Comedy Pair Will Be Expecting Soon


[EOnline] Q: I love your blind items. Got any more? I love playing detective!

A: As a matter of fact, we do. We just found out a pairing on a certain comedy will soon be expecting! Notice how we said “pairing,” which means the parents-to-be may or may not be couple at the moment. That’s all we can tell you right now. OK, one more hint: The comedy we’re referring to is not Happy Endings or The Mindy Project.

TV Show:



Q: I’ve been dying for more clues about your blind item! Can you at least tell me when the baby news will get out?

A: Regarding this pregnancy blind item, the father will not be told about it until after January. That’s not to say that viewers won’t be made aware of the bun in the oven, but the real issue will be telling the baby daddy.

Q: Regarding the baby blind item…will the father of the baby be happy when he finds out?

A: He will definitely be taken by surprise, but it’s hard for this character to carry a grudge for too long about anything. Both mother and father will learn to embrace their future-parenthood duties, which is when things get really funny!


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  1. jennsastar says

    i keep on thinking this is going to be leonard and penny from big bang! its been driving me nuts…i cant be cam and mitchell because it says “mother and father” and on modern family lilly calls cam and mitch “dad and daddy”

    i read recently where penny and leonard are going to have something big happen in their relationship…makes me think its them!

  2. pdq says

    Modern Family’s Phil and Claire Dunphy?

    They’re at the point where they can see the day when the kids will all be out of the house and they can enjoy their life together. Having a child now (like Jay and Gloria just did) would make put them back at the starting gate. But after the initial shocks wears off I could see both of their characters looking forward to their upcoming new adventure.

  3. lindsaywhit says

    Could this be about Becca on 1600 Penn? The father of her baby just got the news last night, and he fits the character description above.

  4. lovebirds says

    is it will and emma from glee right? ryan m already said that one couple who’s not together at the moment will be expecting,
    so i guess this is them