How To Mack A Billionaire

woman money 20[Hollywood Street King] She’s A ‘How To Mack A Billionaire’ Pro!

She’s a chart-topping singer, who recently advanced the use of her celebrity – from turning out a certain Nation – to coaching her female fans on how to mack a billionaire. And, there’s possibly no one better than her to do just that. Know why? Because she recently achieved her said goal, by prompting her wealthy Middle Eastern fiance to shred the soon-to-be newly wed couple’s prenup!

This news comes after our blind item cancelled the couple’s previously scheduled wedding date, citing “cold feet”. Now, without that prenup in place, the pair is reset to walk down the isle — and ya better believe she won’t back out this time!!!

Insiders say because our 46-year-old blind item has long past her child-bearing years, her Arabian trick had no problem with meeting her request to throw out his proposed preunp. That’s because the situation ensures there won’t be any spawn entitled to his will. Don’t believe me.. Ask our blind item’s dad, Joe.

Now, that our $150M blind item is marrying a billionaire, she’s upping her ante…


Her Fiance:

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  1. jaariel says

    Just gotta say this:

    isle= island (short for island)

    aisle= pathway, as in a grocery store aisle, or a church aisle

    I’ll = contraction for I Will

    I think you meant to use “aisle” in this blind.