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[Blind Gossip] This young musician/actor will not be spending the holidays with his family. He has taken off to “travel”.

Want to know the real reason he is avoiding his family? It is because he is trying to avoid reh*b.

This kid is in real danger. He is drinking and dr*gging every day, and those activities have become more important to him than working or being with his family.

These are trying times for his family. Yes, his family does know and they do care. They have intervened, and are desperate to get him to commit to rehab (it’s about time).

They were willing to do it very quietly so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed. They planned – and he initially agreed – to spend Christmas with the family (complete with a ski vacation and lots of happy photo ops), and then go away for a minimum of 30 days. They had the reh*b facility all picked out (we won’t name it, but it is in California), and a place reserved for him.

They had his schedule all rearranged, and his website and Twitter account would have been covered to deflect suspicion. His publicist had the “cover” stories all ready to explain his absence for a few weeks.

The only problem now? He skipped town. In fact, he skipped country. And he refuses to come home for Christmas. He texted his brother: “I’m NOT going to rehab. I don’t think I have a problem at all. Stay the fuck out of my business!” Spoken like a true add*ct.

He is so messed up that he would rather spend Christmas in a hotel overseas – doing her*in with a bunch of strangers – than surrounded by people who genuinely care about him and just want to see him healthy and happy again.

We know you’re reading this, Kid. Go home. Your family loves you.


After speaking with each member of his family on Saturday, he decided to go home. He’s on a plane back to the U.S. right now. Good move, Kid!

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