Not American Enough For Nashville

[Small Screen Scoop] Which actress “wasn’t American enough” to play Juliette Barnes on Nashville?

Which one singer/actor that many teens are familiar with auditioned for the role of Juliette Barnes on ABC’s Nashville series with Connie Britton? We all know the role went to Hayden Panettiere… but who might have landed in those sparkly stilettos? Mamma Mia!

The money-minded singer in question was overheard by a reputable source explaining that all the money is in TV instead of music, but she can’t get a role anywhere. She’s reported to be eventually heading from L.A. to Nashville and pick up a country career a la Jewel, to get a bigger following. (But maybe after 6 months in Europe.) Maybe that’s her silver lining.

As for the coveted Nashville role, she asserted that the casting said she was a better singer than blonde Hayden Panettiere, but didn’t look “American enough” for the role with her dark, sleek European looks. But maybe that’s because we can confirm that about six years ago she had her ears surgically pinned back. Man.

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