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coc 2SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This young star is on a big TV show surrounded by talented people. We’ve talked about her several times before, including in the past few weeks.

Our news about her will break your heart: She is lying to you. She says that she is sober. She is not. She talks and tweets about how wonderful sobriety is. Well, it’s all bulls*t. She is drinking and doing lots of dr*gs (mostly c*caine) again.

Yes, it’s hypocritical, but it’s also typical add*ct behavior. Add*cts are liars. And when add*cts relapse, they tend to lie about it. When they are confronted with the truth, they blame someone else.

This time, she is blaming “gossip sites” for her problems! Riiight. Girl, no one on the internet forces you to hang out with a slimy, older actor who plies you with drugs and alcohol so you’ll have sex with him. No one on the internet persuades you that it is harmless to do a few shots to take the edge off. No one on the internet sticks a mountain of c*caine in front of you and hands you a rolled-up hundred-dollar bill.

Fortunately, as we are writing this blind item this morning, she is back in reh*b! This time it’s just for a few weeks. She will be out before the end of the month.

She lied about last year’s stint in reh*b, and will undoubtedly lie about this one, too. We hope that her management team – which completely screwed up her last reh*b stay by pulling her out every fifteen minutes to do a photo op to try and prove that she wasn’t in reh*b – will leave her there this time. We won’t divulge her exact location, but she is safely tucked away in a very nice facility on one of the coasts.

Get well, Kid.

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demi lovato 4SOLVED!

It’s Demi Lovato! Source:

My, what interesting timing for a story about Demi’s sobriety! From TMZ:

Demi Lovato is rich and famous, and can afford to live just about anywhere she wants … but we’ve learned she’s been living in a fairly spartan sober living facility for more than a year.

It’s actually pretty awesome … Demi does not want to fall back into the grip of addiction, where she found herself back in 2010, when she admitted she had problems with anorexia, bulimia and cutting.

After going to rehab, the 20-year-old seemed better, but ultimately felt she needed the support and guidance from counselors and other addicts who understood her situation.

Sources tell us … shortly after her inpatient rehab, she moved into a facility in the L.A. area. It’s interesting … considering she also owns a very nice home in L.A….

In a town with a lot of stars who never figure it out, it’s pretty amazing when you see someone as young as her make such good decisions.

What?! Once we picked ourselves up from off the floor, we decided to solve this one.

Demi Lovato’s claim that she has been living in Sober Living since 2011 is a complete lie.

Demi Lovato was regularly getting wasted again in the past few weeks. She is now back in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse. To cover this up, her team made up this new lie about Sober Living. Demi Lovato and her team lie, lie, lie. When they caught in their lies, they spin, spin, spin.

It’s an old pattern with them. Demi Lovato’s rehab in 2010 was supposedly for cutting and bulimia. She was actually in treatment for cocaine and alcohol. Yes, she cuts and has an eating disorder, but her team doesn’t want her tween fan base to know about her being an addict. Since 2010, she has relapsed and has had to go back to rehab in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

When an addict relapses and goes to rehab, it isn’t necessarily a full, 30-day, lock-down, inpatient stay at one facility. They can also do a part-time outpatient rehab, which is less effective, but sometimes necessary to accommodate professionals who won’t commit to regular rehab.

But Demi’s team has totally abused the concept. For example, Demi went back into rehab early in 2012 for a really bad, full-blown relapse to cocaine and alcohol. When we found out that Demi was back in rehab, we mentioned it in a blind item. Her team panicked, called us liars, and pulled her out for photo ops every 15 minutes to “prove” that she was fine and that she wasn’t in rehab. They even had her change facilities three times in one month to try to throw off the media! It was a complete fiasco. Not surprisingly, Demi continued to relapse several times through 2012 and 2013 – none of which was reported in the media.

We pretty much know every time Demi Lovato gets trashed and stoned and drunk and high and stupid. We know every name/ date/ place/ club/ party/ dealer/ enabler. Every time we tell the truth, her team panics, throws her in and then pulls her out of rehab, arranges photo ops, calls everyone liars, and then provides some sort of ridiculous story to cover everything up.

Again, Demi Lovato’s claim that she has been living in Sober Living since 2011 is a complete lie.  Demi has a beautiful home. She lives there. She hangs out with bad people. She starts drinking and doing drugs again. She has a full-blown relapse. She goes back to rehab. Then she goes to Sober Living. Then she goes home again. Lather, rinse, repeat. This cycle has happened many, many times since 2010.

But the Continuous-Sober-Living-Since-2011 story that her PR team sent out today… well, that is just complete hogwash. However, it does go along with all the other lies: Demi is a really good girl who is committed to her sobriety! She has been making mature decisions and staying away from drugs and alcohol! She always tells you the truth! Sober is sexy! Recovery is a beautiful thing! She’s been living in a Sober Living facility since 2011!

About that Sober Living facility: Yes, she has been to one. Several times. Sober Living is for addicts who are transitioning out of rehab. It’s kind of a “step-down” unit for those who have been are sober for 30 days or more, but who aren’t ready to go home. If you relapse, you aren’t allowed to live there. You have to go back to rehab – full-time, part-time, or as an outpatient.

The truth is that Demi is in rehab. She will go back to Sober Living after she is clean again. Then she will go home again. Or… will she? Her team just publicly claimed that she has been living in Sober Living since 2011. Does that mean she has to really live there now? They painted her into a corner with that whopper.

So you readers who really, really want to believe those media outlets – People magazine, Gossip Cop, Perez Hilton, etc. – who simply regurgitate the lies that Demi Lovato and her publicist tell – go ahead. Keep believing that Demi Lovato has been residing in Sober Living since 2011. And while you’re believing that, we have a bridge we want to sell you. In Malibu.

We stand by our story.


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  1. beeforeverx0x0 says

    She is healthy and happy. Has no recent scars on her wrists when she takes pictures. Is at a healthy weight, and her voice is no longer cracking up when she performs because she is no longer ruining her vocal cords when purging. She went away from twitter for only a few days because blog sites got a weird idea from a vague tweet she posted and I think it was from Perez Hilton’s site that had irritated her about her tweet. Then within a few days she was back on posting pics of her nails and her hair and promoting Heart Attack which eventually was released in March. She didnt have the time to enter rehab again at the accuses time because she was busy with everything else. She hasn’t harmed herself in any way for almost 13 months now. She is Staying Strong.

    • JoannaNYC says

      Just because she isn’t cutting doesn’t mean she isn’t an addict. Maybe she is not depressed anymore and rehab did help her through her bulimia and depression. But being an addict is different and if you don’t commit to getting better then you never will. I always saw it, that Demi wasn’t alright. She went to rehab for a short period of time and she always had the same huge fake smile plastered across her face.