Actress Smuggled Into Rehab

12-stepBlindGossip – This actress is both extremely talented and a bit quirky. She has been nominated for an Academy Award at least once, and has seriously dated at least one famous actor. She recently battled substance abuse issues, although it did not make headlines. Unfortunately, her family was not keen on her entering rehab, wanting her to try more natural remedies instead. Fear not, though. A wise friend has smuggled her into to a medical rehab facility where she will receive professional help to lick her problem. She should be well and making a career comeback soon.

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35 comments to Actress Smuggled Into Rehab

  • Britt

    Natalie Portman? Haven’t heard much from her these days…she dated Hayden Christenson and Gael Garcia Bernal. She’s all for PETA and is vegan and into natural things so I can see the family/natural remedies route.

  • Zachias

    I’m thinking Kate Hudson. She’s talented, quirky, an oscar nominee, and she’s dated a few celebrities. Not to mention her family is very holistic.

  • Boonie

    Kate Hudson talented?! LOL!

  • Kim

    Natascha Lyonne?

  • caro

    I also think about Nathalie Portman

  • kg

    keira knightley, winona ryder, hilary swank

  • sab

    i’m thinking juliette lewis for some reason. she was nominated for cape fear and dated brad pitt. she’s very quirky…. and not really that old. born in ’73

  • Pipistrella

    I’m thinking Winona Ryder. She’s been absent for quiet some time now. Although I have no idea if she was ever nominated for an Academy award. Juliette Lewis not a bad guess either. Seen her on some pics recently and couldn’t help but wonder what on earth had Brad ever seen in her lol

  • shouldbestudying

    Maybe the daughter of parents who practice scientology? Also, I like the Juliette Lewis guess, Sab. She fits except you think they would have mentioned something about her being a rocker…

  • Del Coro

    Although I have no idea if she was ever nominated for an Academy award.

    It’s too bad there aren’t dozens of websites that list who won Academy Awards. Without them we’ll never know who won anything.

  • blossom6673

    chloe sevigny? i would go with natasha lyonne but her substance abuse was documented, no?

  • shouldbestudying

    I’m also thinking Selma Blair. She’s talented, quirky, has been nominated for an academy award, she dated Jason Schwartzman. And as for the lick reference and the picture being a red carpet that looks like a tongue – she kissed Sarah Michelle Gellar in that famous Cruel Intentions scene…

  • samyiam83

    juliette lewis. has a band called juliette & the licks. dated brad pitt.

  • hmm

    I have no idea who it is but I don’t think It’s Juliete Lewis. She was emancipated at like 14 and that’s around the time she started dating an older Pitt. eww But whatever I don’t think she has family who cares like that.

  • Liv

    “Fear not” could refer to her role in Cape Fear

  • sean

    Can’t be Lyonne or Blair. Both have been to rehab. Quite openly. Ryder, has had substance abuse issues for decades. And is bats* crazy. Not a big deal for her. I vote for Portman, seems like the only one whose family would care enough, and would need to maintain privacy.

  • Paige

    It has to be Juliette Lewis, who is a Scientologist and probably would use “natural” treatments other than rehab and psychology since they dont believe in that kind of thing. And her band is Juliette and the Licks. I love her and hope she is going to be ok.

  • Missy

    I gotta go w/ Juliette Lewis … Quirky and talented – definitely. Also, family of Scientologists, who only believe in natural remedies. Plus, two other clues: Fear not … and lick the problem. She was nominated for AA only once – for Cape Fear, and her band is called Juliette and the Licks.

  • h00bydice

    I’m suspicious of RenĂ©e Zellweger. She’s been on the down-low ever since her quicky marriage/annulment to Kenny Chesney. And, quirky, she is.

  • SJ

    it may be Lewis, but she did go to rehab in 1996. I think one of those L Ron Hubbard rehabs.

  • Meah

    For some reason I am thinking Marisa Tomei, strange I know.

  • misty

    The clues all point to Juliette Lewis. And in response to “hmm,” even though she was emancipated at 14, I suspect that was simply for employment reasons (many young actors do it). As far as I know she is very close to her family (her sister is her manager).

  • Lady Penelope

    Christina Ricci?

  • Jenna

    Juliette Lewis, good catch ya’ll!

  • yaya

    What about Kirsten Dunst?

  • Ravana

    I was Thinking Chloe Sevingny

  • Anon

    Juliette Lewis. Drew Barrymore talked her into rehab.

    Now if there was only a good rehab to reverse the brainwashing of Scientology, she might have half a chance.

  • LRT

    Definitely Winona Ryder…defintely quirky…seriously dated Matt Damon…nominated for two Academy Awards…her family were all hippies, her godfather was Timothy Leary.

  • gemil82

    Selma Blair? hahah since when is she a good actress and what has she been nominated for? Legally Blonde LMAO. But she is quirky for sure and probably like sauce

  • lodimc

    Parker Posey?

  • Anon

    Read moe closely. You have to focus on the clue that the family was not in agreement with rehab. Juliette Lewis’ whole family practices Scientology. She was born into it. They do not believe in normal rehab or professional medical therapists and wouldn’t want her there.

    Quirky? Check. Academy award nom? Check. Famous actor dated? Check.

    Also, “FEAR not”–her Oscar nod, most well known performance for “Cape FEAR”

    “LICK her problem”–her rock band is Juliette & The Licks

  • stinkweed

    Sounds like Juliette for sure. She’s awesome, I hope if it is her, she’s getting good help.