Scooter Team Is Failing Him

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[Blind Gossip] We’ve mentioned this young celebrity and his dru*g habits before. Well, the topic has reared its ugly head once more. His panicked management team has been working feverishly over the past couple of days to shut down the conversation.

So… let’s talk about it even more!

This isn’t about him occasionally sparking up at a party. The kid is a total and complete stoner. He usually lights up in the morning, and keeps it going all day long. At the house, in the hotel, in the car, on the tour bus, backstage at his own performances, backstage at other events. Blunts, pipes, b*ngs… he uses them all, baby!

But would he or his team ever admit that he uses drugs? Absolutely not! Because then mothers would force their daughters to take down his posters from their bedroom walls. And they wouldn’t buy their daughters his perfume for their birthday.  And they wouldn’t let them kids use their allowance money to buy his songs and concert tickets. And they certainly wouldn’t indulge their daughter’s fantasies that someday, somehow, he could be her boyfriend. Why not? Because he’s a dr*ggie. And no mother in her right mind would support her daughter’s crush on a dr*g add*ct!

His management team knows that they have a problem on their hands. The kid is completely out of control. And, yes, it’s interfering with his ability to do his job. But, rather than send him to reh*b, they think it’s more important to them that they keep his image clean. Image equals money. And this kid is a money machine. In fact, his management team is so concerned about his image and the money machine that they are now sending out press releases discrediting anyone who even hints that he has ever used drugs. Yes, they are sending out lies, lies, lies. And they are totally failing him.

Perhaps instead of trying to discredit people who can’t defend themselves, his management team should hop on their scooters and go do an intervention with their little dr*ggie. God knows he needs one.


It’s Justin Bieber! Source:

We’ve mentioned his drug use before (Someone Else Is Jingling His Bells), but who knew that just a couple of days after running this blind item that the internet would blow up with reports of Justin Bieber smoking pot? We did! We touched off the refer madness, and then TMZ published this pic:

justin bieber smoking

And for those of you saying that pot isn’t a big deal, you might want to consider the fact that he is not just lighting up occasionally. Justin Bieber is a stoner. He starts in the morning, and he is high all day long.

justin bieber gangster

Scooter Braun, his manager, has lost complete control of him. Justin is chronically stoned, isn’t showing up on time for rehearsals or PR events, and bails out of everything early just so he can get high some more. He has gone from professional to slacker, from sweet to surly, and from All-American to thuggish gangsta gold-chain-wearing tattoo-loving wannabe. He’s hanging out with other stoners (Lil Twist and Lil Wayne), he is completely spoiled by a management team that wants to keep the money train rolling, and he has enough “F*uck You” money to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

justin bieber lil twist

Is Scooter’s response to the dr*gs disclosure to get Bieber help with his dr*g problem? Oh, no! His response is two- fold: 1. Call the photographer who claims to have caught him smoking pot “a liar” who is “obsessed with Justin”, and 2. Tell his security to make sure his friends don’t leak out any more photos of Justin doing dr*gs (because there are lots more out there). Yes, Scooter’s response is to shoot the messengers, not to fix his client. Way to go, Enabler! Keep it up and your client will be the next Leif Garrett/Cory Feldman/Amy Winehouse! Hey. but at least you’ll still have one-hit-wonder Psy to manage!

Well, at least Justin Bieber fans aren’t be in denial any longer. This intelligent bunch of teens and tweens is so determined to get him to stop doing dr*gs that they are now cutting themselves to make their point! Seriously. #cut4bieber is now trending on Twitter. Sigh.

There were tons of clues in this blind item: Scooter (his manager), “fever”ishly (Bieber Fever), baby (Song title, It’s like Baby, Baby, Baby, oh!), perfume (Girlfriend, Someday), someday (his perfume), boyfriend (Song title, If I was your Boyfriend), etc.

Carolyn was first with the correct guess and Commonsense did a good job with the clues! Congrats!

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  1. britishdream says

    im so happy that i’m not a fan of him because ever since he started dating selena, he’s changed a lot!

  2. AR09 says

    Reading solved items, and it’s just interesting to see Bieber now publicly yell out on his vine videos, or instagram, “You’re burnt”. Or, “” Many would have not believed this before, but now everyone knows he does drugs. Good job, Ace.