Ich Bin Ein Casting Couch

sofa-1NY Post – Which movie producer is finding out bad habits die hard? Despite being married, he asked a gorgeous, dark-haired woman back to his hotel for a “late-night private audition” after a dinner at the Berlinal Film Festival. As the actress accepted, look for her to appear in his upcoming pictures.

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10 comments to Ich Bin Ein Casting Couch

  • pants

    “die hard”? Joel Silver produced Die Hard and is married to his production assistant…

  • David D.

    Please God, let it not be a Weinstein. Isn’t this how we ended up with Renee?

  • caro

    weinsten because it’s not the first rumor about him on this “audition”!

  • Victoria

    The horror if its Harvey Weinstein! His newest wife is gorgeous, super thin, and he backrolled her fashion company. How she has sex with him and must have done it incredibly well, is a mystery. If only all women knew how to do it with an ugly, fat man.

    Yeah, Renee is the curse we are all left with.

  • Jane Doe

    This is the first I’ve heard of Weinstein auditions and all i have to say is EUW. I almost lost my breakfast!

  • lol

    eww weinstein is nastay. is it worth it?

  • this has weinstein written all over it! i don’t envy georgina chapman’s life one bit as she has to sleep with weinstein.

  • vm

    Renee?? Russo or Zellweger? What’s the story?

  • Sundaeg1rl

    LOL, I was thinking ‘Isn’t Harvey Weinstein gay?’ – until I realised I was thinking of Harvey Fierstein *slaps forehead*

  • Pheaky

    Geez, he has 14 (!) movies in production right now. The first one I see in the pre-production stage, meaning casting is still changeable is Rambo V.
    On a sidenote – RAMBO V???? Haven’t we had enough?