Fashion Girl Says Goodbye to Food

anorexic-modelBlindGossip – These two well-known fashionable women were dining out together. Girl A makes her living directly from fashion, while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk. Both have been under chronic body scrutiny, with the press noting every pound gained or lost. Girl A ate a normal meal. However, Girl B ate only a couple of bites, and then bolted from the table to go to the ladies’ room. Girl A followed her in there and was overheard trying to convince  Girl B not to purge her meal.  Girl B paid her no mind, ensuring once again that her ridiculous body would continue to be the antithesis of  the healthy lifestyle she pretended to lead last year.

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33 comments to Fashion Girl Says Goodbye to Food

  • Nowaynohow

    Girl A, I’m going with Stella McCartney. I would say it could be Rachel Zoe, but…she doesn’t eat either. Just yogurt and coffee.

    Girl B could be ANYONE – Paris Hilton is my best guess. Because she is a dabbler and she definitely walks like she’s on the catwalk 90 per cent of the time.

    Funny story – I was driving down Sunset Strip and all of a sudden, this man just RUNS into traffic, and I was forced to stop really suddenly. I got a little freaked out and THEN I realized, it was a Paparazzi. So I was like, “Who are the photographing?” and it was Paris Hilton. And then PARIS got into her car and almost took off the front of it in her Bentley. Missed me by, no joke, 2 inches.

    And then she talked on her cell phone with the top down till we separated at the next light.

    True Story.

  • Meah

    Wow, I am interested to see who people come up with. Hollywood seems to get more anorexic every day.
    Im going Rachel Zoe and Lohan as the personal catwalker only because I just saw a picture of their skin and bones bodies together on another site

  • caro

    A:anna wintour?
    B:nicole rithchie? Lindsay lohan?
    i really have no idea

  • bij

    Charlotte Ronson and Lindsay Lohan had lunch on Sunday in NY

  • lala

    I think you’re SPOT on with that one. Charlotte, being sam’s sister, would actually care enough to say something…

  • Carrie

    Trollsen Twins?

  • biqabee

    I say rachel zoe and nicole richie.

  • dvz

    Girl A = Stella McCartney great guess, but I don’t recall her getting scrutinised by the press about her size. But I REALLY want it to be her because she is very close friends with…

    …Girl B who screams “Paltrow” to me. She’s sanctimonious and condescending AND hypocritical. She’s been everywhere lately plugging her dreadful GOOP newsletter which is filled with “healthy eating/lifestyle” tips.

  • Narf

    I saw pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Zoe out somewhere..maybe?

  • Nowaynohow

    Ok if Charlotte Ronson and LLo had lunch – or…whatever remained after LLO took it to the bathroom, then I change my guess and I’m going with BIJ’s guess.

    LLO was at the Charlotte Ronson fashion show in a see through white shirt with a black bra sticking out. Oy vey.

    However, she does not have the puffy cheeks one associates with tossing cookies regularly AND, her teeth are not yellow. BUT, she is back to scary thin fer shure. And SAMANTHA Ronson could turn sideways and vanish, she’s so thin.

  • j

    has to be charlotte and lohan; ronson is a fashion designer/model and lohan is…lohan. and both are scary thin.

  • h00bydice

    …”However, she does not have the puffy cheeks one associates with tossing cookies regularly”…

    Nowaynohow, who in Hollywood does have the puffy cheeks of which you speak? Rachel Zoe comes to mind – but, she was my guess for the EATER, and Nicole Richie was mine for the PURGER.

  • Starstruck

    This is definately Rachel Zoe & Nicole Ritchie.
    They’re friends again.

  • Rosa

    “and lohan is…lohan.” Haha, how true.
    It’s sad that, even in a blind item, they don’t class her as an actress anymore…. if it is her… and I reckon it probably is.
    What a waste :-(

  • E

    I am not sure about Girl A, but what about Mischa Barton for Girl B? She has been at various fashion weeks lately and she is looking a tad skinny at present.

    Maybe Nicole Ritchie for Girl A- I don’t think she is doing anything but fashion things at present, and she certainly looks healthy just now. I don’t think she could be girl B. I would have said Rachel Zoe for B and Nicole for A if it hadn’t been the job descriptions.

  • Kiki

    The Lilo and Charlotte sound right but can I just mention how scary thin Mischa is? I want her to get better.

    Lilo can get better too.

  • Zulu Queen of the Dwarf People

    zoe and lohan

  • MB

    I like the Zoe/Ritchie guess, but I was also thinking Victoria Beckham for Girl B?
    Lilo and Sam are skinny because they’re meth heads.

  • Kelz

    B is victoria beckham.. when she moved to l.a. she claimed to be taking on a healthier lifestyle which included eating more and working out.

    • Lorelai

      100% Agree with Becks being Girl ‘B’, she’s in NYC for fashion week and the description is spot on with her life: “while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk”.
      Girl A would then probably be someone like a Stella Mc

  • TZR420

    Girl A – Naomi Campbell, Girl B – Victoria Beckham (from what I’ve heard they’re frienemies) so it’s possible that during fashion week that they would have gotten together for lunch. And lets be honest there is no way in hell that V.B. can be that skinny ‘normally.’

  • danielle

    i definitely on the band wagon of RZ and Lilo

  • Don’t think it’s Charlotte Ronson, she is not under press scrutiny for her weight nor Stella Mccartney. Think Lilo, Rachel Zoe or Nicole ritchie could could fit the bill.

  • Tee

    Stella and Posh

  • Gina

    i was thinking heidi and that brunette skinny chick on the hills.

  • When has Charlotte Ronson been under scrutiny for her weight?

    Would Rachel Zoe actually try to convince someone NOT to purge? I see her as being a chronic enabler of unhealthy habits (coke, speed, anorexia, etc.).

    As for Girl B… Posh, LiLo, Mischa, and Nicole Richie have all done the “look at me, I gained weight, got help, and am living a healthy lifestyle” thing recently. Say what you want about Paris (and we could all say a lot, haha), but she’s never really been targeted in the press for an unhealthy weight.

    Posh acts the most like “the world is her personal catwalk,” so I’m going with her as Girl B. And maybe Girl A is a model, not a designer. Models are far more scrutinized for their weight than any designers, even female designers. I like TZR420’s guess of Naomi Campbell. How about Kate Moss – does Posh ever pal around with her?

  • jane

    Posh is totally #2. She looks hideously thin lately. Way too angular.

  • Sarah

    Girl A: Nicky Hilton — doesn’t she have her own purse line? And her weight has DEFINITELY been scrutinized in the past.
    Girl B: Paris Hilton?

    • maurav

      Sounds about right. And I think Nicky would be the only one of these chicks to care enough to encourage her to stop.

  • Sundaeg1rl

    TZR, I’m with you. It dawned on me that it could be La Beckham yesterday, when I was subjected to the hype that is ‘her’ fashion collection. I couldn’t work out who the fashion chick was though, Naomi’s a good guess. Either that or Kate Moss. She’s definitely not puking at the mo, look at her pot belly!

  • Pheaky

    Charlotte and Lilo – Rachel Zoe would NEVER try to talk someone out of doing something that made them thinner. She is fiercely pro-do-whatever-will-make-you-skinny.

  • This is really scary! Just look at her body!