Ex Assistant Has Blackmail Photos

[Hollywood Street King] This Comedian’s Personal Life Is No Laughing Matter!

HSK Exclusive – The details behind this leading funny man’s divorce may have been a mystery to many, but HSK has broken that story wide open! Now, we’re leaving you to guess what comedian we’re talking about…

We’re told our blind item’s former personal assistant was involved in an extramarital affair with the comedian. Add that to his reported extreme paranoia, and you could have a recipe for a sustained split — with word surfacing of our funny man accusing his ex-wife of being an “Illuminati puppet”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Quadirah Locus.

Sources tell us his former assistant remains sponsored by our mystery man to this very day. Know why? Because she’s said to have sexually explicit pictures of our blind item in her possession. That could mean he has yet another mouth to feed, on top of his one biological, and seven adopted, children.

Now that she’s said to be secured on our blind item’s payroll, long gone are her assistant days – including carrying bags and rolling blunts for our blind item. Know why? Because she’s suddenly emerged from the shadows, making an A-lister entrance in her CL65 AMG Benz at Hollywood celebrity parties.

Though, our blind item better keep a close eye on his spending habits! Know why? Because sources say Suge Knight also has his hands on our funny man’s tour money — while keeping him surrounded by gang-bangers.


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