On The Verge Of Being Dumped

dump truck[The People] Which has-been is on the verge of being dumped by her management for endlessly begging them to back a reunion for her former group?

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37 comments to On The Verge Of Being Dumped

  • AuntieM

    Kerry Kantona – Atomic Kitten

  • Moss

    Gwen Stefani?

    • Jilly From Philly

      wash your mouth out with soap!!! Gwen Stefani is hardly a has-been!!!

    • CanaryCry

      HELLO!! No Doubt released their “comeback” album a few months ago!

      As for the possible “has been”, I’ll guess someone from the Spice Girls.

      • Ati2d9

        Ditto! Someone from Spice Girls. Melanie Brown or Geri Halliwell.

      • EvaDiva

        Sooo, “comeback” cancels out has-been status? Their album flopped, as did Xtina’s last TWO “comebacks”. HELLO, Gwen is a has-been. People have to care when you come back. If they don’t, you’re a has-been.

      • WaitLemmeGuess

        Eva, you might want to read the blind again. It says the person in question is “endlessly begging…[for a]reunion for her former group.” Gwen Stefani and No Doubt already had a reunion, flop or not. Also, technically they were on a very long hiatus, not broken up completely. And let’s face it, without her, there is no No Doubt. She would not have to beg them for anything, as she is the face of the group. Undoubtedly. 😉

    • thebutlerdidit

      First off, this is from The People, UK based. Stefani is B list, A list name recognition, between her band success, clothing line, celeb marriage. She is also worth $85 million, and Rossdale is worth $35 million. They are releasing a second album later this year. Push and Shove got pretty decent critical reviews, tour was selling well, but they released the wrong songs as singles. And, now you know the 411…anyway, the first poster is right,
      this is Kerry Katona-Atomic Kitten. She’s now doing ads for a loan company, which is highly ironic, since she filed bankruptcy about 5 yrs ago, and lost her house.

  • callmedave

    Kerry Katona seems like an obvious guess, except there is actually a one-off reunion of Atomic Kitten happening. Perhaps she’d like to make it permanent?

  • kelno19

    One of the Spice Girls – not Victoria

  • shuboy

    Gerri Halliwell – Spice Girls reunion

  • jjonesy

    Someone from The Spice Girls?

  • realmccoy18

    nicole scherzinger

    • Ati2d9

      No no no. Nicole sang damn near every song for PCD….Which was part of the reason they broke up. She is now solo.

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Kelly Rowland

  • norbert

    This sounds like that desperado who’s always on the verge of bankruptcy Kerry Katona.

  • NocturnalBlondie

    Geri Halliwell and The Spice Girls?

  • Virgo826

    Pick a spice, any spice…just not Posh. My bet is that This blind is about Geri “Ginger Spice” Haliwell.
    Apparently, Ms. Becks pulled out of a reunion tour recently and Simon Fuller isn’t jumping through hoops to change her mind…

  • sabrina325

    Perhaps someone from Atomic Kitten? Since Cheryl Cole has been quite successful on her own I don’t think her management would object to a Girls Aloud reunion.

    • sparkles

      There has already been a Girls Aloud reunion in the past 3 months but it flopped, just like Cheryl’s last CD. I don’t think it’s her though.

      It’s either Scary Spice (always looking for money) or Kerry Katona trying to make the big reunion tv show permanent without Jenny Frost.

  • Poi_La_Luce

    Why is it that when I think of someone begging like this, I think of Kerry Katoona?!

    • Caz1310

      I was going to say Beyonce too…as a joke :) Going with any of the Spicies. A couple of songs at the Olympics was fun however there’s no way Victoria would be onboard for a proper reunion. Could she be replaced…hmm?

  • tiara107

    A spice girl? Idk.

  • NoseyNana2008

    Cortney Love

  • stolidog

    Patty Andrews from the Andrews Sisters. Bingo topical, they’ve been reunited.

  • PapillonLover

    Lindsay Lohan and her Freaky Friday band…..LMAO!

  • lovelula87

    if it was a spice girl, it definitely wouldn’t be victoria (for obvious reasons) but it wouldn’t be mel b either. she’s huge in australia, had a lot of demand for hosting/judging on aussie tv so she wouldn’t need a reunion. both emma and mel c seem content being mums and chilling with their families, so id be guessing geri halliwell.

  • klouf87

    Not Kerry Katona. Atomic Kitten have reunited for ITV show, The Big Reunion where producers have reunited 90s pop groups for a TV show and concert.

  • Chosen

    Girls Aloud have already reunited so I would guess Kerry Katona wanting a permanent reunion with Atomic Kitten.

  • Nuggs

    i have no idea so i’m guessing Lisa Kudrow trying to get Friends back together :)