Fashion Diva Modifies Contract

wild-fashionNY Post – Which kooky fashion figure asked for illegal substances on her contract rider? She said in order for her to appear at a fashion show, she needs two bottles of Cristal and “cocaine – a lot of it.”

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  1. moonbaby says

    that takes a lot of balls to put that as a stipulation in a contract – has to be janice dickinson, i can’t think of anyone “kookier” right now…

  2. Snarky says

    Definitely Janice. Agyness Deyn may look a little odd, but she’s edgy, not cooky, as she has been a huge inspiration to a slew of designers since emerging in the fashion scene.

  3. Pheaky says

    Janice is no longer a model other than odd jobs like the Orbit chewing gun commercial, and no longer associated with fashion as far as working for a specific fashion line or designer. She runs a modeling company. She would not be using a “contract rider” for work, she is the boss.

    It has to be a current working model that would be under contract. I think it’s Naomi – she is still modeling and I’m pretty sure Cristal is her drink.

  4. christie says

    i dont understand how you people see ‘kooky fashion figure’ and not think lady gaga or katy perry, whose stylings are extremely kooky. however, theyre both supposed to be musicians and i’m not sure whether either went to fashion week. oh well! can still see them both doing coke