Singer’s Background Secrets

singer 6[Hollywood Street King] She may have been a chart-topping Grammy Award-winning singer, but her personal life has proven to be challenging for her. That may be because she began her music career marrying a much older, and powerful, music mogul. Sources say after saying their ‘I do’s’, her controlling husband attempted to stop her from taking her career to the silver screen. That’s just before our mystery woman was checked into a psych ward, before being dumped by her label.

She was born to an Afro-American father and Irish mother. Being an interracial couple, during the 60′s and 70′s, the family was forced to move several times. The racial tension they endured may be what led to their split, when our blind item was just three-years-old. She was reportedly left “racially confused”, and on a life-long search for a father figure.

As a singer, she’s generated a reputation of being a diva. During her heyday, she found herself at the center of controversy after a very public feud with one Motor City rapper – and word of her distancing herself from her former ‘street-walking’ sister.

As a sex partner, she’s no stranger to a long list of entertainers and athletes. Don’t believe me.. Ask Shawntae ‘Da Brat’ Harris — who sources say broke the heart of Total singer, Keisha, when the former Bad Boy recording artist walked in on our blind item and the So So Def rapper having sex in a New York City Parker Meridian hotel suite.

Sources say another known sex session involving our mystery lady involved both Snoop Dogg and Pharrell. It’s a three-way which we’re told preceded the two men joining her in the studio to work on one of her comeback songs.


Motor City Rapper:

So So Def Rapper:

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