Why He’s So Popular

man popular[The Morton Report] Which Young Male Star is Popular with the Girls and Even More Popular with Their Agents?

Nice young man, good looking, loads of fans and making millions faster than he can get to the bank. What a busy boy! He has had so many dates and girlfriends it’s a wonder he has time for his art.

He’s gone through a parade of lovelies who can’t resist his charm or maybe the chance for a bit of publicity. However popular he is with the girls, he’s far more so with their agents. Like a few other showbiz escorts, he’s on a secret list to be called upon for dates with wannabe models and actresses… not to mention female stars who might have something to keep hidden.

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  1. Stylincious says

    Yeah Harry is young, very populaire, beautiful, go to “hispter” parties but he didn’t date with many girls. He’s dating with Louis tomlinson :)

  2. roodelilah says

    “He’s gone through a parade of lovelies who can’t resist his charm”
    C’mon, everyone loves Harry for his charm.

  3. OOI95 says

    Harry Styles.
    Modest! needs to get him some beards.
    Other celeb needs him for publicity.
    That’s why.

  4. monica says

    Yes I know!

    So I doubt it’s Harry S. I was expecting a sort of mention about his “secret” = gay/in a relationship

  5. Elenadearest says

    This this this.

    All you need is one little rumor of Harry dating/being seen with some random. And ‘bam’ instant fame!

    Poor guy can’t even go to Starbucks without some article saying he’s dating the Barista. Remember that magazine article where he ‘dated/slept with 402 women’ in a YEAR?

    There were people on that list that nobody had even heard of, haha!

  6. monica says


    To be honest the ‘410 Women in A Year’ article was what pretty much convinced most people that something was hella up. The “statistics” are just mathematically impossible in terms of the number of women Harry ‘slept’ with. So in order for him to snag 410 women he would have participated in, roughly, at least 1 orgy each day, slept with 1.5 women each day, and slept with at least 2 in the night.

    Oh my god the bs there was clear -_-

  7. Elenadearest says

    No, but he is said to be dating every girl he so much as looks at for more than a second. So that could be where the ‘girlfriends’ are coming from.

  8. Elenadearest says

    All evidence points to Harry being gay. See this recent BG “http://blindgossip.com/?p=49886&cpage=2#comment-1849033” as well as an older one called Boybanders are Hiding A Secret.

    If you look at a Larry Stylinson blog for even just a cursory glance, you’ll see why we think he’s gay and in a relationship. (:

  9. Elenadearest says

    Any relationship of Harry’s is HIGHLY publicized. Poor guy can’t go out with a female friend without everyone saying they are in love.

    There was Emma Ostilly, Cara D, Caroline Flack, and countless others besides Taylor Swift.

  10. xoxostelabaltic says

    If you pay attention, you can still totally see that Louis and Harry are still together. I highly doubt Harry and Nick are together, but that’s just my opinion.