He is Cooking Up Marital Troubles

chef-1BlindGossip – Which celeb chef’s wife mans his reservation stand while he secretly slips out the back door with his girlfriend?

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19 comments to He is Cooking Up Marital Troubles

  • shouldbestudying

    Gordon Ramsay…

  • duh

    def gordon ramsay, he goes out with his gf in public all the time

  • moi

    This is from a New York paper… Gordon Ramsey’s wife is back in England with their kids, not at the reso stand. My guess is Bobby Flay.

  • jk

    Bobby Flay. He cheats on his wife all the time, too.

  • jk

    It’s well-known that Gordon is dating the woman who wrote the book on how to cheat. Therefore, he would not be a blind.

  • mook

    Anthony Bourdain (the “reservation” clue gives it away. ‘No Reservations’ is his show on the Travel Channel).

  • Jenn

    Bourdain is a very good guess.

  • Patty O.

    Anthony Bourdain isn’t really a chef anymore as he doesn’t actually cook in any restaurants so it’s probably not him. Bobby Flay’s wife is an actress (Stephanie March from Law and Order SVU) so I doubt she is working the hostess stand.

    It sounds like it’s a couple who both run a restaurant together.

  • NomieMalone

    Artie Buco and his wife Charmaine.

  • E

    I don’t think it can be Gordon Ramsay, his wife doesn’t get involved in his business. Is Antony Worrall Thomson known in the US? He is a brit celeb chef and his wife is involved in their restaurants, so it could be him,.

  • stinkweed

    Def. not Bobby Flay. My hubster works with him and he is a real stand up guy.

  • steve_c

    Mario Bitalli! Just a guess. But whose wife takes reservations? Most of the big celebrity chefs have more than one restaurant, they’ve gone beyond having family members manning the reservations book.

    • muffin

      Funny story: Years ago, Mario had a show called “Mario Eats Italy”… he sure looks now like he really did eat the whole country! I think he looks like Fat B* in the Austin Powers movies.

  • bebop

    Can’t be Anthony W-T – he’s had to close all but 2 of his restaurants due to financial problems and the 2 remaining are in the UK. Don’t think it’s Gordon Ramsey either as he seems to at least have the decency of getting a hotel room rather than sneaking out the back of a restaurant.

  • stinkweed

    Is Rocco DiSpirito currently married?

  • gen

    I think it could be Rocco dispicable. not bourdain, he quit smoking for his baby i dont think he’d go and do something stupid like this.

  • Snarky

    I really hope it’s not Bobby Flay. Flay seems like such a nice guy and his wife is so beautiful!