She Slept Her Way Into Her Marriage

woman and man standing[Hollywood Street King] She headed for Hollywood in the 90′s, with big dreams of becoming a star. After touching down in Tinseltown, she began her trek of sleeping her way to the top — first, with Wesley Snipes. She later moved on to a successful rapper-turned actor, before landing a few television cameos beside him. Don’t believe me.. Ask LL Cool J.

It wasn’t long before she secured a spot beside one of the NFL’s legendary players.

Rewind to her first days in Los Angeles, when she lived a small apartment without furniture. That’s a far cry from the luxury life – complete with a 60,000 thousand square foot home set on 200 acres of land – she later gained in the Lone Star state. Don’t believe me.. Ask her child abusing sister, Kandi.

Here’s what we’re told our blind item’s father said to her before he died:

“U will always be Deion’s side piece. He’ll never marry you. Why would he marry you? He could get any woman he wants, why you? You don’t have shit to bring to the table. He’s not going to marry you.”

Sources say that’s before our mystery lady’s money-grubbing sister said, “I guess daddy was wrong”.



NFL Player:

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