. It doesn’t list upcoming things in production for her, but perhaps they are small bits and just aren’t listed yet. If you type ‘Tea Leoni lesbian’ into Google you see she played a lesbian in an HBO thing a couple of years ago and plenty of other chatter as to whether or not she’s bisexual and that she “gives off a gay vibe”.

    Gillian Anderson’s details also fit, but that gal really does seem more genuine and personable. If you read her words in personal quotes on IMDb she seems to have a more humble character. I would be shocked if it were her. Also the only time she is a brunette in her IMDb photos in character in a particular show. Haven’t seen her out in the world as a brunette.

    It’s a well worded blind though because it could be either gal with those hints.

    • KatarinaJ

      I thought so too but the only reference that doesn’t fit TEA is the movies in production. She has nothing, hasn’t worked since TOWER HEIST and her two pre-pro projects are both where she is rumored to be a producer. Anderson has 4 in the pipline now.

    • QubbuQ

      Ok, I concede, and with Great disappointment I might add. Pooh on her. After reading this bit about her ripping into another passenger on an flight from Sri Lanka, it’s no stretch to see her doing it again. Ugg. Boo Gillian!

      http://www.contactmusic.com/news-article/andersons-air-rage <<– links to story, partially quoted below:

      "Former X FILES star GILLIAN ANDERSON has been accused of drunkenly verbally attacking a fellow passenger on a flight from Sri Lanka to England" Jones says, "The man was watching a movie and had his headphones on, minding his own business.

      "Gillian reached over, pulled them off his head.

      "I could tell she was drunk because she was putting her face right up to his.

      "She was slurring as well, saying, 'Don't you think your wife needs a break?' and accusing him of taking his wife for granted. He was saying, 'Please leave me alone.'"

      Flight attendants then moved Anderson to another seat, where Jones claims she covered herself with a blanket and cried for over an hour.

  • dee123

    Michelle Rodriguez. Was in both Avatar & Lost rumours about being gay/straight and single/married.

  • sweettooth

    Katherine Heigl…she is a notorious bitch, various hair colours, known for Greys Anatomy but has been in tons of movies, the truth comment referring to her crap movie The Ugly Truth?
    Second guess…January Jones…very private, tons of hair colours, Mrs X referring to Xmen, best known for Betty Draper from Mad Men but has been in lots of movies

  • Dont Know For Sure

    The first person I thought of was Gillian Anderson and the clues really fit her. I know some of her fans may not want to believe it about her so they are guessing women that don’t really seem to fit that are either currently married, never had one of the hair colors mentioned or haven’t had lesbian/bisexual rumors about them. Just because she seems like a humble person doesn’t mean it’s true. Famous people are used to special treatment and being adored by fans so it probably makes them behave less than feel entitled sometimes.

  • spikelb

    Was my guess as well but 20 films? Unlikely. Damn, had I been in First Class and witnessed this, I would have video recording the entire event on my cell phone. With everyone having video on their phones today, I’m surprised there aren’t more you tube vids of celebs acting like a.holes.

  • AJI

    I am going with Gillian Anderson as well. There are pretty strong clues (hair style, love live, X, hard to know what the Truth is). Besides she has had troubles on a plane before screaming to some other passenger. She is selling her house in Sri Lanka and lately did some stuff in the US so I can easily see her flying back and forth without anyone knowing. She is not exactly chased by paparazzi.

  • blackbird71

    Gillian Anderson?

  • nolabelle

    Awwwwwww… Stoli, PH seems so nice.

    I think this BI sounds like KHeigl or GAnderson

  • keepmeinmind

    I agree with the Gillian Anderson guess. She has a history of “jet rage” – article from PopSugar from 2006 http://www.popsugar.com/Gillian-Anderson-Goes-Nuts-Plane-5086

  • ElectricGypsy

    First person I thought of was: Gillian Anderson.
    She is an actress who is known for ONE ROLE she played. (Dana Scully)
    She has done many movies, (X-FIles, House of Mirth and a lot more, if you check her out on IMDB.)

    Calling her “Ms. X” is a clue, as is “it’s hard to know what the truth is.”

    She has been a blonde and a redhead, and occasionally, a mousy brown.

    The truth is out there….it’s Gillian Anderson!!!

  • tracking

    Gillian Anderson (Scully). The truth is out there, LOL.

  • BeckyJackson

    I REFUSE to believe this is GA. Ace, I’m begging you, please please please reveal who this bitch is!! XOXO

  • krazykat

    It’s Elisha Jade Donowa’s lover, Gillian Anderson.

  • Ann_R_Key

    Miley Cyrus

  • DiamondGoddess

    To whoever this is–
    REAL “ballers” fly private!!!

  • dspbr

    This is my first time posting! OK so i think i figured it out. MICHELLE WILLIAMS!
    The show she was on: Dawsons Creek.
    Her marriage/non marriage: Heath.
    Her hair: many colors for many movies!
    Her life: secretive!!!

    anyone else agree with this?

  • gofloaz

    This is Amber Heard. Constantly changing her look. Was in the eXterminators. No one knows if she is gay or straight.

  • Paupau

    Duh, the big romantic secret is that she’s been dating Duchovny for sometime. Even if they deny it (who knows why) iy’s still true. Come on, blindgossip, fess up.

  • gofloaz

    And I thought she was too busy being in love with Duchovny to be kicked off a plane. Please. She’s a hugely popular actress and anything like this would’ve made the headlines several times over. Still, an entertaining fake story.

    • akajenb

      It won’t make the headlines, because Celebrities have a PR team to cover stuff like this. LOL

  • UncleEntity

    What happened to her face?

  • thenyckid

    aww man, so disappointed its Anderson. Oh well…

  • msnaf

    Hey, Ace! You said “The truth is out there. We’re just waiting for the right moment to tell you”. Well, when is the right time to tell what everybody knows? That Gillian Anderson is dating David Duchovny is not a secret anymore, no matter their insistence to deny it. You even have a blind item about it titled “New Real Couple Alert” http://blindgossip.com/?p=46467#more-46467 Furthermore, the way they are trying hard to avoid being seen together in public is so obvious. There was a X-Files reunion last weekend at Calgary Con and David did not want to attend despite the organizers attempts to convince him. It’s pretty obvious they don’t want to be seen together because it would give them away. Their body language is very revealing.

  • wonderstrucker009

    Gillian Anderson?? really??? Is she going to be on Hannibal?