Two Days And Twenty Years

older woman younger man 3SOLVED!


[Lainey Gossip] She’s married and they have a child. And these days she’s much more visible — all over — than he is. There have been rumours, since they seem to be apart so often, that their relationship has been unstable. Though they’ve recently been seen together, and appear to be happy, he might not feel so secure if he were to find out who she’s sleeping with behind his back, and so indiscriminately.

My sources confirm that there was a boy, a very young, very famous, pop boy with his own fragile love situation who she f-cked for sh-ts and giggles. Just 2 nights later, it was another very famous former pop boy (of sorts) 20 years older who, obviously, specifically targets her small demographic. One night only. Those would be her more famous indiscretions. But they say she’s been cheating all over the place and all the time.


Her Husband:

Younger Pop Boy:

Older Pop Boy:

miranda kerr orlando bloomSOLVED!


It’s Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom! Source:

While we don’t know who the Pop Boys are, the couple is definitely Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

Miranda Kerr has always been quite the flirt, but BG knows that she’s taken things beyond flirting many times. In fact, she may even be the subject of a BG blind. Or two. Or three.

Lainey didn’t actually solve this one, but she dropped a hint in another article about Kerr and Bloom. While talking about how Miranda Kerr and Gerard Butler were trying to get photogs to delete photos of them chatting at the Met Ball, Lainey Gossip casually dropped a familiar phrase :

Anyway, while Miranda’s been enjoying the NYC party circuit, she’s run into Gerard Butler several times. He too was at the MET Gala. And on Tuesday night, Spittle showed up at The Great Gatsby screening where, according to Page Six, he and Miranda were talking very closely, an extension, ahem, of a conversation they were having the night before, and photographed doing so. When they found out that there were pictures, I’m told Spittle made a deal with photographers to get rid of those shots in exchange for some other ones to be arranged at a later date. He apparently promised it would be worth their while.

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, for more than 2 days and less than 20 years, you’d know this isn’t the first time Miranda’s put a green hat on Orlando Bloom’s head, right? He wears them all the time.

Congratulations to all who guessed the Kerr and Bloom portions correctly!

And, hopefully, time will tell us the identity of those two Pop Boys. Feel free to continue to speculate on who they might be!

justin bieber 2UPDATE:

She: Miranda Kerr

Her Husband: Orlando Bloom

Younger Pop Boy: Justin Bieber

Older Pop Boy: Leonardo DiCaprio

Lainey doesn’t actually solve her blind items, but she does sometimes drop hints about who the subjects might be. In this case, our two pop boys got a special mention on the day that Kerr and Bloom announce their separation. From Lainey Gossip:

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom no more

They’ve confirmed that it’s over. According the official statement it’s been over for a few months. But they didn’t want the announcement to overshadow his Romeo & Juliet on Broadway. Now that the play has opened, it seems a good time to let it out, even though he was just on Kelly & Michael this morning and they made a point of NOT talking about it which just made the entire interview a complete bore.

But it’s not like this is unexpected, especially if you’ve been, ahem, reading up. For all the practical reasons and for the gossipy ones. They’ve been together for longer than two days and shorter than twenty years. Six years, in fact. Since she was just 23. She gave birth to their baby just a few months after their wedding. He’s 36 now. He wants more kids. They have different priorities.

Not that they have anything to do with anything but… do you think Justin Bieber is surprised? Or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber?! Sometimes, there are just no words.

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